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1 deviant said ArtistleChallenge April 2021*✧・゚: Best viewed by clicking on the journal :・゚✧* Hello and welcome to @Artistle's April 2021 Challenge!The topic for this month's challenge is in keeping with the arrival of Spring..., Baby Animals Sounds adorably simple, right?There are, however, just a few things to keep in mind...RulesPlease share this journal in a post (status/journal) or tag 2 people you think might be interested in participating.You can draw baby animals that are from both reality and/or fantasy (i.e., dragons, unicorns etc.)Your work should be created specifically for this challenge, which means no work submitted before April 02, 2021.You can submit as many entries as you like.You can use any medium you like as long as all stock and resources are carefully credited in the artist's comments section of your entry.You must mention your deviation is for this challenge with a link to this journal in your artist's comments section.Submit your entry to the challenge folder and leave a link in the comments below.Dates to RememberSTARTS: April 02, 2021 PSTENDS: April 26, 2021 PSTPrizesOne winner, chosen via a group poll, will win: 500 and 500 Fragments from @communityrelations All participants will have their entries featured in the @Artistle's journalWe accept prize contributions! If you wish to offer a prize, please comment below If you have any queries/doubts, please don't hesitate to comment and ask.Cover image credit: @mondscheinsonate
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ArtistleChallenge April 2021*✧・゚: Best viewed by clicking on the journal :・゚✧* Hello and welcome to @Artistle's April 2021 Challenge!The topic for this month's challenge is in keeping with the arrival of Spring..., Baby Animals Sounds adorably simple, right?There are, however, just a few things to keep in mind...RulesPlease share this journal in a post (status/journal) or tag 2 people you think might be interested in participating.You can draw baby animals that are from both reality and/or fantasy (i.e., dragons, unicorns etc.)Your work should be created specifically for this challenge, which means no work submitted before April 02, 2021.You can submit as many entries as you like.You can use any medium you like as long as all stock and resources are carefully credited in the artist's comments section of your entry.You must mention your deviation is for this challenge with a link to this journal in your artist's comments section.Submit your entry to the challenge folder and leave a link in the comments below.Dates to RememberSTARTS: April 02, 2021 PSTENDS: April 26, 2021 PSTPrizesOne winner, chosen via a group poll, will win: 500 and 500 Fragments from @communityrelations All participants will have their entries featured in the @Artistle's journalWe accept prize contributions! If you wish to offer a prize, please comment below If you have any queries/doubts, please don't hesitate to comment and ask.Cover image credit: @mondscheinsonate
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Artists of Artistle, Vol. 3Hi everyone! Welcome to the third installment of Artists of @Artistle! Every month we celebrate the wonderful members and watchers of the @Artistle community by featuring a few artists and their amazing artwork. This month we are showcasing the art of @LoonaLucy, @Catlaxy, @NagiSpider and @TheSleepingFoxy - please join us in sending them some love!,✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @LoonaLucy ,✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @Catlaxy ,✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @NagiSpider ,✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧ @TheSleepingFoxy ,✧ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ☆ ⭒ ✧Hope you enjoyed this feature! I'm looking forward to sharing more art from our members and watchers next month! :)

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ArtHeart Vol. 12: Animal PhotographyHELLO EVERYONE!! Welcome to a new edition of my ArtHeart Feature!. This month's topic is: Animal Photography! Animal Photography is a branch of APN (Animals, Plants, Nature) Photography that involves portraying the magnificence, beauty, and diversity of wildlife on Earth, including domestic and zoo animals. Therefore, animal photography is divided into wildlife photography, zoo photography, and pet photography. Some animal photographers specialize in just one of these categories (even one type of animal, such as birds or aquatic life), or they are dedicated to photographing all animals to learn as much as possible about them.However, photographing animals is more complicated than it seems, it is not just about holding the camera and taking a photo. To be a good animal photographer, you must have the right photographic equipment and consider other very important factors before you start, depending on the type of animals you want to photograph. For example, to photograph wild animals in their natural habitat, you must be very observant, know the place around you, and sneak up on them to avoid them noticing your presence, so you will not scare them. Also, you must be very patient since animals do not always appear when you expect them.Helpful Resources on Animal Photography:Beginner's Guide to Animal PhotographyAPN Guide: What it takes to be a Zoo PhotographerA Brief History On Animal PhotographyYou can find more APN Photography articles and guides on the @AnimalsPlantsNature homepage. On this occasion, I had the pleasure of interviewing @Mouselemur (Marisa and Daniëlle), two sisters who are zoo photographers in the Netherlands, great lovers of animals and nature . They spend part of their free time visiting all kinds of zoos in the Netherlands (but also in other countries such as Germany and Belgium), post beautiful photographs that describe their adventures and provide detailed information on the species they exhibit. In this way, others can also learn about wildlife on the planet and be more sensitive about the importance of protecting animals, since some of the species they show are marked as endangered.In addition, they have been exceptional contributors to the community for years, highlighting emerging and talented artists through their features, or collaborating with groups such as @AnimalsofTheWorld, @AnimalsPlantsNature, @NaturesHaven, @TandemFeatures, among others.Below the interview, I'll also feature several amazing animal photographs of the community, including some of @Mouselemur's animal photographs! . @Mouselemur, Hobbyist Artist | PhotographyQ1: Hello @Mouselemur, can you tell us a little about yourself and your beginnings in the world of the arts?Hello and thank you for having us! We are two sisters from the Netherlands, Daniëlle and Marisa. Online, we are known together as basically one person: Mouselemur. You most often find yourself talking to me, Daniëlle – I do most of the administrative work, so to speak, by writing descriptions and replying to comments. Marisa handles the minor photo edits and placing the watermark, while enjoying staying a bit more in the background. When we photograph, we stand shoulder to shoulder of on opposite sides each with our own camera; our photos end up on the same hard drive, and are edited the same and in one go. When it comes to taking part or initiating things online, on DA or anywhere else, we discuss most things before taking action. We stepped into the online world of the arts almost 10 years ago – August of 2011. We’ve always been avid zoo visitors since we were young. At a certain point, when we could be trusted not to drop it I suppose, we started taking a camera with us. Snapping snippets and memories, really, of the zoos we visited and the animals we saw. We’d accumulated so many photos, taken in so many places, that went unseen. Just resting on a hard disk in our computer, gathering dust… Marisa went online and found this online art community where people actually share their zoo photography. That’s how we joined DeviantArt. We don’t work at a zoo or even with animals; I work as an application manager for a municipal partnership and Marisa works as an analyst at a bank.Q2: Art has many meanings, one deeper than the other, depending on the person. What is the meaning of art for you?Such a difficult question so soon in the interview! We talked about it, and actually feel the same way (you may think this happens a lot, and it does, but this was kind of surprising). We can’t say we ever really thought of art and what it means. If you asked either of us some 10 years ago, I thought of art mostly by bringing to mind a Bernini statue or a Rembrandt painting (Marisa perhaps not in so much detail, but still). Art was something defined by others, it didn’t have meaning really, aside from another person’s say-so. Art still isn’t something either of us consciously think about, but I must say, that when we do, it actually means a lot. Art can be a book, a set of written words that moves you and stay with you for a long time. It can (be a picture of) a beautifully crafted sculpture, miniature, jewelry or even a piece of clothing that to your brain is just so stunning it keeps playing inside of your head. It can be a drawing, or a painting or a photo that makes you feel so many emotions that you don’t want to ever unsee it.It can be a tiny black-and-grey tattoo or a full color sleeve that changes the way your skin looks forever, while allowing you to carry an important part of yourself with you in a visible place, without having to worry you'll lose it or forget about it. It can be an elaborate or tiny braid, a fantastic updo or a modest bun, wildly colored hair resembling a bird of paradise or a shy shade of baby pink - the artistry and expertise of handling hair always leaves us in awe.Q3: How and when did you start doing Animal Photography? What was your main motivation for it?Our parents kind of unconsciously raised us to love animals. We’ve always had a cat at home and when they’d take all three of us girls (we have an older sister as well) on a day out with the family, we’d most often visit a zoo. But we also have a number of relatives who used to run a farm, and we’d actually visit them more than any other family. We were allowed to spend time amongst the cows, sheep, horses, cats and dogs – we love domesticated animals as much as we love the exotic species we see in a zoo. Photographing animals came easily – spending time with a lot of animals, you get to know all the different faces and witness a lot a lot of special moments. Bringing a camera to document it all, made sense from a young age. It really is too bad all our relatives quit the farm before we really got into photography.Q4: Creating a work of art through any medium requires a lot of time, work, and effort. Animal Photography is no exception. What kind of camera gear do you own/use the most when shooting Animal photographs? What software do you use for post-processing and what sort of editing do you normally do?We are almost ashamed to admit we’ve gone through quite some cameras in the past few years… Of course, there are also two of us, so that kind of mitigates it as well. Officially, I have a Nikon B700 of my own that I’ve been using since 2018 I think, but I mostly use our Dad’s camera, a Sony RX10IV (a bridge camera) which he bought a few months later.Marisa has been using a Sony A7RIII (a mirrorless camera) since late October 2020, with two different lenses (Tamron 28-200mm and Sony 200-600mm). For editing, we use Photoshop Elements 11 – we only make some minor edits (lighting, shadows, contrasts, sometimes cropping), and add a watermark. Our style isn’t unique through our editing or composition, but we certainly hope that people recognize our awesome watermark (commissioned off fellow DA artist @whitefoxdesigns) at this point.Q5: I see you have a lot of pictures of different animals in your gallery. What particular animal do you love to photograph? What do you find most challenging about animal photography?Honestly, it often feels like our favorite animals to see and photograph change with every zoo visit! Lemurs are, naturally, one of our favorites to see and photograph. There are so many we’d still like to see one day, and the best part is even that most males and females look very different.The most challenging… Not going crazy when you see an adorable baby animal. We are no good at full-body photography, but with adults, we sometimes stop and think and take some time to re-frame. But when faced with a baby animal we only think about capturing the cuteness! We really should take a deep breath, pause, and go for the best possible photo instead… But that’s kind of become our style too. We have learned in the past few years to not trust solely on our first round of photos, and if we have time, we’ll circle back to animals and habitats we really care about and hope to photograph more if not better – hoping we’ll end up with intentional photos that are good and not only cute. When it comes down to selecting photos to share here, with you all, in the end we do mostly end up with the photos from the first batch, going for total cuteness over prettiness.Q6: Please choose your favorite animal photography from your gallery and tell us about it.Such a difficult question! Marisa has a personal favorite – a photo titled “Changes Everything When You’re Close To Me”. No surprise: A lemur.,The photo was incidentally made during a visit when Daniëlle couldn’t join me, but since I didn't want to miss too much time of the baby lemurs we'd been following all year at the zoo (and because the zoo closes during winter, meaning no chance to see them during that time at all), I went without her, but with our Mom.I have a real fondness of bamboo lemurs; they are so fluffy and so happy - they look even happier than a quokka to me - but we are not always lucky in seeing them, and seeing them well... So I was really excited to watch them enjoying the autumn weather that visit, as this group is notorious in loathing chilly weather. But even the baby was just sitting there, and posing so well, that I took more photos of this little one than of all the adult bamboo lemurs up to that point.I should add that some years ago, baby bamboo lemurs were born at a foreign zoo, and Daniëlle (who actually has an online presence) shared some of those photos with me. One of those photos is my screensaver on my phone, so I look at it every day, and I made it my secret goal to equal the cuteness of those photos, and I believe I came the closest with this one.Although I should admit, I am not compltetely satisfied yet. Just waiting on more babies!As for Daniëlle, I had to really think about it myself, and as I did, one came to mind – a photo titled “Limitless”. It’s not really the photo itself that’s my favorite, it’s the memory attached to it. ,Dholes are one of the animals that had a big role in our love of visiting zoos and zoo photography. We hadn’t seen the species in years, until they came to this zoo that’s relatively close to our home and which we visit very, very often. The adult dholes are still pretty young, and the males are full of energy. Energy they like to expel through a game of their own invention – running with and playing hide-and-seek from across the fence and glass with visitors. They love to stop and jump and bounce at the glass – and they jump really high! When the pups were born in 2018 – the first and only time so far that we’ve seen babies of this species – the two Dads passed their traits on to their kids. They taught them from the time they were old enough to walk with confidence, and even though the males and females now live in different zoos, the girls who remain still keep it up. This photo is of one of the pups, one of the girls who loves to boop against the glass. The gaze in her eyes is so expectant, so full of trust that I know what she wants and will give it to her. And whenever she’s in the mood, I will.Q7: Do you use tutorials, guides, references, and other resources to achieve better results in your Animal photographs? If so, which ones?We don’t really use them anymore, but we certainly did when we first started! The zoo photography community used to be quite big around the time we started, and there were some very cool tutorials and tips (@orangeroom’s journals helped us a lot). Otherwise, @projecteducate is a great resource, which we still love to (re)visit and learn something new from. Otherwise, it’s nature magazines we (or our Mom) find on the racks in the supermarket or online. Most things you find online do focus on animal photography in the wild and not in zoos, so it is unlikely to really find guides for zoo photography.Q8: Which artists inside and outside of DeviantArt have inspired you to do Animal photography?DeviantArt has (and had) a lot of amazing bird photographers, but @PaulaDarwinkel is one who inspires us the most currently. Her bird photography has such a warm tone, capturing amazing still moments that inspire us to photograph the birds we meet out in nature.In addition, since we joined DeviantArt, we have loved the work of our fellow Dutch photographer, @thrumyeye. She beautifully capture the Red Foxes, and the soft style is one that we both love – even if it’s not one that we strive to imitate. Though it’s her photography of Foxes, it’s actually the way @Alannah-Hawker manages to weave a sort of story and let you grow attached to the family of Foxes, that we really admire. They’re a big inspiration for nature photography! @woxys is perhaps our biggest example – she’s been around DA for so long, and while combines nature and zoo photography at this point, the way she follows her style and continues to grow is really amazing to see. Outside of DA we are mostly inspired by conservation photographers, like Suzi Eszterhas and Katherine Aigner.Q9: What do you like the most about the Animal photography community?Our mutual love for animals. We may have a different style, different gear, different way of looking at things but at the heart, we do love animals with the same fierceness.Q10: What advice would you give to those artists who want to dedicate themselves to Animal photography or are just starting out in this world?Know what you’re getting yourself into. Yes, you’re “only” photographing an animal – whether it’s your pet, an animal at a zoo, or an animal out in nature – but they each have a character, they have boundaries and they have loads of time. And as a photographer, you are responsible for putting them at ease, not disturbing them and not having too many expectations. Don’t think you know better than a zoo how close you should get to animals. Don’t cross the boundaries just to get a perfect shot. Think of the photo you want to take, and set up from where the angle works best and prepare to be patient and wait. Like in nature photography, you can sometimes end up waiting hours and still not seeing the animal you hoped to see. In zoos, you do have the chance to take a look around, spend your time with other animals, and circle back to try again. But also beware: zoos have a closing time, so you only have a certain time frame before you have to leave. If you want to see all the animals, that’s okay. You don’t need to turn a zoo visit into a stake-out at only three habitats. Visiting zoos does cost you money, so if you only have the one chance to go, I do recommend to make the most of it. It’s tempting to leave the assigned roads when you’re out in nature, and certainly, it’s not always forbidden, but do consider animals come in many shapes and sizes: snails and toads, salamanders and snakes, bunnies and birds and squirrels, deer and wild hogs and perhaps even foxes and badgers! There’s a reason there’s a path, you could step on a den site and endanger adult and young animals. Regarding your own pet, you know best what they like and dislike – don’t extend a photoshoot just because you want a certain shot. That’s the beauty of photographing your own pet: you’ve got the next day and the next (and the next and so on) to try again.Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for ArtHeart! Animal Photography FeatureGroups & Projects Artworks,I hope you enjoyed this little trip into the Animal Photography genre. If you like any of the artwork shown above, please go ahead and show the artists some love .And feel free to suggest any categories of art you'd like to read about in the future!Cover Image Days Like These And Days Like Those by @Mouselemur...
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SHOW YOUR COLORS VOL. 12: RELAXING HOBBIES, Greetings my dear friends and fellow artists! Welcome to the Volume 5 of my Show Your Colors feature!! Inspired in a feature of the same name that I made for the Curated Feature - Contest by @projecteducate, this new initiative consists of promoting colorful artworks that reflect positive themes such as love, friendship, hope, care, and protection of nature and our planet, fidelity and more. Monthly will be published a volume featuring a maximum of 10-20 artworks selected by me from any category (Traditional, Digital, Fan Art, Anime / Manga, Photography, Photomanipulation, and more) according to the theme selected for the occasion (or a mix of several themes) and some of these editions also will include a morality message related to the same. Popular and little-known artists can get more visibility of their art and learn about the topics discussed. That is to say, it is not only of exhibiting color as a carrier of expression, affectivity, symbolism, and multiple languages that the artist uses to express his inner feelings, emotions, and desires without words, using mainly his sensitivity, boldness, and all the resources that his environment offers to create. Beyond that, the true intention of this project is to raise awareness about those things that are vitally important for having a healthy and happy life without harmful vices or the typical social prejudices. We must learn to live in harmony with others and provide support to people who need it in a very difficult time. Without more to say, enjoy! TODAY'S THEME IS: RELAXING HOBBIES ,WHAT IS A HOBBY?According to Wikipedia.org, a hobby is a regular activity that is done to enjoy, usually during free time, not in a professional or paid way. Hobbies include collecting themed items and objects, participating in creative and artistic activities, playing sports, or seeking other diversions. Participation in hobbies encourages the acquisition of substantial skills and knowledge in that area. Hobbies tend to follow trends in society, for example collecting stamps was popular during the 19th and 20th centuries, since postal systems were the main means of communication, while video games are more popular today thanks to technological advances, which have allowed workers to have more free time to devote to their hobbies.People who practice one or more hobbies are known as Amateurs or Hobbyists. For example, in DA there are many artists who are professionally dedicated to one or more artistic branches, such as Traditional Art (Drawing and Painting in watercolors, oils, acrylics, etc.), Digital Art (Illustrations, Wallpapers), Handicrafts (Jewelry, Embroidery, Ceramics, Clothing, Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Personalized Toys, etc), Manga and Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Game Art, Literature (Stories, Poetry), Photography (APN, Abstract and Surreal, Architecture, Commercial, Conceptual, Macro, Street, etc) and much more, selling their pieces as prints, commissions or premium content at a good price to earn a living.,But there are also many non-professional, amateur and self-taught artists (beginners or intermediate level) like me who practice art only as a hobby, without any prior academic training (we have learned on our own with time, practice and seeking inspiration from other artists), to talk about our favorite topics, express what we feel and think, share life experiences, transmit positive and reflective messages to our viewers with the purpose of educating, meeting people with similar interests, making friends and growing as people. People have hobbies that match their tastes, interests, and what's hot today. Therefore, there are many different types of hobbies to choose from, such as: singing, dancing, playing music, acting, drawing, painting, cooking, collecting objects (art, stamps, coins, books, comics, toys, etc.), scale modeling, 3D printing, gardening, canoeing, climbing, hiking, fishing, caving, target shooting, wildlife viewing, water sports (swimming, surfing, skiing, water polo, diving, etc.) and snow (skiing alpine, freestyle skiing, figure skating, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc.), woodworking, volunteering, juggling, magic, reasoning games (puzzles, crosswords, word search, sudoku, riddles, etc), photomanipulation, creating videos for YouTube (videos about art, history, cooking, música, novelas, videojuegos y otros temas), reading books (physical, electronic), playing video games, writing a blog and much more.Wikipedia: List of Hobbies Unique list of types of hobbies - How to find a new hobby? Also, a person's hobby is not always related to their profession (people whose hobbies were not their vocation or profession), but what you are really passionate about can become your profession in the future, if you want and consider that you are ready for that. Many professional artists at DeviantArt started out as students and amateurs. You decide whether to turn your art into a profession and earn money through it, or to continue creating as a hobbyist to further improve your artistic skills. As long as it's something you love, no problem. BENEFITS OF HAVING A HOBBY,Some people believe that hobbies are non-productive activities, just for children and a waste of time, but this is not true. During the last decades, many researchers, scientists and psychologists have very extensive studies on hobbies and their effect on people's lives, showing that they are a fundamental part of the integral development of children and have very important benefits in our physical, mental and emotional wellness.For many people, hobbies are an opportunity to unwind, relax, distract themselves, and find a relief from the stress they experience during their daily activities (work, school, etc.); to forget about your problems for a while, or to combat depression and anxiety in a more effective way.,@wolfwoofa tells us through her illustration Artist Avatar (Team Hidden Strengths) (See above, as the heading and first artwork of this article) that her Team hidden strengths (made up of her dog Storm and his cat Eiko Tiger, rescued pets), cultures such as American Indian art, Aboriginal dream time art, game design art such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, among other things, inspire her to create art and help her cope with depression and improve her mood with good results. So, these are some of the most important benefits that hobbies have for children and adults:They help improve your physical, mental and emotional health: Hobbies not only allow us to take a break from everyday activities and our problems, they also help us more effectively manage and reduce the stress, anxiety and depression that come with them (as I mentioned before), improving your physical health and mood. Thus, hobbies such as gardening, painting, knitting, puzzles, yoga and others require a lot of concentration, which allows you to remove negative thoughts from your mind to have your full attention on them, relax and have fun.Hobbies such as exercising, sports (swimming, rowing, volleyball, tennis, cycling, basketball, soccer, etc.), yoga and any other physical activity allow us to stay in shape, preventing cardiovascular diseases: Among the benefits of practicing sports we find that they combat the excess weight, reduce blood pressure, help us control sugar levels on blood, strengthen our bones and joints, increase our strength and muscle mass, reduce stress (as well as anxiety and depression) and produce well-being. 10 Great Benefits of Playing SportStrengthen your skills and social relationships: There are many hobbies you can do in the company of other people, especially with your friends, such as getting together to watch a movie marathon on television, going for a walk, playing sports, playing video games, going to clubs reading, volunteering, etc. They give you the opportunity to improve your social skills, meet people who share similar interests to yours, make friends, strengthen relationships with your loved ones and have a good time with them.They offer new challenges and experiences: We usually like to do things that we are familiar with and this is good. But having a hobby also offers us the opportunity to learn something new, engage in new challenges, and step out of our comfort zone. It does not matter if you are not good at one activity at first, that is normal, but with practice you will gain skill and you may have found something else that you like.They allow you to cultivate discipline to have good behavior, follow rules and keep your daily life in order, preventing you from falling into bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs, etc.They help you develop creativity: Art activities are an excellent way to stimulate your imagination and increase your creativity, allowing you to produce original works. But what happens when you no longer have new ideas? Artists and writers can suffer from creative block from time to time, which can be really frustrating, but there are ways to combat it. Doing other activities such as reading a book, going to the movies, listening music, researching, going for a walk, observing nature, exercising yoga, meditating, and even looking at the work of other artists/writers can help you gain inspiration and continue creating art. They allow you to know your strengths and weaknesses, and how to take advantage of them to be successful in your life. That is, they help you discover those things in which you are good, but also where you tend to fail. Making mistakes from time to time is not bad, they help you improve your skills in the activities you do and grow as a person.MORE INFORMATION: 22 Benefits of Having a Hobby or Enjoying a Leisure Activity The Importance of Hobbies for Stress ReliefThe 10 Benefits of Hobbies10 Benefits Of Hobbies For Your Child THE MOST RELAXING HOBBIES,Now we will see what are some of the most relaxing hobbies, providing a brief description of each of them and their individual benefits:Drawing/Painting: It offers us thousands of possibilities to represent our favorite subjects in a very creative way, playing with shapes, colors, textures, the visual perspective of the elements of the image and more through the use of all kinds of tools, techniques. . and resources according to the chosen medium (traditional or digital). In addition, it is a good way to relax after having been in a stressful situation, express what we feel about it and better control our emotions. As you draw and paint, the tension gradually subsides, until you feel more relieved, calm, and with a better disposition to deal with your problems.Knitting: It is a technique that consists of manipulating the thread to create a textile or fabric that is used in many types of garments. Knitting may be done by hand or by machine. It is a very relaxing activity that helps us prevent and manage stress, anxiety and depression, strengthening our immune system; lowers blood pressure; It prevents illnesses; it causes the body to produce hormones like serotonin and dopamine that make you feel good, and it helps us to socialize and interact with other people because it is an activity that can be done with friends.,Cooking/Baking: Preparing your own food at home gives you the opportunity to control what you eat, learn about the most nutritious foods (in vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc.) and develop better eating habits, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cooking is also very relaxing because it relieves stress, decreases anxiety and depression, increases self-esteem and you can invite your family, friends and other loved ones to prepare a special meal together to bond with them more. Gardening: It consists of growing flowers, vegetables or fruit trees in open or closed spaces, either for aesthetic reasons, for taste or food. This is a safe way to get fresh and healthier food for your family, considering that most agricultural products are altered with chemicals. But, on top of that, outdoor gardening allows you to sunbathe, breathe fresh air, and relax with the beautiful sounds of nature (if you live somewhere secluded from the city and its hustle and bustle) while tending your garden.Yoga: It is a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices (asanas, breathing, meditation) of Hindu origin that are carried out with the aim of strengthening the body, mind and spirit, achieving a balance between them. The most important benefits of practicing Yoga include improving the strength, balance and flexibility of your body; relieve back pain, prevent heart disease, relax you to sleep better and all of the above.Reading and writing: Reading a book can be very entertaining if it is a subject that you are passionate about, such as adventure stories, action or fantasy (I love Harry Potter). It disconnects you from the real world for a while, delving into the world of the story each time you read more and entertaining yourself with the actions of the characters. It's one of the things that relaxes me the most, besides drawing and painting. But also very entertaining and satisfying to write your own stories, a Fan Fic or about what you feel if you are too shy to speak in public.Playing Music: Who Doesn't Love Music? Playing an instrument, writing songs, singing or simply listening to your favorite music is a great help to manage stress and obtain emotional well-being. Also, writing your own songs allows you to tell a story, express your feelings (you can dedicate it to a special person) or talk about anything else you like.Playing Video Games: Believe it or not, playing video games is also a very healthy hobby and it doesn't mean you're wasting your time. According to the Exploringyourmind site, video games help develop concentration, selective attention, visual and spatial perception skills, reasoning and analysis skills to make decisions, etc.Puzzles: putting together a puzzle (or doing crosswords, looking for words and differences, solving riddles, etc.) allows you to increase concentration, exercise memory, develop patience, solve everyday problems, think logically, and generally be in good health mental; keeping our brain active to prevent cognitive decline.MORE INFORMATION: 23 Calming Hobbies to Restore Your EnergyTop 10 Benefits of Yoga for EveryoneDifferent Types Of Yoga Asanas And Their BenefitsThe Psychological Benefits of Video Games7 Healthy Pastimes for Improved Well-Being------------------------------------------------- I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE ENJOYED THIS FANTASTIC ART EXHIBITION THAT I HAVE BROUGHT FOR EVERYONE TODAY AND THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED A LOT OF HOBBIES FOR RELAXATION. THANK YOU TO @lifethroughjournals AND @wolfwoofa FOR THEIR SUGGESTIONS. AND TO @lifethroughjournals FOR SUGGEST THIS THEME. The next issue of Show Your Colors will be published on May 15th and the theme is NEW BEGINNINGS/LOOKING FOWARD.I will be happy to receive your art suggestions! ----------------------------------------- Would you like that your art to be exhibited in the next issue? Do not hesitate and send me a note with the following: Three artworks maximum. They can be yours, of a friend or other artists who in your opinion deserve this recognition.Two lines as to why the submitted artworks should be displayed.A brief message of morality that you would like to share with the community and that will accompany your artworks (Optional).TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT... You must make your suggestions based on the selected topic and the moral message must also be in line with the same. Only colorful artworks. No Adult Content (18+), Pornography, Hentai, Gore, Violence, Hate, Fetishes and controversial political and religious opinions. All artworks must not be more than 2 years old, in order to access to the latest and give exposure to popular and little-known artists. Due to the limited number of works that will be exhibited in each issue, I will only choose one work per artist of your suggestions. Be sure to choose only the best works from your own gallery or from someone else. Sketches, WIPs and poor quality artworks will not be accepted. Each artwork will only be shown once to prevent it from being repeated in another issue and give opportunities to other artists. To know what works have already been featured in this space, I invite you to visit my Show Your Colors: Featured Art folder in my Favourites section. Previous editions Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 Vol. 5 Vol. 6 Vol. 7 Vol. 8 Vol. 9 Vol. 10 Vol. 11Cover Image Artist Avatar (Team Hidden Strengths) @wolfwoofa #hobbies #relaxation #artfeature #artistle #news...
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✷ HiddenSparks ✷
curated by AlexanderPaupoff

HiddenSparks March21There are many artists I come across through the groups I follow and through the time I spend browsing DA that I feel deserve so much more This feature series will be my way of sharing them and some of my favourite works from their gallery with you. This month's HiddenSparks are... @Xoue ,,,✧ ━━・ 。゚✩: *.✦ .* :✩. ━━ ✧ @ItalicMidget ,,,✧ ━━・ 。゚✩: *.✦ .* :✩. ━━ ✧ @Reyblackwolf ,,,✧ ━━・ 。゚✩: *.✦ .* :✩. ━━ ✧ @stefbazn ,,, Please feel free to show your support by the article, and visiting the featured artist's gallery. Furthermore, you can suggest their work for a DD [FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?] ---Previous editions---✷ Vol. I ✷ Vol. II ✷ Vol. III ✷ Vol. IV ✷ Vol. V ✷ Vol. VI ✷ Vol. VII ✷ Vol. VIII ✷ Vol. IX ✷ Vol. X ✷ Vol. XI ✷ Vol. XII ✷ Vol. XIII ✷ Vol. XIV ✷ Vol. XV ✷ Vol. XVI ✷ Vol. XVII ✷ Vol. XVIII ✷ Vol. XIX ✷ Vol. XX ✷ Vol. XXI ✷ Vol. XXII ✷ Vol. XXIII ✷ Vol. XXIV ✷ Vol. XXV ✷ Vol. XXVI ✷ Vol. XXVII ✷ Vol. XXVIII ✷ Vol. XXIX ✷ Vol. XXX ✷ Vol. XXXI ✷ Vol. XXXII ✷ Vol. XXXIII ✷ Vol. XXXIV ✷ Vol. XXXV ✷ Vol. XXXVI ✷ Vol. XXXVII ✷ Vol. XXXVIII ✷ Vol. XXXIX ✷ Vol. XL ✷ Vol. XLI  ✷ Vol. XLII ✷  Vol. XLIII ✷ May 20 ✷ June 20 ✷ July 20✷ August 20September 20October 20November 20December20#art #news #feature #journal #undiscovered #underappreciated #eclipse #hiddensparks #hidden #artistle #traditionalart #ink #anime #manga #digitalart #stefbazn #reblackwolf #xoue #ItalicMidget♡ Cover image credit: Canva
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