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Dragons egg 630

Thank heavens someone came up with a script for this. My hand made ones kept hatching...little dragonets were flying all over the house. Finally lured them out with a bag of marshmallows. Had a heck of a time explaining all the burned goo in my front yard to the fire department guys. They didn't want to believe me for some reason.
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Neat colors. I like the roundness, and how everything inside it goes along with the outer rounded shape. :)
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This was a total "cheat". I used the script and then just left it without tweaking further. I wanted to put a gold fish in it (my strange sense of humor), but thought the "purists" would have fits! :faint:

Thanks for adding it to your :+fav:s gallery! :hug:
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:lol: That would've been cute.

Hey, sometimes you get lucky with a straight up random-out-of-script result. Happens pretty rarely though. I usually have to weak 'em after the script's run. :shrug:
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Yup! Thought it made the perfect goldfish bowl! :lol:

Sometimes when I run a script it messes things up so badly I panic! I should try tweaking them, maybe I could "save" things!
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That's what I do. I ended up dealing with some purists a few years back who had believed in the notion that either you built your fractals from scratch, or you at least altered the end-random-result of your script so it didn't look so recognizable. The reason was that lazy people's fractals usually all looked like very obvious random-batch renders, or people who just clicked script and didn't tweak afterwards had very obvious-looking fractals.


Personally I think some scripts can give you some nice results, but while I'm not into trying to build from scratch unless I'm fiddling with just one or two cool variations, the Variations list in the Triangles editor, and a final transform. I'll take a script result and just tweak it around till it looks like what I want.

Tweaking is fun--sometimes you can get some very strange imagery that you'll discover you just have to render. :D
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Apophysis artists in the beginning stages have a tendency to load up a bunch of random batch images. I think it is a trap we all fall into who have used Mark's delightful program. Years ago I learned of the program (would you believe I still have the original program on my comp?) and scouted around for a tutorial. Not to name names, the person who wrote the basic tutorial was so inept at writing a tut, that I learned nothing and came away with a really baaaaad feeling about this person. Felt she was really stuck on herself. A few months later I joined dA and wouldn't you know it but shortly after I joined the Apo Club I read the "button pushing" journal written by guess who! Being a real newbie I refused to touch the program for a long time. Posted some old stuff just to get my gallery going but only "played" with the program on my own time. I felt about 6 cm high! I ran batches of 10 at a time and only chose the most interesting of the results, and ran them through the little "9 window" thing. But I was too "ashamed" of my button pushing tactics to upload any of the results! (and I have some pretty things sitting on my comp :D) Much as there are folks who spend hours tweaking, I spend as many hours looking for just the "right" one.

The joy of Apophysis is its randomness! Out of 15 batches there might only be 1 flame that touches me, and that flame is shape weight and gradient. I would hate that Apo Lovers might lose that "feeling" and substitute "control" in its place!

But could I copyright that image???? Hell yes! I spent a lot of time and effort to find it.

END of RANT :lamo:

As far as scripts go...(now that I know the How) I tweak first and run the script on the tweak. It might be backwards, but the results are cool! Well not always, sometimes I make a mess. :D But I can start over and run the script again to see if it will "fix" things.
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Whatever works best for you. Usually I look for a random-batch result flame that has "Good bones" or a look that interests me. Then I'll start playing with it. Other times I'll take an utterly crap one and see if maybe there's something there--sometimes interesting results come out when I tweak.

Nothing wrong with trying something new--the control can be as tight or loose as you like.

Personally my form of control tends towards pushing triangles around till something looks good. I usually don't have a full idea in my head, but at least a sense of where I want to go each time the fractal changes, until I hit on something more and more solid. It's probably like sculptors say about the image being trapped in the wood--you chip away and chip away until it's just there, suddenly.
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Sounds like we are in agreement when all is said and done. There are so many ways to use this program. I get the feeling that even Mark is amazed at the new levels his program has reached!

"Control" is long as it isn't made into some kind of RULE. AS in...You HAVE to tweak to make art for our gallery. I think that this attitude has gone the way of the Mastodon, thank all the gods! Neophytes don't need to hear that! While it is true that a lot of crap is posted...some few really can become great FlameMakers with a little instruction. Hence my rant! BTW has anyone taken the time to write a step by step tutorial on the new Apophysis? I have several questions to ask on the "List" and this is one of them. Well maybe I should contact one of the Admins at Apophysis on that one.

In replay to your IMHO my control tends....
I'm totally clueless when if comes to deciding what the final image is going to be. I really admire people who know the program well enough to be able to decide what transform, gradient, weight, triangle movement will create a "look"/effect/image. I can't even imagine how you do this. :?
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