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These are art programs for which the Hospital has collected a respectable amount of tutorial links.

Art Programs - FREE:

:deviation: Gimp Tutorials

:deviation: Inkscape Tutorials

:deviation: Microsoft Paint Tutorials

:deviation: openCanvas 1.1 Tutorials (freeware release)

:deviation: Paint.NET Tutorials

:deviation: Pixia Tutorials

Art Programs - Hybrid (offering both nontrial free editions and commercial editions)

:deviation: Artrage Tutorials

:deviation: Artweaver Tutorials

Art Programs - Commercial:

:deviation: Adobe Flash Tutorials

:deviation: Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

:deviation: Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

:deviation: Corel Painter Tutorials

:deviation: openCanvas Tutorials (commercial releases)

:deviation: Paint Tool SAI Tutorials

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:typerhappy: Other Programs
-These art programs do not yet have their own tutorial sections. Either few tutorials exist, or the Hospital has not yet collected enough tutorials to warrant a new section.

Other Websites

:star: Open Source Alternative at
-Our mission is to provide easy access to high quality open source alternatives to well-known commercial products. And remember that open source software is also a freeware alternative.

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Penny-Wren's avatar
Krita is a great art program too!
gmuffin's avatar
wow thanks this was really helpful ^w^
yoonakane123's avatar
ahhh~ .......... this helps a lot :)
Gaaragirlfan's avatar
Hey guys I need some help here, I'm trying to find an easy to use free drawing program. I will be doing drawings and such on the program and *not* photo editing. I've tried to use gimp, but it is far too complicated for me... and on the other hand programs like windows paint are children's programs. The art I wish to do is very simple, such as My Little Pony art and similar art. So long story short I need a free, simple to use, and virus free drawing program. I really would appreciate the help thanks!! :)
ChibiZilla's avatar
I suggest "Fire Alpaca" it is a new free program for PC and Mac. It is just like Sai but with less options,
TheAwesome-Artist's avatar
How about Twistedbrush?
rockogirl's avatar
starrytesukidust's avatar
Very helpful,I should at least put the link on my journal :3
Kara1O1's avatar
Thanks, I faved Corel, Gimp, and Pain.NET on the spot. People make all kinds of tutorials out there but finding good ones are a challenge and this cuts down the time by loads. Plus, they are all in one place. Again, thank you very much. :D
Sukeiisu's avatar
i have painttool sai its a good program
TomeMac's avatar
Hmm Sketchbook Pro? Though I myself can't really find tutorials for it.
W3LTERW8's avatar
What do YOU think is the best?
jade1010's avatar
is all this free?
ChiefC2's avatar
Thx for the links :D
maejonin's avatar
Hey I don't see you have pixlr, which is an awesome free online program. I found this through sai too.
heartbrush's avatar
you really need to add this: [link]
MyPaint is a relatively new program for digital painting and I totally love it.
Pretty lightweight, fast and has tons of different brushes integrated.

Try it out!
LadySarah's avatar
Just to let you know, is now entirely free. [link]
Also, they've added a few programs since this was last updated. Including an audio editor. [link]
Great list.
LadySarah's avatar
oops, meant to post this to your list of programs. :dummy:
Elizter's avatar
Omg, this is perfect for what I've been needing...I've been planning on getting a tablet, but I've been having some trouble figuring out what programs...You are my lifesaver!
enchy1204's avatar
Thank you SO much! You helped me a lot! :D :D
melisabelle's avatar
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