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Visual Lit Final - Suberting Beauty: Aged by artisticTaurean Visual Lit Final - Suberting Beauty: Aged by artisticTaurean
This is one of the image manips I did for my Visual Literacy final. We had the choice of writing a 6-8 page paper or making a visual argument that was the equivalent of 6-8 pages. I chose to make a magazine of sorts aimed at taking what the media portrays as ideal and challenging it. I chose to focus on six different types of beauty: Cultural, body-positive, older, androgynous, unique, and natural. I took ads out of the May 2014 Cosmopolitan magazine, scanned them in, and got to work in Photoshop. :D (Big Grin)

Why can't older women be beautiful?!

Yeah, so, not sure how successful I was with this one. I tried to age the model: I had to take bits from older women (the forehead wrinkles, the eyes) to make it somewhat convincing, and I took the model's irises and put them into the altered eyes. This alteration was prompted by the text used in the original ad: "I want my skin to look good, not good for my age." Of course, I had to change that.

Original ads are of course NOT mine and were only altered for educational purposes!
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May 11, 2014
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