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Two children, who don't seem to be from the same family.

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Particularly I like the pretty spiral and fresh colours on the left side Michelle. Well done!
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Ahh you like the "prom queen" sib yeah it is pretty.
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o instant :+fav:! totaly beautiful!
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Thanks! This was a really "simple" one. Took a bit of tweaking. The gossamer sib at first didn't want to behave. then I had some problems isolating the other one. It was shy and kept hiding behind extemporaneous shapes. :)

Thanks for the :+fav:
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I realy like the contradicting affect with the soft round and the sharp spikes protruding from the spiral. Nice work and great colors.
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Contrasts and colours are well done! :D
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That's awesome, I often feel like that in my own family because I'm so different than my siblings.
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Thanks! I had a catfit trying to isolate the sib in the lower left. It's been so long since I've used clipping, but that was't the hard part. There were some partial circles that I couldn't mask you without taking out the centers of the ones that make up the figure. Had a heck of a time with that puzzle!
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Haha, I know your pain well. I think it was worth the effort in the end, though :)
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I thought it came out pretty well. I need to find my old frames though. This one came out OK, and I need to learn to make more. I would really like to make a "raised" frame like Silwenka made for the last contest. That is soooo neat!
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I believe that's a built-in frame that ultra fractal provides and I think it's located in the coloring algorhythms, but if you don't find it there, try the formulas. :)
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She had a hairy tweak to it...she told me how she did it. I didn't ask for the formula, didn't want to have her think I was trying to copy her. Plus doing it myself will make me learn it better. I had looked for the "frame" in UF...thought it was a formula. Probably why I didn't find it, I'll check the OCAs. It's been awhile since I made frames...and all those I did do are in the UF3 folder. Should really move those to UF4 folder. Drag n drop time!
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