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Guide2drawing TLK lion bodies

A tutorial on their bodies as requested for by
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Need to get better.... Nnrrrgg!! XD And this will be soo helpful! :D
ienzo628's avatar
Do you have one for lion cubs?
ArtistMaz's avatar
I need to do a newer version of this but yes I could doodle one up for cubs too
Zenarraus's avatar
This is epic! :D
Imaginary-Shadow's avatar

Wonderful job~ ^.^
JediDawg's avatar
really helpful Thanks for this tutorial!
SporkRuler's avatar
Very helpful tutorial. Thank you. :heart:
ArtistMaz's avatar
Lmao I really ought to do a new one, this is like 3 years old and those drawings suck lol
SporkRuler's avatar
Really? I found it very useful. But if you wanted to make an update, that'd be pretty cool too. I haven't yet seen, but I'm sure that you are a great artist. =]
SporkRuler's avatar
Scratch that. You are an amazing artist. :heart:
Rieku's avatar
wow, this is very helpful indeed =]
ArtistMaz's avatar
lmao this needs scrapping and re-doing XD
Kitsunekraze900's avatar
ArtistMaz's avatar
lol i actually need to do newer and better ones XD
ebony-chan's avatar
Great stuff very helpful. =)
Disney-Dreamer's avatar
oh hey good thing you drew this! I've been having real trouble figureing out how to draw Disney lions
Queen-of-Randomness's avatar
Uberly helpful. You have been fav'd, yar. :ahoy:
ArtistMaz's avatar
ill hopefully be doing some better ones soon and ill be uploading them on [link]
Queen-of-Randomness's avatar
*gaspeth* I've got a gallery there! ... except I haven't been there in ages. :XD: Maybe I'll revamp my account and update it... eventually. :giggle:
Tintofevil's avatar
How helpful this is!
TheYaoiMilkshakeAven's avatar
wow you help a lot hunz
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