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To make this a Super group, donate to the CO-Founder; ~ArtistsOnlyGroup. Click on the icon to go to the page.

Rules to be in ArtistsOnly:

1) The Artwork you post must have been made BY YOU.

2) No Nudity or anything like that unless it has a maturity tag on it.

3) No insulting other artists in this group.

***NOTE: anyone found breaking these rules will be given one warning, after that they get kicked out***

Also, Check out our Facebook page!…


Para hacer de este un súper grupo, dona a la co-fundadora; ~ ArtistsOnlyGroup. Haga clic en el icono para ir a la página :iconartistonlygroup:
Reglas para estar en ArtistsOnly:

1) La obra de arte que publiques debe ser hecha por tí

2) Sin desnudos ni nada de eso a menos que tenga una etiqueta de madurez en él.

3) No insultar a otros artistas en el grupo.

*** NOTA: cualquier persona que se encuentre rompiendo estas reglas se le dará una advertencia, si se la vuelve a encontrar rompiendolas, se la hechará ***

También, Echa un vistazo a nuestra página de Facebook!…


~ArtistsOnlyGroup; Klicke auf das Symbol um an die Co-Founder zu spenden damit wir eine Super-Gruppe werden können.

Regeln von ArtistsOnly:

1) Das Artwork muss von Dir erstellt worden sein.

2) Nacktaufnahmen oder Erotikbilder sind nur mit entsprechender Kennzeichnung erlaubt.

3) Keine Beleidigung anderer Künstler in dieser Gruppe.

*** HINWEIS: Wenn Du jemanden gefunden hast, der sich nicht an die Regeln hält, melde uns bitte den Regelverstoß, damit wir dementsprechend reagieren können. ***

Auch prüfen Sie unsere Facebook-Seite!…
Hey guys I know I haven't been on here for a wile! I've been busy with family and moving in to a new house, as you can see I haven't had premium in a month and a half. So if you can please commission me so I can get premium again!

Also everything will be done in MS Paint.
My Journal with the art.…

Flat color- 100 points
Chubby chibis- 100 points
Pixle- 100 points
Shaded- 120 points
Lineless- 120 points (I dont have a example yet but its something new to try)
Extra character +50 points
Flat color- 150 points
Shaded- 170 points
Extra character +50 points

Flat color- 100 points
Shaded- 120 points
Extra character +50

Full half body-
Flat- 160 points
Shaded- 180 points
Light shading or Dark shading
(with the background tell me up to 2 or 3 colors)
Extra character +50

Make sure to note me what you would like.

My Tumblr~
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Anyone (who is a visual artist) can join. No, you can't join just because you are One Direction's guitarist. But photography works.
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Art Creation

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Also, um, I make my own comic and the first part of the first comic is up in my Gallery.
it is
The Adventures of Sunshineman: The Beginning -Prelude-


(I wanted to submit one of my characters from my comics)
tcmurphy19 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Professional General Artist
How'd you make the final product? Photoshop or pastels?

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I honestly can't remember what I was going to submit but I pretty much only use those 
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