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Smoking in Bed

By ArtistMeli
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This isn't really done, but I'm posting it anyway because I'm just so f-ing sick of working on it. I was trying to go for super-realism, but I just couldn't get it to look any more realistic than this. I don't know what else to do to it, I'm ready to throw my computer out the window in frustration. >_<

It's Zivanka, my character from the Promethean game I played earlier this year. If she were a real human, I'd have put a pink overlay on certain parts of the skin, but she's a Promethean, so I kept her with a somewhat gray tone. This is about 47 layers in Photoshop CS5.There was supposed to be a guy sitting on the bed on the left side, and you'd only see his back, but I got sick of working on this before I got to him.

Face detail:

I've been working on this since June. Progression:

Awesome stock photo: [link]
Plaster texture from
Used pretty much every brush from [link]
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Oooh that's dangerous, my grandma's neighbour died like that
That was a scary night, but a common thing for most trailer parks
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that good after sex smoke
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Pretty much. XD
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I love her cigarette hand (even though I hate the sticks themselves..) - it's gorgeous, really well drawn. Her eye, nose and mouth are beautifully proportioned.
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Thanks! I spent a lot of time learning hands when I first started to draw people... I find that if you can draw convincing hands, it makes the whole figure more convincing.
(not a fan of cigarettes, myself... I picked it to be my character's big flaw)
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I agree, totally. I try to do the same although my last piece was a little inferior in that respect.
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For a look at super realism I recommend a look at Les Edwards' works.

Also, smoking in bed is hazardous. :)
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Thanks, I'll have to check that out! I'm hoping my life drawing class this semester will also be a big help.

XD Indeed! I figured it worked for the character, who is a "created human;" basically a Frankenstein monster, and has only been alive a few months. She doesn't know any better!
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A smoking clone/android-thingy?

Poor girl must have had some rather irresponsible scientists in the lab to teach her that!
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She was my character in the Promethean game I played; from what I understand, the original Prometheans were created by alchemists hundreds of years ago, using dead humans (one or many, depending on which of 5 methods was used). The Prometheans are "born" with the desire to become human, but to become human they have to make another Promethean themselves, and because they're not always very skilled in alchemy, you get a lot of strange and screwed up progeny. ^_^; Also, sometimes the traits or habits of the source body live on in the Promethean, even if the Promethean doesn't realize that's where the trait comes from. Zivanka here inherited the ability to speak Russian, great skill with driving sports cars, and an addiction to nicotine.
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Aha! I have never played Promethean myself but this certainly sounds like it's got potential for all manner of interesting gameplay.
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