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Human Anatomy: Hands and Feet by ArtistsHospital Human Anatomy: Hands and Feet by ArtistsHospital
Hands and feet tutorials, references, and links to be updated here. Suggestions are appreciated!

:star: Admin -- if working from a backup, overwrite the backup with the live copy before editing & updating. This keeps us from overwriting each other's updates. =D

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Individual Tutorials

How to Draw Hands Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 by Obi-quiet
A two-part hands tutorial.

Helping Hand Exercise (10MB file!!) by CaliforniaClipper
-How to draw hands? Simple: download huge files and kill trees. 58 pages of tips and reference photos.

Right Hand Exercise by CaliforniaClipper
-Right hand reference photos.

Two Hands Exercise 01 by CaliforniaClipper
-Two handed pose photos.

Two Hands Exercise 02 by CaliforniaClipper
-More two handed poses photos.

Silly little hand tutorial by InvaderDemeter
-This isn't intended to be a full tutorial, though. It's just me showing how I'd draw a hand in this one pose. Just a small guide to it. So, yes, hope it helps, simple and silly as it is.

-Hands Tutorial- by odduckoasis
-It's LONG!! fair warning. xD; Took me quite a few hours to complete. Another project I just got wound up in and had to complete. Now I can move on to other things easier.

Tutorial: Hands by kitten-chan
-Okay - First let's go into a little bit of anatomy...

Hands tutorial? by Meuw
-Well, when I were in the car I sketched some hands, because I'm no good in it, And I wanted to improve, so I begun to train. And Now I felt like scan everything in, pick out a few and put them in some kind of tutorial I drew a bit hasty, not for that I'm the best in hands, but just so that I could show you how I draw hands!! So that you can come with tips and advices for what I could do and if there is some problems with the "tutorial" (my way to draw hands) Please help me.

Hand Tutorial: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five by manic-goose
-Five tutorials on hands. I was thinking about how there are certain basic angles for drawing hands and if an artist can learn these angles, just about any position is possible.

Tutorial - Drawing Hands by bidujador
-Ok, so my friend asked if someone could make a tutorial for drawing hands. I thought I'd give it a try. I can't say I'm entirely satisfied with it, and I know I left many things uncovered. But at least I hope it helps somebody.

Figure Tutorial 04- Hands by sprite-ariel
-This is my tutorial on how to draw hands. For some reason I like it the best.

HANDS TUTORIAL by StevenSanchez
-Okay, this is apart of the whole Feet & Hands segment, so expect the simple way of drawing it.

Hands tutorial: Page One and Page Two by mayshing
-So many has asked for a hand tutorial from me... so here it is... there is plenty of tutorial like this out there, so I will just give a bit of my learning experience and hopefully it does help some people.

Tutorial : Drawing Hands by Zue
-Be warned -- Definite eye-burner tutorial by Lily ahead!! Please wear protective helmets and goggles before proceeding...

Drawing Hands by vashs-angel
-A tutorial I made for another site. I hate uploading tutorials to this site XD I feel so.. inferior XD So.. to all those who can't draw hands, enjoy and for those of you who know better... ignore me. Or give me tips, either one.

Drawing Hands Tutorial by ArtUsagiChan
-Okay it's long overdue but it's here! At long last. The hands tutorial that I promised decades ago. I'm allowing downloads so that you can study it fervently wherever you go. Ha ha ha. It's really in-depth so I hope it's not too confusing. But yeah. Okay I'll stop now.

Hand Tutorial by shigure-kisune
-Well, actually, I did this because purplelemon asked me to. So here it is, a tutorial about hands. It's not the best in the world but it's a big help.

Hand tutorial by alexds1
-Another tutorial :B Theres a lot of text but I tried to make my system as clear as possible. As usual you can copy or use any of these drawings freely, but be sure to read the tut as well! As I recommend in it to ref from photos or real life over other people who might have made mistakes (not me of course, as I never make mistakes) (lol). Enjoy!


Foot tutorial by alexds1
-Yeah another one ;___; I had this percolating for a while and just got around to doing it all last night, which was a <strike>great</strike> awful idea. Despite having it basically scripted in my head before I started it still came out somewhat non-sequitor, sorry.

Drawing Feet Tutorial by PoiJanssen
-My first tutorial. Hope I'm being helpful! Since I learned how do draw feet last year, I wanna share that with you.

Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by kitten-chan
-Yup, the title says it all...and anything it doesn't say is in the tut.

Drawing Tutorial 009 Feet by uchuucacahuate
-Here it is, but I feel this is somewhat incomplete. Well, it sure isn't when you compare it to the hand one. This is actually like one of the parts of the body I haven't practiced a lot so I hope it's satisfactory. If it isn't then you'll just have to wait till I feel like doing a sequel.

Hospital Index
General Human Anatomy Tutorials Section
Portrait Tutorials Section
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-How to draw hands? Simple: download huge files and kill trees. 58 pages of tips and reference photos.

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Thanks for the tutorial.It is a big help, I always have trouble with fingers in different hand gestures.
ArtistsHospital Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2009

What helps me most is gestures. Actually, I've found that gestures help me with everything.

Use scratch paper, newsprint, or other very cheap paper that you won't hesitate to throw away when you're done. =)
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Yeah, I absolutely dread drawing hands and feet. But its good to have ALOT of sources to practise from.
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