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Beware Nervoushorse: (Art theft and oc Theft)…
She's upset because I told her not to post celebrity images…
Beware on Sleepy._.Starz / Sleep_.StarzAlright, this is pretty long due to their history of Theft they've done Just to me! (If you have experiences please let me know and I can add them to this!) I refuse to name anyone but Sleepy and Chaos_bab in this post due to not wanting to drag them into this too! I respect that they probably dont want this drama. They have been obsessed with me for almost a year, from stalking and harassing to stealing my OCs. I am making this a public post as a Beware of this user and their intentions. Please do NOT interact with them, please block and report them. This is not a witch hunt, do not harass them! Just block and don't interact with them! All their accounts will be listed at the bottom that my friends found! To start: On about November 20th I had to deal with a situation with another user that Sleepy was friends with. They were blacklisted the next day after they harassed me about me proving with the colors to back up claims of the situation going on., Around December two more of Sleepy's friends were constantly harassing me (Me and their ex-friends have since dropped the issue and don't interact anymore). Sleepy (and maybe their friends) made a fake account trying to copy my whole identity, from the similar user name to copying my OC. I caught them because Sleepy then posted the OC on their own account and not the copycat., They also spread lies about me at this point, but then Sleepy copied another Character of mine, again. Though after I caught them and reported it, Sleepy fessed up about being 'inspired' by my Sona/Oc, after they've already been blacklisted already for awhile. (And them saying they didn't claim my art, like what does that have to do with copying a character? Absolutely nothing, you still admitted to copying!) I managed to get the OC taken down off of Instagram because they copied my works. (Thank you IG!). ,,,,,,, Then around January a secret Pony OC account of Sleepy tried messaging me, pretending to be friendly by asking to one of my stress posts about them stalking and harassing me, "You just can't catch a break huh?" Funny, I had seen this OC before from my friends helping me report Sleepy. It was Sleepy's OC, and i promptly made people aware of this as around this time the situation with the other user was already dropped if my memory serves me right. This is around the time their friends, previously mentioned, dropped Sleepy as a friend due to their obsession with me *(that Sleepy's friends mention 'cause they literally wont leave alone.' and 'but Sleepy will not let this shit go for some damn reason.' and 'I dont condone the behavior, just leave her tf alone and go about your life'.),,, Then during the end of January Sleepy helped Chaos_bab steal one of my newer OCs that is for a story. I made a full on post, at the time My OC had been posted 2 days ago, while theirs had been posted only 4 hours ago. I found that Sleepy helped them draw it, which connects them to Theft of my OCs again! Thankfully IG also took down the copy that Chaos_Bab had, who is still friends with Sleepy to this day.Obviously this wasn't a coincidence.,,,And to now, Today. I got a message from someone on IG about a post Sleepy had made, which was a copy of my OC Party Invite who i posted back in June (literally the same name even!). I promptly reported it, and it has now been taken down from Instagram thorugh a DMCA takedown, and I have reported it to and am posting this on there too to make others aware of this theft. They are attempting to hide behind the 'it's a coincidence' story, but clearly it is a copy (even down to the candy necklace!) and it's not the first time they've stolen from me. Due to all this history, it's quite clear! *And to address their time lapse, they can have another device showing my OC or on some programs there is a Reference Screen and that does not show up on a time lapse! Time lapse aren't that good as proof if it's a stolen character, for tracing it's actually creditable though (most times, you can still have the oc or art up on another device and copy it from looking at the other screen with your eyes; plus due to their history with stealing from me, it's pretty obvious)*,,,,, Their Accounts to be aware of: (Reminder: No not harass, witch hunt or interact with them! Just block and report! I do not condone harassment and if I find out you have I will block you!)
Beware on DA user! Scammer/Bot account making claims to want to reproduce a piece of my art for a client in DM's.
artist beware savitckaj88 is art tracer by kari5  she had only instagram