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Sneak Peak: Mouth and Teeth Tutorial by Xadrea
Sneak Peak: Mouth and Teeth Tutorial by Xadrea
Sneak Peak: Mouth and Teeth Tutorial by Xadrea
FontForge for Comic Fonts: Variant Double Letters by eishiya
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Indoor Plant Reference Sheet by AkiraAlion
Halloween Digital Art Tutorial (Step By Step) by AkiraAlion
Hazel Eyes 3/4 by ArtofIndigo
Hair Tutorial by AkiraAlion
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CW7 bucket chellange by JustIRaziel
meaty tubes and best friends // ART TUTORIAL by Heliocathus
When the flat circle goes wrong -and how to fix it by Craftcove
Nose. Tutorial by Anastasia-berry
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Clouds - Color Stock by screentones
Girl 6 Stock Photo by vjohnst5
Patreon by inspiring-references
Expression Stock - *Smile* by Null-Entity
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Notan Study 03 by JustIRaziel
[Step by Step] Mystery Pearl Process by Vixenkiba
Animated GIF tutorial - Sssss..! by BerenyiArts
Pose study #1 by BerenyiArts
Patient Requests
Eye Demo Process by SombrePainter
References: girl 01 by Yo--Nashi
Fennekin by FigoFox
red herring: rpg admin pack 001 by stevienick
Oriental Belly Dance Night Flyer by n2n44
I Support Hardworking Artists by starfire-wolf
Story Creation Kit V. 2 by djwagLmuffin
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Pixel Portrait Tutorial by GuardianOfShigeru
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Advice:Free animation software by Crevist


Sarturnus by Dark134 Sarturnus :icondark134:Dark134 5,858 131 Fading to gray by Bloodshedera Fading to gray :iconbloodshedera:Bloodshedera 809 29 1.5 Reflected Light, Halfway to Black by theThirdCartel 1.5 Reflected Light, Halfway to Black :iconthethirdcartel:theThirdCartel 95 9 Simplify human body study 43CW by JustIRaziel Simplify human body study 43CW :iconjustiraziel:JustIRaziel 1,880 22 Never Lose Hope Again by avimHarZ Never Lose Hope Again :iconavimharz:avimHarZ 58 8 Muscles of the Trunk- Posterior by OuchIllustrates Muscles of the Trunk- Posterior :iconouchillustrates:OuchIllustrates 67 0 Muscles of the Trunk by OuchIllustrates Muscles of the Trunk :iconouchillustrates:OuchIllustrates 81 1
Character design: Clothing
When creating an OC the personality and backstory are the most important aspects. But how will s/he be recognized if her/his hair, face and whole body looks just like an other one's OC?
The answer is simply: her/his clothing! Most people choose their clothing on their own. And not everybody buys the same shirt or shoes.
The choice of clothing is the best way to get recognized because a lot of matters are involved when you choose your new shirt. You consider age, attitude, gender, environment, hobbies, personality and profession (even when you're unemployed).
But let me show you step by step:
This aspect is quite simple:
A baby or toddler will just wear clothes like romper suits and so on. But remember that the one responable for their clothing may also consider the kid's so far shown personality and all the other things I'm going to talk about later.
When the kid gets older, it's a bit different. Parents or people in charge will still be the one buyin
:iconfelizias:Felizias 584 52
sky + clouds tutorial by megatruh sky + clouds tutorial :iconmegatruh:megatruh 3,683 257
My Top Ten Tips for Starting a Webcomic
(aka "I Wish Someone Had Told Me This")
Are you thinking about starting a new creative endeavor that involves sequential art? Something you hope beyond family and friends will read? Have you thought about this project at all past the initial "can't wait to start working" phase?
Stop. Listen to what I am about to say. Many webcomic writers/artists make the same mistakes (myself included) by jumping straight to the "let's start drawing now" phase, bypassing the planning stage. Here are the most important items to consider before you even ink out the first strip:
Consider if there is a chance your comic will become printed. Not only do you need to consider its dpi (dots per inch), CMYK comes into play as well. It is much harder (sometimes impossible!) to retroactively make these changes instead of making the comic print-friendly beforehand. You can't enlarge a small comic that is built for the web without great quality re
:icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 1,153 93
Brushes Springtime by AnduSamar Brushes Springtime :iconandusamar:AnduSamar 9 2 Brushes Gallifreyan Symbols by AnduSamar Brushes Gallifreyan Symbols :iconandusamar:AnduSamar 175 16 Day sky Color reference by FrostBo Day sky Color reference :iconfrostbo:FrostBo 615 18 Shading Video Tutorial by Feyrah Shading Video Tutorial :iconfeyrah:Feyrah 2,209 438
Submit tutorials, articles you find helpful. We do not take art work feature in the favorites section.












I've moved to Twitch:

Feel free to drop in!

Last week we talked about world building and clutter.

The first class I talked a bit about scripts, paneling and organizing your storyboards.

Classes are on Friday at 1pm CST every Friday so come one, come all!


I am still trying to stay on top of the galleries and keep us as active as possible. I've been super busy with my projects (I'm behind on both of my comics) but I am trying to keep it going. Some of you have expressed interest in helping out AND you all have been patient and supportive. I really appreciate it.
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Group policies on submissions

:bulletred: Tutorials:

NOTE: Members, do NOT submit to the Features section. It's for tutorial genre links only!

:w00t: currently it's automatic approval for members submission into the member's folder, new folders for categories have been made please follow it. Anatomy and animal tutorials are voted on, for quality control on important foundational subjects.

:groups: - To submit to proper folders:
1. Go to your deviantion> Submit to a group> type in our name or select our icon.

2. You will see a drop down menu below our icon, it defaults to feature, click on it to see more menu folders.

3. Select the proper folder and submit.

4. Wrong category submission will be disapproved.

5. Tutorials that does not fit quality control will be disapproved:

a. too many typo/grammars
b. does not display solid grasp on your subject (example: poor anatomy on an anatomy tutorial.)
c. Does not show/share any techniques, just a picture or purely a progress record.

:bulletred: Patient Requests submission:…

1. Click the Patient Requests folder.
2. Click "Submit to This Folder."
3. Choose a deviation from your gallery, or submit a new one.
4. Your Patient Request will show as soon as it has been cleared by an admin (this is to prevent abuse, we will approve 1-3 requests per week).

! Please continue to write your Patient Requests with care and attention to detail.

! Requests with minimal or confusing information will not be cleared.

! Artwork should be submitted with each request. Artwork should be as recent as possible and suitable for all audiences (artistic/instructional nudity is OK).

! If you need mental/personal advice on a situation related to art, project, submit it as a written deviantion>Prose>Non-fiction>Letter.

:groups: :bulletred: Stock photos

We want a stock photo account with no strings attached.

+If you submit stocks here to this account, you agree to let the DA members to use this stock image completely free of charge, commercially, or non-commercially, and not require them to report back to you, or credit you, inside or outside DA.

+Members are to use and alter the stocks for creative, educational purposes. Members should not resell, repost the stocks as their original/unaltered form for any reason without permission,

+Crediting the source is not required but appreciated.

+And the stock's copyright has to be owned by you, meaning don't submit stocks you took from other places.

:bulletred: Affiliates-

-we are flexible, but we encourage tutorials/teaching related clubs to affiliate with us.


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LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2019  Student General Artist
I still love this group <B I won't ever leave even if it dies because of the wonderful tut's!
diosrubra Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018
could i suggest opening the folders so people can still submit to the group without them being rejected because of time? its easier to remove the pics you dont want then and you wont get as many members leaving 
djwagLmuffin Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
We never wanted to do that. I understand your qualm with it but people would flood the folders with things that don't belong there. I know it's a pain in the ass, but be patient.
diosrubra Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018
:D no worries i was just wondering if it would help you ;) as long as people still know the group is going is the main thing 
djwagLmuffin Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
lel might just be me (and others) to be honest. DA has...becoming something many of us just simply don't recognize anymore and the support or lack thereof in many cases has pushed us onto different platforms. I want to be more active, I think but not if my best work is only going to get 8 views after posting. it's a mood killer, really.
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LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Give it some time, things will perk up. It's common for older groups to plateau a bit and pick up later. In the meantime, perhaps changing the submission rules would be a good idea?
djwagLmuffin Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017  Professional General Artist
well, I stand by my sentiments. DA REALLY needs to start doing more to get people to come back. There's not a lot of reliable places to post artwork right now, especially places with an engaged audience and Tumblr is garbage in a lot of ways.

LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017  Student General Artist
Have you thought about becoming active in the mod community? Perhaps looks for a few of them and send them some ideas or opinions. Thay can't do much unless we tell them what we want or are looking for. I've been talking with mods lately and giving my opinion on stuff and they've been passing it around. The more people cry out for something the more likely it is to change. (Good Luck) I'll stand by this group always!
tallydraws Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017   Digital Artist
Submissions expiring.  Dead group?
djwagLmuffin Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
This is a good question. 

Personally, I've given up on DA for the most part but...I dunno.

maybe we can figure something out to get it back into the groove. I'll see how it works with my current life situation.
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