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Help promote artistoftomorrow. Just by registering (all you need is an email address) and voting for it here: www.dellsocialinnovationcompet… , you can help the organization get $50,000.

What the group's about, in the words of poshlost:
"Artist of Tomorrow is about fostering active artists who reach past their art to create tangible social change, because art is not just paint or clay or ink or words, it's an idea, and sometimes ideas are what ultimately change the world. As Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela proved, sometimes simply standing for something does far more than force because it gives others the opportunity to stand with you.

The tangible goal of Artist of Tomorrow is to create local communities of artists around the world that encourage individuals to express, create, and grow, but in time, we hope to build a global network of artists whose voice is powerful enough to inspire and break down barriers of ignorance, prejudice, and hate. We hope to harness the power of art to broaden people's perspectives. We hope to stop the dictators, terrorists, and mass murderers of the world...because fear is just an idea, but so is acceptance, and so is love. The artist of today is someone who is courageous enough to stand behind his or her beliefs, to express, to shout, if necessary. The artist of tomorrow lives in every single one of us, waiting to right all the world's wrongs with a word, with a thought, with a dream.

We're still looking for more people to join Artist of Tomorrow! Our goal is to help people express through art, foster and provide resources for artists, and form a collective voice to address pressing social issues. Send me [poshlost] a note if you are interested and we can discuss such matters."

Basic summary:
Artist of Tomorrow is about
a) creating local chapters close to you, so you develop close friendships that are built on this idea of listening to each other, no matter what;
b) providing resources to help you become stronger at expressing yourself through your art;
c) building a network of artists, a huge network, so no matter what you're passionate about, you have more connections and a group backing you to voice that passion and do something about it. Care about genocide, the environment, education, literacy, gender equality? There are numerous other people who care about it, too. And when there are enough of us, art will change the world.

At the moment, it's just a matter of recruitment, so, please, spread the word!

As far as the dA group is concerned, we are still looking for three deviants to select features for the categories of Digital Art, Poetry, and Prose; one for each category.
We are also looking for someone to come up with challenges and prompts, and someone else to organize group collaboration projects.
Anyone interested in these positions should message artistoftomorrow; those filling said positions will be rewarded with "free" stuff (as of yet undecided).
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woot, woot, finally... exact ideas and definitions.
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