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Reference tutorials, resources, and links for inking traditionally to be updated here. (For digital inking, please see the program tutorials sections.) Suggestions are appreciated!!

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+ Traditional Inking Tutorial 8D by miaow
-I hope this tutorial could be useful for those of you who want to do traditional inking. Me personally, am more comfortable with traditional inking, I don't do digital inking, EVER...

+ Renah's Inking Tutorial by Renah-Lily
-This tutorial will focus on traditional inking methods and cover materials needed to produce nice, cleanly inked work, various approaches to traditional inking, tips for making nice, smooth, clean lines, and thick/thin lines, and tips for scanning your work.

+ Traditional Inking Tutorial by chaa
-You get to see my thought process for traditional inking. It's surprisingly (hugely) different from any digital technique I've ever used/tried.

+ Traditional Ink Tutorial by kitton
-I covered a bunch of techniques ranging from the very basic to the fairly intermediate, so I hope everyone who reads it gets something out of it.

+ Inking Tutorial - Screening by Captain-Galant
-Basically my method of using a screened sketch for inking. My use of the computer in drawing goes beyond just finishing and is incorporated in even traditional techniques.

+ Cat-Cat's Guide to Lineart [Traditional/Digital] by cat-cat
-Again, I'm not sure if this actually qualifies as a tutorial... since I'm merely writing down some of the points I take into consideration when I ink. I hope some people would find what I'm about to say useful...

+ -Alyssa's Traditional Inking Tutorial- by MurasakiLlama
-So you've all come here looking for one thing -- help with your traditional inking skillz! Well, you're in luck, because that is all the skill I have!

+ Inking With a Lightbox by wyldflowa
-This is just what it says on the tin -- how I ink with my Lightbox.

+ Traditional Clean Inking by HellGrave
-A simple traditional inking tutorial.

+ Inking Guide by shydoh
-A delicious inking guide from me.

+ Jenny C's Inking Tutorial! by henyaru
-I've learned all I know about inknig by experimenting on my own, so I'm totally self taught at this.

+ The Classy Way of Doing Things - Part 2: Inking! by Classical
-It's INKING time. And I love inking. So I am going to talk a lot about it.

+ Crosshatching Tutorial by Indefatigable42
-The best way to learn from this is to make a crosshatch strip yourself. I've drawn four so you can see each step, but all you have to draw is one strip and add to it as you go along.

+ Inking - a Quick Rundown by misskittyoooo
-Just a quick rundown on my most frequently asked questions.

+ Inking - Using Nibs - Beginner by misskittyoooo
-Thought I would elaborate a bit on my previous inking tutorial. This is intended for beginner inkers, beginner nib users or people wanting to know how to add a little umph to their work.

+ Line Weight: Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 by WingsofMorphius
-Greetings one and all! Wings here to teach you how to ink like a pro! Okay, maybe that’s going a little far, but I can give you some hints to improve your ink work, starting with line weight! All the important hints to weighting lines are above, but you also need to keep some stuff in mind as far as tools of the trade go, not to mention the inker lingo that may otherwise go over your head

Hospital Index
Traditional Media Index
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