Colored Pencil Tutorials by ArtistsHospital Colored Pencil Tutorials by ArtistsHospital
Colored pencil tutorials, resources, and links to be updated here. Suggestions are appreciated!

Preview picture by :iconmayshing:. Used with permission.

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Clubs or Other Sites
-Website of the famous Prismacolor brand. Includes an Artist Tips & Techniques section.

Individual Tutorials

+ Color Penciling Tutorial by GlassWind
A nice introduction to layering and crosshatching with color pencils.

***** Tutorial - Colored Pencil by Horus-Goddess
-An excellent and thorough colored pencil tutorial.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by taintedsilence
-A beautiful step-by-step colored pencil tutorial. Advanced colored pencil techniques.

+ How I Use Colored Pencils Tutorial by lantairvlea
Part One: Sketching and Base Color
Part Two: Background
Part Three: Mid and Foreground
Part Four: Character and Leaves
Part Five: Character, Continued
Part Six: Fur
-Multi-part tutorial for how I go about the use of colored pencils. I admit straight off that I'm not terribly organized in my method and it generally consists of changing pencils every ten seconds or so.

+ Tutorial: Colour Pencil Gradient Shading by aerinl
-I find the best way to start off with pencil gradient shading is to first, very lightly, outline the markings and shading lines...

+ Minichi-01's Color Pencil Tutorial: Part One and Part Two
-A helpful two-part colored pencil and paints tutorial.

+ Coloured Pencil Tutorial by black-rider
-A nice colored pencil tutorial.

+ Color Pencil Tutorial by HikaruNekomimi
-A colored pencil comic/tutorial hybrid.

+ Lukiih's Color Pencil Tutorial by Lukiih
-How Lukiih colors with color pencils.

+ Mellie's Colored Pencil Tutorial by chunkbucket
-A color pencil tutorial, yo.

+ How I Shade by FlammableAqua
-A bite-sized colored pencil tutorial.

+ Hair Pencil Blending Tutorial by careko
-A short shading tutorial.

+ Windfalcon's Feather Tutorial
-Solid Colors and Layered Feathers in Colored Pencil.

+ Colour Pencil Tutorial by grayishfeather
-This is a manga colouring tutorial for colour pencils.

+ Coloring with Colored Pencils by jinglestan
-This is for you who kept asking me how I do it.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by xxsymmetryxx
-This is how I color with colored pencils.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by LynxGriffin: Part 1 and Part 2
-This is a tutorial for creating really rich, deep colors with colored pencils. There are many different ways you can use colored pencils for fanart, but this is a method I really like using, so I thought I'd share it.

**** Water Web Technique Colored Pencil Tutorial by vantid
-Coloring water webs on dolphins, and using black paper with color pencils to good effect.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by Kamikaze777
-So as many people asked for it, you got it. I hope this will help a little.

+ The How to Use Coloured Pencils Tutorial by A-Xofia
-This is my very own tutorial for the use of colour pencils. Hope it is clear, easy and helpful to all!

+ Tutorial - Colour Pencil by treijim
-What's this? A tutorial on coloured pencils? That's right. IT shows all steps from inking to colouring, though I only showed the colouring of one of nine characters. It would be ridiculous to show the steps for everyone. It look long enough as it is. Read on and I hope it's useful!


+ Progress of Market Streets by Mayshing
-For those who wants to know about my color pencil progress.

+ Progress of At Ocean Waves 2 by Mayshing
-For those who wants to know about my color pencil progress.

+ Progress of My Golden Man by Mayshing
-In-progress screenshots of this piece.

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omagrandmother Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2008
lovely picture, very serene.

I'm just starting on colored pencil and all those links ought to answer some of the questions about blending the backgrounds better. so I'm off to read more and more. and possibly fix up my first colored pencil drawing. (I uploaded it to my gallery as it is.) will read and read and read and keep working away on it, hopefully I'll be uploading a better version soon.

thanks you so much for sharing with us all!
ArtistsHospital Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008

Thank you for the lovely comment! Remember you can always note us with a patient or critique request to get help with your drawing. We have less staff available right now because of the school year, but help will come eventually. :aww:

One piece of advice, which you can take or leave... personally, I've found that it's better to move on and do a new drawing rather than obsess over fixing an old one. We all have learning curves, and it's perfectly fine to be able to see that in your older drawings. :aww: But that's my opinion; only you know how you like to draw! :floating:
omagrandmother Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
Thanks for the advise, I've decided to move on and try another picture. I've read loads of the links you provided and my friend gave me a few sheets of real smooth tooth paper to try. I guess the picture couldn't have been that terribly badly done....hubby and the kids took it from my sketchpad and had it sent in to have professionally framed as a gift for me.

My first colored pencil drawing framed. Wow! you just got to love family... and all my friends here at DA for all the great advise.

Anyways this is the first one [link] now on to the next, and the next, and the next after that.

ArtistsHospital Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008

I took a look and I think it's beautiful. You probably would enjoy trying different papers; if your sketchbook is like mine (Strathmore 8.5x11 50 lb Sketch), you'll never get a completely "smooth" look from it, not with colored pencils. At least, I couldn't. :XD: I had better results from using Strathmore 400 Series Drawing pads.

There are several books about colored pencil techniques that you might enjoy, too:

See Colored Pencil Books on Amazon

You can look at the user reviews to see if they're worth buying, but I think the ones by Bet Borgeson are pretty helpful. You can always check your library, too.

omagrandmother Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008
thank you for looking at my picture . I've jotted down that paper and will pick up some this week at the art store.

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I've deleted whole tutorial sections accidentally. :XD:
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The-Reploidst Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2008
The one thing I can't find is how to blend colored pencils, not just for hair but for shading other parts as well.
ArtistsHospital Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008
:iconcaliforniaclipper: I think it largely depends on what brand you're using. i.e. Prismacolors are soft and blend differently than, say, Prangs.
The-Reploidst Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008
What about Crayola? I have 36 col.
ArtistsHospital Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008

I would start with these two tutorials:



Try those out for starters. =)

Also, try not to rush when using color pencils; relax and get used to putting on the color slowly, in gentle strokes. Pressing hard is generally not good, except maybe towards the end of a piece when you need to really emphasize certain colors.

Good luck!
Akie-J Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
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Wow. As I'm getting back into pencil coloring, this is super helpful. But I'm wondering - are there any tutorials specifically for *scanning* colored pencils?
ArtistsHospital Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
You are not likely to find tutorials that would teach you how to scan it... you might find some that starts from cleaning up the drawings after scanning....

For scanning color pencils, you need the right scanner, try to get one that would scan "normally" not one of those old hand-you-down ones from your relatives that has weird errors on it. (invest a little)
After you scanned it full color in 150-300 dpi, (300 dpi is the standard resolution for color pieces) import it into graphic editing program, whether GIMP, photoshop, painter... whatever you have. Find the Image adjustment and fine tune the colors to it's original state.

Usually after scanning a color pencil piece, the colors dull down due to the poor lights of the scanner, it's not like the natural lights, it's usually cooler... so you will need to use graphic editing program to restore it.
jayel-fox Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
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