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:new: Revised edition - 21st April 2017 :new:


General AoE Rules/Guidelines

:star: Horses, Ponies, Donkey, Zedonk, Unicorn, Pegasus, Centaur, Pegacorn, or anything related to the Equus, is accepted. Humans are allowed as long as the main focus of the piece is the equine.

:star: Any media/medium you like, the more creative the better!  Please read below for gallery specifications on where to submit.

:star: Please only ever submit your own work, not anyone else’s. This includes photography. If you use someone’s work as a reference or use of stock, please credit them on your deviation. Never steal artwork or rip someone’s work, otherwise you will be banned from the group and black listed with our affiliates!

:star: All submissions must not contain sexual, excessive gore & horror, pornographic, racist, homophobic, bullying, hateful, triggering, defamatory material. This is a group for everyone including young members too, we do not want offensive subjects (And there is no need to, when this is an Equus group).  

:star: Deviations containing text regarding advertising/business is permitted within reason - however, deviations created for the sole purpose of advertising (i,e could be used as banners, flyers, business cards, brochures etc) are not permitted.

:star: Please ensure the work is your best effort for that piece. We do not decline artwork often as we are open to all artistic abilities, however please consider that we want AoE to be thriving of artwork that gets feedback, this way we can help members even better. Please also ensure any scans are good quality.

:bulletred: PLEASE NOTE: As of June 2011, We are no longer accepting character PROFILES at AoE, along with line art. aka a single outline/very basic sketches. ,  for the Traditional & Digital galleries.  
You MAY still submit your character artwork as long as it is not the 'profile' for them. 
You may submit REFERENCE sheets to AoE, without the text ON THE ARTWORK.  It will be allowed if it is in the comments only.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are unsure on where your art fits.  

Specific Galleries

:bulletblue: Please check the gallery you are submitting to.  I.e please do not submit Digital artwork to the Traditional gallery. It will be declined and you will be asked to resubmit.

Traditional Gallery

Minor Computerized edits are allowed, such as clearing specs, cropping or fixing lighting on a scan.
Major edits that change the general look of the piece more, such as removing or adding content, Text, Recolouring, Adding texture, Background, is not permitted. If you have changed the piece to be significantly different, it is no longer traditional only (read below).

Photography Gallery

Minor edits are allowed, such as changing hue, contrast, lightening/darkening, cropping, and small edits.  
If the piece has been manipulated to have a significant difference, such as removing or adding an object, adding texture, different backgrounds, and so on, are not allowed. This would make the piece a photographic manipulation (read below).
Please also note that photography can only be submitted if it has been taken by you. If you have photographs someone has taken of you on your horse, please submit it to the Members Own Horse folder

Digital Gallery

All tablet & mouse drawn is included, anything computer based. Any reworked subjects, including traditional large edits goes here.  Please submit Gifs to the 'Other Submissions' folder.

Photomanipulation Gallery

All photo-manipulation artwork goes in this gallery.  Including added manes & tails digitally,  edited photography of any sort past the photography guideline above.

Other Media Gallery

Gifs, Sculpture & Models  (Custom or OF)  Literature, etc all here

Sales Gallery

As of Monday 29th April 2019 we are accepting artwork for sale. This includes Adopts, YHH etc.
Adopts will be removed when they are all sold.
There will be no reposting of the same advert.
All art must be referenced properly and that references can be used.
*This new folder is on trial and if successful, will become permanent (subject to change from the Founder).
*More rules may come.

© 2015 - 2020 Artists-of-Equus
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LusciousLavender Traditional Artist
Hi! :wave:
May I please know why this was declined?
WIP ~ Breaking Free by LusciousLavender  
Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!
(Sorry if I bothered any of you! ><)
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SnowInHadesHobbyist General Artist
Hi. Sorry, but we don't accept wips. Only completed works.
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LusciousLavender Traditional Artist
Ah, Thank you very much for the info! ^^
SnowInHades's avatar
SnowInHadesHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :hug:
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Which of the rules causes decline this things?

Seafilly base 

Dancing Seafilly
Arborath's avatar
ArborathProfessional Digital Artist

Currently as I see it the DAncing Seafilly should not have been declined, I am unsure on why it was.  If you resubmit it it shoudl be accepted.

The Base reference however is not accepted as we don't accept, adopts, bases, or character references like those any more.

Hope this clears things up a bit :>
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KiyiyaHowlingWolfProfessional General Artist
Are journal show entries allowed? Such as this RWS First Annual Horse Show! 
RebeccaM-Art's avatar
RebeccaM-ArtHobbyist General Artist
No, that would be considered as an advertisement, sorry
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