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Marker tutorials, resources, and links to be updated here. Suggestions are appreciated!

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The Club dedicated to all which use promarkers. If you love working with promarkers (all types), this is a place for you!

we love markers!

Individual Tutorials

Beginner's Guide to Buying Copics by Khallandra
-When I decided that I wanted to start using Copic Markers I found that I was a little overwhelmed by choice and then ended up buying some marks I have never used (YR16 Apricot anyone?) and constantly had to keep going back to get more (greys especially).
So I put together this tutorial on how to start your own Copic collection as it would've assisted me greatly (and my bank balance).

copic marker tutorial by hallistorkx3
-Everything you'll need to know purchasing, using, and replacing Copic Markers. Seriously.

:star: Part I and Part II by cartoongirl7
-I thought I'd take a nice, relaxing break from my chaotic Anime Expo preparations and have a go at my first tutorial, but nooooooo...this thing is more stressful than an actual drawing.

:star: TUTORIAL :: COPIC by Ecthelian
-YAY! as I promised before *got shot*...hope it will be helpful for you guys. Any question for copic markers are welcome (umm...if I can answer as well TwT)

Too's Tutorial -Marker Basics- by toounit
-the latest addition to my tutorial..sorry for the long wait, the reason i did thi was to answer all the unanswered quetion specially for those new to copic sketch markers! have fun reading! hope it helps.. good luck!

Complete Copic Marker tutorial by toounit
-Anyway this is the last tutorial i'll ever be doing. It's for all those who has been asking me to make a tutorial, how I colour, How to colour like my current style etc etc. Hope this helps.

Copic Marker Tutorial by finni
-I was asked to take in progress photos of my marker work and I decided to just make a tutorial out of the photos. This is the first tutorial I've made like this for deviantART and it took a full 4 hours to put together, so I hope people like it and I would love to have some feedback. The image is of Kitten's huntress Kari Evelyn.

Copic Tutorial by engelszorn
-That's the Copic marker Tutorial I wrote a while back. It's pretty basic, but that's usually the way I work with Copics.

-Copic Marker Tutorial- by K-Fuyu
-If there are questions remaining please ask me. I'm not sure if I make a good teacher. And keep in mind that this tutorial is made for beginners. Pros are not in need in reading this.

:star: Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity by KiwiChameleon
-This Tutorial features:

- Copic markers
- Copic airbrush system

I have been working on this tutorial for the last 4 weeks, I think; on and off. Phew, and I am really happy that I managed to finish it. :lol: It took me some time to compile it all.

I wanted to have it done much earlier but I couldn't for various reasons. Now I can work on some other stuff again. You can download the tutorial if you want. I hope it's helpful and I didn't talk any gibberish. Be careful though, the filesize is huge!

:star: Marker Colouring :advanced: by KiwiChameleon
-This Tutorial features:

- Copic markers
- Tria markers

My promised marker tutorial is finally here! ...or again? It might be familiar to some of you since it is a resubmit from my old account. It took me literally ages to do and I hope it's of some use to you guys. ;) Well, it's a rather long yet in depth tutorial on "how to use markers". Please enjoy!

PS: The version you see here is the "preview" which is slightly smaller in size than the full version. For better viewing I suggest downloading the ZIP-file. If there are any problems with opening the file, please let me know.

PPS: Feedback is always appreciated!

Bullet-Copic Marker Turorial by juri0juli
-It's a tad bit long...and yeah...I was in bit of a hurry, so please don't penalize me for spelling mistakes. Other than that, I hope this helps a bit.

Copic Marker Tutorial- face by juri0juli
-Sorry for the pixelized gif's blurry enough to start with but jpeg made it ridiculously blurry. So yes, another copic tutorial from me, focusing more in detail on the face for my last drawing. Hope you guys find it useful.

Ariel +Crayola Marker Tutorial by rinoatilmitt

PrismaColor Markers are Love by MorgueLily
-This is uploaded over the other one so that I don't have two marker guides in my gallery. That would be silly.

tutorial:. prismacolor marker by tlwelker
-Just a quick Prismacolor marker tutorial cause I had nothing better t'do.

Fixing Marker bleeds tutorial by Keysha-chan
-Hopefully people who use markers may find this of some help. It takes practice to get markers to work well in your favour, although even the best of us will get marker ink bleeding over our inking lines a little.

Marker Tutorial Part 01 and Part 02 by StevenSanchez
-Dive in yourself by watching this quick vid and see if you can pick up any extra techniques yourself.

Marker Tutorial by aerinl
-A little marker tutorial for you guys. It's kind of wordy, but I'm not sure how else to explain it. A video tutorial would be ideal, but I don't have the equipment for that. This time I wrote it out before compiling it, so hopefully there won't be any spelling errors this time!

Tria-Prisma Marker Tutorial by digikym
-So you want to color with markers, eh? Well, first you need the essentials...

Marker Tutorial Thinger... by Atomic-Clover
-yeah, so first tutorial ever, even though it's not much of a tutorial, but whatever. I hope it makes some sort of sense.

Melora Tutorial by Xevv
-I made this in response to my very good friend, Katie Nonemaker, who is getting a full set of prismacolor markers for her high school graduation gift. Since prismacolor markers are my medium of choice, and because she's only really used watercolor and colored pencil up until now, I decided to make a tutorial.

+ Coloring with Copic: Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 by rubberyjido
-This is a step-by-step "tutorial" for my latest deviation, "Blue."

+ Prismacolor Marker Tutorial by TresMaxwell
-A helpful marker tutorial.

+ A Marker Tutorial: Part One and Part Two by taintedsilence
-A beautiful colored marker tutorial in two parts. Advanced marker techniques.

+ Marker Tutorial: Part One: Hair, Part Two: Body and Part Three: Clothes by AbioticFactor
-Okay before I start this one the only reason I'm posting this is because people have asked me for tips. So let me say that I've never had an art instruction in my life, and everything that I know is self-taught so I'm not an expert on how to draw or color.

Graffiti Marker Tutorial by LB-ONE
-this is my Graffiti Marker Tutorial / Recipe to convert a bic highlighter to a marker.

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I'm new to the website and I'm trying to find tutorials about color theory,shading etc. Can someone please tell me what to look under?
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Take a look into these. Hopefully these help out a little bit. :D (Big Grin) 
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why are we not funding this
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Oh cool, incredibly useful! I'm just starting to collect markers, and all these are uber helpful! :D
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If there is, What is the difference between a promarker and a copic marker?
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i find promarker are very hard to do detailing with because they're stiff tipped and rounder. copics have a brush tip as well as the chisel tip so perfect for details and large areas, good for doing most animes. hope this helped! :D
Darker4's avatar
Oh ok thanyou and your right, promarkers are so hard to control:O
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is this a tutorial on how to use markers?
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Thanks a lot for doing this, mate. I've had to use copics for my Design class, and I didn't really know how to use them properly. I wish I had have found this before it finished, but I think I'll still end up using them.
Do you know how to see Tutorials on Deviantart
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Thanks for putting all of these tutorials in the same place. It makes looking around for help a lot easier.
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Do you have any references on Fibracolor marker tutorials?? I don't have copics (can't afford them) So if you could, please list some tutorials on Fibracolor markers. Thanks! = ]
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I use makers too
love marker=)
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waaaaa >w< I wanna try it! :D
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These links are great, thanks!
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thanks for all these great links! :w00t:
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I have written two marker tutorials myself. ^^ You might want to check them out. ^^;

Here: [link] and [link]
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:iconcaliforniaclipper: Linked, thank you muchly. Those look beautiful. =)
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