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Animal anatomy tutorial clubs to be linked here.

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Clubs and Other Sites
-Many beautiful wildlife photos. (THIS IS NOT A STOCK SITE; please use the photos for indirect reference only.)

Animal Stock Photos:
+ :iconseductive-stock:
-Some nice animal photo packs.

Animal Reference:

**** :iconguitarjohnny:
-Beautiful photos of many different animals. (THIS IS NOT A STOCK SITE; please use the photos for indirect reference only.)

Animal Tutorials:

Multi-Subject Collections:

***** Basic Animal Anatomy Tutorial by Cedarseed
-Learn how to draw animals with this basic animal anatomy tutorial.

***** Drawing Birds Tutorial: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 by Cedarseed
-Learn how to draw birds with this basic bird anatomy tutorial.

***** Drawing the Horse Tutorial by Cedarseed
-Learn how to draw horses with this basic horse anatomy tutorial. What's a warrior without his steed?

***** Asian Dragons Tutorial by Cedarseed
-Learn how to draw asian dragons!

Individual Tutorials:


VERY Basic Horse Tutorial by IceandSnow
-A very basic horse tutorial.

Basic Horse Beginners ONLY Tutorial by 2-DG
-Helpful horse drawing tips for beginners.

Drawing Horses Tutorial by Susan Rogers
-A helpful Elfwood tutorial which includes some horse anatomy and bone structure.

How to Draw Horses Tutorial by Hazel-rah
-Helpful hints for drawing horses. The artist's in-depth description is part of the tutorial.

Drawing a Horse Tutorial by 1Rusty
-Tips on drawing horses using basic shapes.

Beginners' Horse Tutorial by Kass-Craven
-Tips on drawing horses.

How to Draw Horses by Queen-of-Randomness
-Helpful hints for drawing horses.

Horse Tutorial: Proportions by vixentheangryfox
-Helpful hints for drawing horse proportions.

Horse Tutorial: Eye Basics by vixentheangryfox
-Helpful hints for drawing horse eyes.

.:Hair:. Digi-SemiRealism by ElfwoodSilverfang
-Coloring a horse mane in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Fantasy Horse Mane Tutorial by vixentheangryfox
-Tips on coloring horse manes.

Wing Painting Tutorial by Barbiedoll
-Tips on painting horse or pegasus wings.


Drawing Wolves Tutorial by Swift-Wolfen
-Helpful hints for drawing wolves.

How 2 Draw Wolves by mirzers
-Some tips for drawing wolves.

Wolf Basics Tutorial by Black-Ravyn
A wolf basics tutorial.

How to Draw Wolves -- Part 1: Heads by tiogawhitewolf
-Tips for drawing wolf heads.

Wolf Tutorial by novablue
-Tips on avoiding wolf/dog anatomy confusion.

Wolf Tutorial by Anuwolf
-Tutorial on drawing wolves.

Snarly Wolf Tutorial by Anuwolf
-A nice tutorial on drawing angry or snarling wolves.

Wolf Paw Tutorial by Anuwolf
-A nice tutorial on drawing wolf paws.

**** Wolf Fur Tutorial by jocarra
-Creating fur with Adobe Photoshop or similar art programs.


Tutorial - Canine Anatomy by Bonz847
-Tips for drawing dogs.

Tutorial - Canine Leg Anatomy by Bonz847
-Tips for drawing dog legs.

Payna's Sighthound Tutorial by basi
-Helpful hints, rules of thumb and references for drawing sighthounds.

Dogs 101: Shiba Inu by inu-aku-kitsune
-Tips on drawing the Shiba Inu breed.

Dogs 101: Chinook by inu-aku-kitsune
-Tips on drawing the Chinook breed.

aku's 'Real' Fur Tutorial: Page 1 and Page 2 by inu-aku-kitsune
-A nice tutorial on drawing dog fur with colored pencils.

SN's Fur Tutorial by SilentNeko
-Tips on drawing dog fur and features using colored pencils.


5 Steps for Drawing Big Cats by Scatterheart24
-A nice tutorial on drawing big cats. The photo examples are lionesses.

Lion Tutorial by Nalana
-Some tips for drawing lions.

Duma Tutorial by CheetahTigerWolfCTW
-Tips for drawing Duma, a cheetah-based character.

Fur Shading Tutorial by Anuwolf
-Hints for shading kitty (or similar) fur in Photoshop.

Realistic Leopard Fur Photoshop Tutorial by S0RD3N
-Make realistic looking leopard fur in Photoshop or similar programs.


**** Falcon Wing Tutorial by WindFalcon
-Learn how to draw wings; authentic-looking falcon wings, at that!

**** Realistic Wing Tutorial by WindFalcon
-Half-Closed Wing/Above View.

Bird's Wing Anatomy by unkraut
-A nicely put together explanation of bird wing anatomy.

Wing Tutorial by Fatal-mantis85
-Helpful tips for drawing various bird wings.

Wing Drawing Tutorial by Sheil
-Helpful pointers for drawing bird wings.

Bird Wings Tutorial by cactusart
-Helpful do's and don'ts for drawing bird wings.

Bat Wings Tutorial by cactusart
-Helpful do's and don'ts for drawing bat wings.

Feathered Wing Tutorial by kalicothekat
-A helpful tutorial for drawing feathered wings.

Basic Wings Tutorial by trina-chan
-Tips on drawing bird, angel, and dragon or gargoyle wings.

Folded Bird Wings by keaalu
-A few tips for drawing folded bird wings.

Wing Tutorial (Make 2): Page One, Page Two, and Page Three by dragontamer363
-After the success of my first tutorial (in all its scrubby glory) I decided to make a big fat revamped version that's been thoroughly photo-shopped and neatened up. Hopefully you'll find it much more readable and helpful.


Simplified Gryphon Tutorial by lizkay
-Tips for drawing gryphons.

- How to Draw Wings and Winged Creatures/People- by lizkay
-Helpful hints for drawing wings, winged people, and winged animals.


Basic Dragon Tutorial by kalicothekat
-Tips for drawing dragons.

Tutorial - Dragons by Sheil
-A nice clear tutorial on how to draw dragons, including some anatomy details.

Drawing a Dragon by mythori
-A nice step-by-step tutorial for drawing dragons.

Myth's Dragon Tutorial Part 1, Part 2.1, Part 2.2, and Part 2.3 by mythori
-A very nice multi-part tutorial about drawing dragons and coloring them in Photoshop.

Dragon Tutorial by raerae
-Drawing dragons raerae style!

Classic Dragon Head Tutorial by raerae
-Draw a classic dragon head raerae style!

Lighty's Dragon Tutorial Part One and Part Two by Lighteh
-Helpful steps for drawing dragons.

Tutorial- Maws and Open Jaws by ShadowedLight
-Helpful hints for drawing wide-open dragon jaws.

Commission - Dragon Concept 1, 2 and 3by Unibomber703
-Use for indirect reference only please.

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Excellent resources! May I suggest another, for horse dynamics, that is not a tutorial but is a very useful sketch? (My friend drew the horse and demolished my original sketch in the process, but her horse sketch is very useful. I'm looking for her name to cite it properly.) [link]