ArtistsForCharity F.A.Q.

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Deviation Actions

1) What is aFc (ArtistsForCharity) and what is its goal ?

ArtistsForCharity is an account run by the seniors of deviantART. The goal of aFc is to sell artwork as prints with all the proceeds going to a selected charity.

2) Which Charities will you be donating to?

The name of the Charity who will we be donating to, and a list of the past charities can be found in this journal: selected charity

3) Do all profits go to the charity?

YES! All profit above the print's base cost will be donated to the current charity.

4) Is aFc a `seniors only project?

No, everyone from core staff ($), all the way to general member (~) can donate artwork.

5) How do I donate a piece of my work? Do I sell it on my own print account?

Donating is easy. Simply send a note to us or switchbladeserenade, Little-Vampire or tiganesc. We'll let you know what to do next. And no, please do not upload your donated piece to your store. We'd like to keep all the products exclusive.

6) Do I need to have a premium account in order to donate?

No, we upload the prints to the ArtistsForCharity account, which has permanent prints benefits.

7) Do the prints have to be a specific topic/theme ?

No, just submit what you would like, or what you feel will sell, to help out.

8) Can I submit any image I like or do you pick one from my gallery ?

We really would love it if the artist submitted something of their choice. We can offer advice, or suggestions from your gallery if you're unsure.

9) Can you put in the description to comment or fav the original work?

No, we are not doing this for favs or comments. We exist to raise money for charities exclusively.

10) Can I donate more than one piece?

Yes you can.We are accepting up to 3 pieces from deviants at the moment.

11) How about other products like mugs, mousepads etc?

You can donate any type of product that is available on deviantPRINTS, as long as you submit the correct files for each product and let us know which is which. More info on the correct source files can be found in the FAQ #132: What are the minimum image sizes for each product?

12)What are the size requirements for prints ?

Information about the correct sizes and templates for your prints can be found in the FAQ #576: Where can I find templates to help me size my images correctly for prints?

13) How are the prices determined?

ALL prices are set to the default price. It doesn't matter who you are or how popular you are.

14) Will you note me if a print of mine is sold ?

As of now we have not been noting and nor do we plan on starting as of now.

15) How much money did aFc make ?

If you would like to find out how much money has been raised by Artists For Charity, please drop into #ArtistsforCharity on dAmn, where the total amount raised is listed - although it isn't always absolutely current.

16) I'm a writer, can I donate my works?

Yes, it's now possible to make a print out of Literature works too! Check this News to know more about it: News: Prints for Lit.

17) I don't feel like my works are good enough to be donated, how can I still help out?

Just advertise the project, spread the word, put our stamp in your journal, etc. Or alternatively you can find another artist and do a collaboration.

18) How do I add the stamp to my journal ?

If you wish to display the ArtistsForCharity stamp in your journal, you simply have to enter the following code:
  • <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

For further help please read:
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

Please remember, this is a subscriber only feature.

19) Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

If you have any questions not answered here you can send a note to the aFc account, join
#ArtistsForCharity on dAmn or send a note to either tiganesc, switchbladeserenade or Little-Vampire


© 2006 - 2021 ArtistsForCharity
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FoolInDimensions's avatar
If i ever make something that someone wants to hang in a wall, i'll donate to this. Such a wonderfull idea!
There's nothing better than knowing you can make a difference by a simple gest.
JigokuNingyou's avatar
i want to donate some of my works, though i dont think they're good enough but i want to help
if i get better with time and have already placed my three pictures for donation
would you be able to erase them to place new or better works for donation?
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
Sure, we can replace donation at any time. If we accept one of your donations and you want us to remove it you just have to send us a note asking us to do it. :aww:
JigokuNingyou's avatar
oh great, then i will decide which drawing would be best for donation
thank you
nellis-eketorp's avatar
I've got a question: Can the donated art be watermarked? I mean - the preview and the print-preview. The print itself (postcard, photo-print won't have a watermark of course). I'm asking because the charity prints also can be ripped as well as artists arts and sold or illegally used in the way that is far from charity. This is a simple question but I think it is needed because there's a lot of speaking about ripping and stealing and it's really painful for the artists to have the work ripped.

I always watermark my works and allow people to buy prints of them. I think I would like to donate one of my new works I'm currently working on to the charity but I'm simply confused and scared that without the watermark this art will be stolen. I'm sorry for bothering you with this but for the artist it's really important. So can the art be watermarked to protect it against ripping and using in in non charity way?

I'll be grateful for your answer because in the AfC gallery I didn't see a watermarked pic and the previews and print previews are really big sometimes. How easy to rip it is... And also I didn't find anything in your FAQ about it. I hope you concern about the safety of the artists.

Best regards!
switchbladeserenade's avatar
We'd be happy to allow you to watermark your artwork, so long as there is a separate print file for us to use for the actual prints. :)
M-A-F's avatar
Wow, great stuff, I like these sort of community things especially if it's helping charities!

I want to make something, hopefully it WILL be good enough, and help make some money! I'm going to add AFC to my watch list.
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
well whenever you'll feel like donating us something send us a note with a link to the deviation you want to donate us and we'll give you further instructions :nod:

Thanks for the support :thumbsup:
TheBigBadFish's avatar
Wait, So If I painted something And donated it to you, you would be able to get it printed and get it sold to raise money for people less fortunate than ourselves?
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
Yup, that's about the size of it.
seya88's avatar
That is a beautiful idea.. But i don't know if my works are nice enough..
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
Send us a note with the deviation you want to donate to `ArtistsForCharity. We'll be glad to accept one of your artworks :aww:
AmateurThoughts's avatar
Are we allowed to show our donated deviation on our own account [Not as a print] + put a link to buy the pic from aFc in the description?
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
You can keep your donated deviation in your gallery :nod:
And we'll also add a link to your deviation in our submission, so that everybody will know who donate the artwork and where they can comment the original work :)
We just ask you not to upload your donated piece as a print in your store cause we prefer to keep all the products exclusive :aww:
heksemelk's avatar
Does it cost anything to donate?:O
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
It doesn't cost money, if you want to donate simply send us a note with a link to the deviation you'd like to donate. We will respond as soon as time permits, so please be patient. :aww:
heksemelk's avatar
Oh, okay, good:D
donaldsart's avatar
Hi there

I am interested in donating some work to your cause. I have read through the FAQ but I have two of my own

If I submit a piece am I still at liberty to exhibit it outside of DA ?

What kind of auditing system do you have in place with the distribution of funds - I ask this because I know that it will be asked of me ?
Look forward to hearing from you

Shed-senpai's avatar
I'm thinking of submitting one of my works for the charity. Is there an age limit like for the regular prints?
austinbphotography's avatar
I think the exclusive idea is great, but what if I am selling my print on my own separate web page? I love this idea but also can't afford to stop selling my best photo on my web page.
ArtistsForCharity's avatar
we understand that. but it kind of defeats the purpose if it can be bought elsewhere.
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