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Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a hot minute, just wanted to say thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday recently and that I still have commissions open. Unfortunately not for points, I'm trying to reach a goal and I only need $15 - $25 more ;; It's for a cosplay item actually, something star wars related that can be seen over on my Instagram. If you are interested /please/ shoot me a note, I'll draw mostly anything and prices have changed slightly. If you cannot commission then please share this around maybe, it would be really appreciated since I was hoping to have this item ordered by yesterday but I'm just short on shipping costs.
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Hey man, I still freaking love your style, if you'd be down to do another fullbody for me I'd love to commission you again! I think we settled on 25$ last time? Can't remember
Either way I'd be interested in getting something of this guy:
[Ref] Saleem by Destille
Let me know what you think, an good luck on the cosplay ;P
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Hell yeah I'd be down! $25 is for shaded, shoot me a note so we can transfer some info!