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This week's theme is:
(No theme added this week)

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This month's theme is:
New Beginning

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What's the plan?
Artist's table is not a new idea, but one of old. It is a concept group to make a community that builds on subjects based on a challenge or as said: subject. Any Art, any skill level is accepted in this group and a weekly Art subject will be given to be drawn, wrote about, or anything really. This is also a group to help spread the word of Great authors, artists, and craftsmen of all levels. As this is run by a poor Founder (Points wise), contests for points will not be available unless a group member volunteers, or multiple people donate.
Thank you for reading.

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The rules are short and sweet to save you time, but be understood as well.

1 by Drawn-MarioNo harrassing/bashing/targeting any Artists, those found doing so will be removed from the equation.
2 by Drawn-MarioBoth old and new artworks are welcome!
3 by Drawn-MarioLimits:
Weekly theme:
10 artworks per week.
Monthly theme: 10 artworks per month.
4 by Drawn-MarioNo mass profanity, we know we can use cuss words, don't strain the fact we can, there are hundreds more words we can use to save the delicate ear drums of others.
5 by Drawn-MarioIf you don't like something, don't destroy it, or do what 1 by Drawn-Mario stops, provide critique instead unless advised by the Artist otherwise.
6 by Drawn-MarioRespect ALL staff members, they are here to help, not wage war.
7 by Drawn-MarioThis group welcomes almost ALL Art, though exceptions include:
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieNudity
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieSex
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieFlyers/Advertisements Unrelated to the subject
8 by Drawn-MarioMake sure to enjoy yourself here, and feel free to ask any staff members if you have any questions.
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Our friends!
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Gallery Folders

Evolution by Lunnika-Horo
Get Crazy Kitten by thisisradinsky
Snow by ghostchiryou
Don't look down by Siimamon
Week 1- New Hope
YW: The Elite Warrior of Wisdom by dengekipororo

Mature Content

Taste of my paws by 1Vestina

Mature Content

Egyptian girl by 1Vestina

Mature Content

My Parrot friend by 1Vestina
Month 1- Beginnings
Agmid's lightsaber by Annieartworld
I remember that day... by LilMinkurs
[6FC] Ariel The Little Mermaid by Vaatry
Conner by melariaart
Week 2 - Bright Singularity
YW: White Tiger by dengekipororo
Humanized Kirby by sydneypie
Humanized King Dedede by sydneypie
Prince Fluff by sydneypie
Week 3 - Solemn Night
Erebor_Watercolor painting by Angelica-Reveries
YW: Lord Acala by dengekipororo
Taranza Inspiration Meme by sydneypie
Bloody Eyes by sydneypie
Week 4 - Shattered Reality
Kiki by sydneypie
Animal (Princess Mononoke) by sydneypie
Tulip's Delivery Service by sydneypie
Spirited Away And Howl's Moving Castle by sydneypie
Weekly Subject 5 - Hopeful Rejuvenation

Mature Content

Amica Mea Page 7 by 1Vestina
Amica Mea Page 6 by 1Vestina

Mature Content

Amica Mea Page 5 by 1Vestina
Princess by GoldDinArt
Weekly Subject 6 - Coming Home
Autumn_ Watercolor painting by Angelica-Reveries
Nyanses II by dengekipororo
Ribbit Swirls by dengekipororo
Beddy-Byes by dengekipororo
Monthly Subject 2 - Mystical Realms
Finished YCH by Akiyamy
mr Librarian by CubeWarlock
[UV] - Fusion Alu x Basilisk by Vaatry
Fairy Vixen by 1Vestina


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