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:bulletgreen: 1. ART BLOCKS- "I want to draw but nothing comes to my mind!"

Possible causes:
a. Too stressful: A mind that is over-stressed by environment, expectations and family is more prone to this problem.

b. Low self-esteem: Low self-esteem and high self-expectations can cause art blocks, because the person will be too busy self-beating rather than focusing on improving.

c. Lack of exploration: When you stay in your own pond too long, it will dry up.

d. Too relaxed: When you are away too long, you find it hard to get back into that motion you used to have while you create.

Possible Healing:
i. Find out what is truly stressing you at the moment in life, try to resolve the problem if you can, if the situation is beyond your control, try to find materials, activities, or consoling that can help ease your stress.

ii. Try to look at the world and yourself with "half-full" view of life.. we always have rooms for improvement. See what your strength is, because that is just as true as your mistakes.

iii. Try some art that is completely different from your own, or just stop thinking about creating for a while and search for interesting subjects that are completely not related to your work instead. To find inspiration.

iv. Try to take a look back at your own work, read/view them over again, and critique yourself, or do a few sketches/drafts that are in relation to the old work to get yourself going.

v. Try a completely new medium (suggested by ~AccidentalMasochism ) If you're a painter, try to get your hands on some clay. If you do small drawings, put up some butcher paper/newsprint and go at it with paint. It takes away the idea that it has to be perfect, because you don't know what you're doing at all. Screw up on purpose. Experiment. I was given some chalk pastels and my same old drawings totally took on a life of their own.

vi. Put down the sketchbook and look at some art history. Go to the library and chill out with an oversized book with good color images. Look into an artist or movement you don't really know about. (suggested by ~AccidentalMasochism )

vii. When you feel you suck, you aren't getting anywhere, or maybe even for help on art blocks or creativity, going through all your old drawings seems to help me. You begin to realize your own improvements and begin to appreciate yourself from a 3rd person standpoint. This only works if you've saved up your art over the years, but I find it very helpful. (suggested by ~ShadowKiwi)

:bulletgreen: 2. EMPTYNESS: "I have been staring at the blank page and don't know what to do... my mind is just.... blank."

Possible causes:
a. Fear: Fear of failure can cause the blockage of ideas coming into your mind.
b. Too concentrated: When your mind is too concentrated and focused on "trying to create something good" you will loose the focus on the creative process itself, and the lack of "fun" is a killer to creativity.

Possible Healing:
i. Relax yourself, do something you like to do, don't force ideas to come, then you will have them.
ii. PLAY: Play with whatever you have, and you can come up something new easily with simple drawing games.

:bulletgreen: 3. BORINGNESS: "My art just looks boring, the background is always blank, my character is always in the center, I can only draw the same pose. Not many people comment on my art, maybe I suck."

Possible Causes:
a. Lack of training: You will need to self-improve on the knowledge of element and principle of designs, knowing those knowledge will help you to get out of the boringness your work has.
b. Lack of Experimentation: You haven't explored enough and learned what you can from artists who are very different from you. You are more stuck with your current level and practice rather than exploring into different possibilities.

Possible Healing: Train yourself in the understanding of art principles and elements, practice according to practical goals you know you can achieve, but they should still be challenging. Go out and see artists that are totally different, dig the art you don't look at.

:bulletgreen: 4. LACK OF INSPIRATION: "I have so many ideas, but none of them seem to be any good."

Possible cause:
a. Your mind is stressed, similar to art blocks, but this is particularly due to high-expectations of self.
b. Other pressure: Pressure to perform and do well will stress the mind too much to create.
c. Over and Over: You are doing the same thing, using similar solutions to the problems, the variety is little, soon you may run out of ideas.

Possible healing: Try to rest your mind, do things that make you enjoy yourself, and go outside to explore new environment, new art.

:bulletgreen: 5. THE "I suck" syndrome: "I can never do what they did. I suck." "This is wrong... that is wrong... my picture suck, I know I suck!"

Possible Causes:
a. Affects from others: when others give you bad comments and you took it for real and believe in it, while others could have just been uneducated or uncaring to give constructive comments to help you to get better.

b. Seeking Comfort: You could be the most skillful artist and not realize your own strength because you seek comfort in saying "I suck" or "I did this and that badly..." and have others say "No you don't you did great!" to feel better about yourself. With this problem, you are less likely to improve because if others give you criticism, you have developed no capacity to take it into account, you can simply brush it over by the word " I know I suck anyway." or "Oh yeah? then how well do you do?"

c. Seeking self-improvement: You'd say "I suck" to make yourself get better, but that's not the best way to get yourself better. Think about what you are doing to yourself, you are whipping yourself to go forward. When you make it, you are also quite wounded in the process. Then you can't develop to your full potential.

Possible healing:
i. Learn about art terms, and use them to critique your own work before you put it out, and understand others may or may not be educated enough to help you, you have to help yourself.

ii. Stop seeking comfort in saying "I suck" seek comfort in saying: "I am good enough and I can get better." And find out what you can get better in.

iii. See your own strength, and your own weakness. Develop your strength to the fullest, and improve on your weakness.

:bulletgreen: 6. JEALOUSY syndrome: "She is not so great, she still got the hands wrong, the anatomy is wrong too." "Damn, how did this person got so popular? S/he doesn't deserve it."

Possible Causes:
a. You see yourself less than others, instead of appreciate other's strength and learn to increase your own, you will seek to tear others down or beat down others, that's when jealousy become destructive and harmful.

b. Discrimination: You see popular people who aren't as skillful in your own perfection, but they gain so much more attention than those who actually work hard due to the popular trend, it's easy then to become jealous. Although most of us won't admit it, and rather bash the others.

Possible Healing:
i. Knowing Jealousy is merely an emotion, it can do both good and bad depending what you do with it.

ii. People>> Connection >> Self: understand this world is really not just about individual effort, popularity is gained through the audience's favor, and the artist's effort. Skill alone does not determine popularity, but skill and effort is required to gain popularity.

iii. Everyone's got a different background, different start, different development: This world is NOT fair in our own terms, but it's because of that, this world has variety. We all start from different stage, different time, different goals, and different families. That influences our skill level and development.

iv. Let Jealousy work for you: Jealousy can make you improve if you decided to catch up to the one you are jealous at, as long as you focus on gaining strength instead of tearing down, you will get better in the race.

:bulletgreen: 7. BURNT OUT syndrome: "I have ideas.... but I just don't want to draw... but yet I want to draw, but I am too tired.... ARGGG!!!" "I have got no time for myself!!!"

Possible Causes:
a. Got too involved in things that distract you from your most important goals.
b. Made promises that you shouldn't.
c. Can't say NO to people.

Possible Healing:
i. Sit down, leave what you are doing until your mind can be calm, then think about what is the most important, list them down and do them in order. It's a discipline that can help you in the future.

ii. If you can't make it, don't promise it; know your own limit, and apologize for failed promise that you can't keep.

iii. Learn to say NO for your own good, everyone needs to set a boundary. If your life keeps you busy, then don't take art trades, or requests etc.

iv. Rest- For some, resting is hard, but resting is a state of mind where you are calm and can think logically over things, you are not rushing to complete anything because you know you won't die even if you don't do it.
Resting is also enjoying life, give up striving, and just appreciate art as art, and appreciate doing art.
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Oof I have burnt out syndrome real hard right now.