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:star: RULES :star:

:bulletred: Ten deviations per day!

:bulletblue: Intelligent conversations are encouraged!

:bulletred: Submit your deviations to the right folder. If you don't, your artwork will be ignored or denied. This also means no submitting to the featured folder.

:bulletblue: NO PORN. That said, we don't mind a little nudity, as long as it's artful.

:bulletred: Don't say anything cruel unless you and the other person are just messing around.

:bulletblue: Try to be active in any way! Welcome new members, encourage people, start conversations in journals...
Just do something so we look like we're friendly~

That's pretty much it for now.

***Also, if you have, for example a deviation that doesn't go under any folder, just send a note and we'll make a folder for it.***

Gallery Folders

Buttercup by Theanimalparade
Hemorrhage by Theanimalparade
Sullen by Theanimalparade
Dermatillomania by Theanimalparade
Photography 2
Commission aiko by Lulybot
Comission by Lulybot
White princess by Lulybot
Commission otoko by Lulybot
Traditional art
Back To The 80s All Stars Cartoon Immortal Drawing by NWeezyBlueStars23
Ethiopian Girl by joniwagnerart
A Very Spooky Sprint by sydneypie
Chief Windfeather by sydneypie
Traditional Art 2
Soul in the World by GreatQueenLina
The pillow by rollarius55
The final frontier by rollarius55
Digital art
Bridge by Htg17
Siggy by PinPastor
Mary Cooled by Serfiaso
orangegreen bulb by Andrea1981G
Digital Art 2
Daenerys by methosw
[D-C] :: Higuchi - Bloody Bouquet by Shadounei
Artemis - Young Justice by AnthonyParenti
The Slug Box by R-no71
Digital Art 3
AT With Hiyumi-Myu by nderarusart
[Anime-and-Manga Secret Santa] Away we go by Deneco
Perona Gothic Lolita - One Piece by raptorthekiller
nozomii by aayari
Stamp 'Hail Sithis' by Sharquelle
Stamp 'Dark Brotherhood' by Sharquelle
Stamp 'Simon Curtis 3' by Sharquelle
Fanart, Fanfiction, and cosplay
The Gate by neverdying
460 - Abomasnow by Devi-Tiger

Mature Content

Gyuuu... Does it hurt? (Commission) by AngeroX
Just a Thought by Deneco


Wanted Creatures 1st Teaser Poster by OliverRed Wanted Creatures 1st Teaser Poster :iconoliverred:OliverRed 11 3 Happy Birthday, Moon-Shyne. Matt and Beth's Babies by OliverRed Happy Birthday, Moon-Shyne. Matt and Beth's Babies :iconoliverred:OliverRed 76 50 Fifth Commission: Charlie Chan Chibi. by OliverRed Fifth Commission: Charlie Chan Chibi. :iconoliverred:OliverRed 10 7 Agent-Eckswhy, Mouse Girl by OliverRed Agent-Eckswhy, Mouse Girl :iconoliverred:OliverRed 37 40 Fursona Fest by OliverRed Fursona Fest :iconoliverred:OliverRed 83 94 Ari-Dynamic, Bear Fursona by OliverRed Ari-Dynamic, Bear Fursona :iconoliverred:OliverRed 26 7 Gerplexan, Coyote Male Pregnancy by OliverRed Gerplexan, Coyote Male Pregnancy :iconoliverred:OliverRed 11 3 Elsa Rose Art Collection by OliverRed
Mature content
Elsa Rose Art Collection :iconoliverred:OliverRed 15 2
View of Palais de Chaillot by OliverRed View of Palais de Chaillot :iconoliverred:OliverRed 3 0 Eiffel Tower Photo 1 by OliverRed Eiffel Tower Photo 1 :iconoliverred:OliverRed 8 14 Alicia Le Starshyne (Remake) by OliverRed Alicia Le Starshyne (Remake) :iconoliverred:OliverRed 35 22 Happy Birthday Moon-Shyne. Childhood Bond. by OliverRed Happy Birthday Moon-Shyne. Childhood Bond. :iconoliverred:OliverRed 62 50 To FreyFox, Transmission 007 Convention by OliverRed To FreyFox, Transmission 007 Convention :iconoliverred:OliverRed 34 14 Happy Birthday, WolfJediSamuel. by OliverRed
Mature content
Happy Birthday, WolfJediSamuel. :iconoliverred:OliverRed 14 14
Happy Birthday, Moon-Shyne. Matt Beach Birthday. by OliverRed Happy Birthday, Moon-Shyne. Matt Beach Birthday. :iconoliverred:OliverRed 72 22 Happy Birthday, RockyToonz. Mature Gift Girls. by OliverRed
Mature content
Happy Birthday, RockyToonz. Mature Gift Girls. :iconoliverred:OliverRed 29 26


You can ask to affiliate with this group at anytime. It's a group that generally is with all the arts so anything is pretty much accepted. ^^

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Hello artists! Have a piece of art you want to share? Here's the place! From drawing to photography, to literature. All and Any art is finally revealed!!!
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Art Creation

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Hey guys, we reached over 1,000 members! That's awesome! To celebrate, I compiled this feature of works from the group! Enjoy!  
Sparrow by Black-DressARTIST :thumb466343289: Just Like Magic by alexgphoto Once Upon A Time by Trichardsen :thumb467373197: :thumb462959308: Out of the Gutters by Theanimalparade 7/11 Rain by DaraLC-artisty :thumb460685944: The Duet by iNeedChemicalX Spiderweb Drops by Danimatie Portrait of Freddy by RoyalImageryJax 110.365 Pinned Down by PiecesOfAnsley .:Snowy Egret:. by RHCheng Hide Out by Spademm sweet little things. by ilmari-nen Lonely Lily by prettyflour Ignition I by AlejandroCastillo Bottled Dream by arefin03 Sept by as-red-as-fire Meow! by jana93 :thumb456279831: :thumb455095622: :thumb453786940:  
Traditional art  
Breathe you in my dreams by KaLa89 The gaze - ACEO for ArKadia-wolf by wolf-minori   Hulk 00 by AlexPascenko :thumb469269544: :thumb468938382: Watcher by KainTheVampireLord bad ass by superxtoon Pilot 2014 by SquirrelHsieh Whale Ride by 0zzor   I LIKE YOU MR WOLF by princess-sybilla :thumb463728822: Raika by glaciesClOvEr Lilium regale by Saskle Pencil Girl by AnushaPhotography In Your Honour by heartofrockandroll :thumb452269020: :thumb451631764:  :thumb442284539:
EverydayYou're going to be good,
You're gonna be great.
Don't even hesitate.
Take your chance.
Take a risk.
It's not just about luck.
It's time for change.
You knew where you were.
You may not know where you are now,
But do you know where you're headed?
"Don't look back unless you're going there."
Is the person in the mirror really you?
Do you know who you are?
Did you know that whenever you look at someone, you think about them.
When you look at one another,
Do you see you
Or someone else?
Sometimes it seems life will never change.
It won't.
But you can.
"Every second is a chance to turn your life around."
If you're alive right now,
You have a reason to live.
"Everyday" is another word for "Opportunity".
I'm sorry I never loved youI'm sorry
I'm sure you want 
that to mean alot of things
but in truth it means one
hurtful truth.
I'm sorry I never loved you
not in the way 
you would've wanted me to 
not in the way you needed me to,
I'm sorry I loved the ideal 
of you and me
the wonderful beauty that
be birthed from our attractions
more than I loved the person
within that fantasy.
I'm sorry I forced
the delusion of perfection
upon you and held 
you to those 
improbable expectations
of my selfish imagination.
I'm sorry that I placed
the necessity of us
above the desires of you.
I'm sorry 
that I wasn't the guy you deserved
and that I wasted my few chances
with someone as wonderful as you.
I'm sorry I never loved you
till you were already gone.
Is This The Way To YesterdayAll good things to those who wait
Standing there beyond the gate
Is it you?
All good things will pay the price
Heart of stone and cold as ice
Is it true?
There’s a lie in every promise
There’s a truth in every tear
Reflections of a different time
What once was yours and mine
All that’s ever been and gone
And all that will carry on
Is it I?
All that’s now still left to come
And everything to be undone
Is it a lie?
There’s a prayer in every heartbeat
There’s a hope in every word
Reflections of a better time
What once was yours and mine
There’s a whisper through the darkness
There’s a shadow in the light
There’s just one day until tomorrow
But it feels like eternal night
Is this the way to yesterday
The road to time gone by
To a place I used to know
And didn't question why
Is this the way to paradise
And all I've ever known
Is this the way to yesterday
Is this the way back home
Reflections of a different time
Bring back what was once y
My love for candy!Oh! so very sweet!
Unlike sour treats
They make me feel so pleased!
No pucker, nor swollen cheeks!
If you asked for a favorite
I couldn't decide!
From gummy bears
and gummy sharks
To chocolate chips
And chocolate bars
And holiday candy is also neat
For even in Halloween,
Candy can be so spooky
To be changed in two months,
To a cheerful Christmas cookie!
But, not only do they bring you to a smile
Some will clean you breath!
For the stressful interview
To your all so romantic first date!
Candy is magical
From the sensation it brings
To the art it inspires
It's just so hard to pick where to start!
But, I guess I'll start
With this cherry lollipop!
:thumb467335362: There's a god on my streetThere's a god on my street
glorious and radiant
blind and crippled 
begging for loose change.
Everyday I drop him four quarters
Ping Ping Ping Ping
they sound in god's cup
and I'm sure they ring
like mellifluous bells 
for the world to hear
from my disgusting street.
However I don't stay with this god
nor does he stay with me
he stays on this street
this street is his home
and my home is elsewhere
away from such a disgraceful hovel.
There's a god on my street
however once I leave him
he will not see me
he sees nothing at all 
does nothing at all
living of the four glorious pings
which I bless upon him.
There's a god on my street
starving and bare
a god which has nothing to live for.
No one will bless his name
as he passes 
as he cries
as crawls
as he
NeverNever have a fear,
Of the day you'll die,
Have a fear,
Of never having a life.
Never stop,
When your mind says go,
It could be good,
You never know.
Never drag your feet,
When the days seem grey,
Wake up straight,
And live another day.
Never run,
From your fears,
Think in your mind,
They aren't really here.
Always remember,
Today is the tomorrow,
That you feared yesterday.
The love of an Archangel
Like the shooting star I saw the previous  night  
With a warm breeze blowing through my hair,
Especially the freeze of winter kisses
It was odd,
Cold, ice cold;
And I couldn't shiver
I didn't crave the warmth
The heat of the fire
With flames dancing in the fireplace
The warmth from the flurry of air was enough,
Heat filled me from the inside... out
Brushing against my skin
With the touch of a feather
A feather with the shimmer of gold
Many of them, thousands ?
strewn by hand to create perfect
So I leaned into the comfort,
Of safety and all worries faded...
I though it was impossible
Maybe just a dream
I felt myself driven into
Losing touch with reality
But gripped tight and brought back to reality,  
When honey filled with whiskey
Colored eyes met mine
You and I are one forever...
My angel would send whispers though my ears
Filling the emptiness
The piece of my soul
That I have never discovered
Until  now
TaoI lost my way somewhere, I think it was when I realized I was going in a certain direction.
I fell out of the sky someplace, I think it was when I realized I was flying.
It’s always when you realize that you begin to doubt, we should unlearn it all and step back.
What we know defines us, what we don’t know refines us.
Only when we’re as clear as water, will we see our true reflection.
Only when we do nothing at all, will we be one with everything.
Only when we surrender to the Universe, will we find there’s one rotating within.
Forget everything you think and meet yourself. You’re waiting patiently with all the answers, if only you stop asking so many questions.
Your routine is not real, neither is your mask.
How will you ever find tranquility when your thoughts are fighting to get to the ovum of your mind?
How will you ever be at peace, if your body and soul are at war?
Strip it all away, and what you’re left with are moments.
Connect with your mome
Puffed AshA spark-tease morning sets the world ablaze,
star children gone to lay their heads to sleep--
epic heroes sweep in to guard their days
as across the home-sky, their sweet dreams weep.
A brilliant bird with red-hot feathers
chases black demons from behind thick clouds--
a light in his beak, clutching dawn's tethers,
a flame with which the darkness to enshroud.
As day-stroke approaches, Orb of Night rests,
tendrils of star-worlds starting to unfurl.
A mountain-sky line gold plumage arrests;
in deep space, the moon, a forgotten pearl.
Lifting his wings, the phoenix and gloom clash
and leave the dawn blinking, veiled by puffed ash.
linesthere are circles beneath her eyes
the size of lunar craters and she thickens
them up with liner, checks her teeth
in the mirror, pulls her hair down,
she tries to fix herself with broken
boys and acid in the night
but she wakes up every morning
and feels herself crumble,
Digital art  
Fionna and Cake Time! by CubedCake :thumb469925750: Jupiter by NoFlutter :thumb464713057: :thumb469483488: Zodiac Star: Aquarius New Look by Tickie-Art :thumb444689089: Melting by The-CuriousOnes Princess Diamanti Tattoo Design - Commission by Crimson-Mane :thumb456252405: :thumb467381367: Spearow by WhyDesignStudios Terensis by AmyEllend Une balade en foret by MariaSan Pink Fairy by AlineSM Tarot by KiraMoses :thumb463713515: Bakabaka by CoffArt

Mature Content

Hydrophobia by TheAvianLimits
:thumb463732470: CANDY ROT YOUR HEART OUT by Skelefrog Plain by cennie
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