An open source animation program

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Someone shared this with me, and I think it's worth spreading, let's consider supporting having more open source programs out there:

GhostWriterNext said the following:

There is this cool and awesome free and open source 2D animation software called Synfig: check out the bleeding edge versions here… and there doing a crowd sourcing campaign… and I was wondering if you could spread the word about it. There has been some awesome improvements because of this campaign…
Also best of luck with your Edepth anime project and your recent black hat campaign on seed and spark.

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there are a couple of opensource animating software, Blender is for 3d and can get proffesional results, you just have to see the open source movies that has been done with it.

Synfig is another good 2d vector animating programs and for traditional 2d animation there's Pencil2d.

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Another free and open source animation program.
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Is it compatible with XP?