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The Girls - 05. Ko by artisticTaurean The Girls - 05. Ko by artisticTaurean
Part five of five, Ko, and her original. I imagined her as the shy type.
Solmedes Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2008
Awww. Now she is a cutie, this one. ^.^ She looks like she's a real sweetheart. Surprisingly, I...don't have as much to say about this drawing as the others, even though I like it all the same. But I will say that she's oddly fascinating. This is someone I would like talking to, I think.

Now, annoying comment spam over. :XD: Sorry about the fave-and-collection spams I've been throwing your way too. :blush: Organizing favorites and such; finally figured out how I wanna do it. So hopefully there'll be no more of that.

And hopefully, we will see these girls again in your gallery, in the future. ^.^ They all look really fabulous, even darling if I may be permitted to say that. It's amazing how you took those simple designs and made them come alive in character form, hell, even assigned personalities to them. That's wonderful. It's a sure sign of a writer, and if you'll permit me just a bit more gushing, I feel like I was really treated to something. It's amazing. ^.^

Umm...I don't want to sound patronizing, and neither do I want to sound like an arse-kisser, though I may have traversed that last one front to back already. :XD: But, if I can say so? Thank you. :) For drawing these and uploading them, for a variety of different reasons: largely because we were treated to the pretty Sparkster-chan art, and the pretty characters, but also because hey, we were treated to more Sparkster-chan art! ^.^ Glad to see you submit again, if I can say that. It's sincerely meant.

And, yeah. That was really cool to see. When you gave these characters personalities and reflected them in the drawings...I know that may sound like standard business, but when you also expounded on them in the descriptions, it was easy to sense a fondness for them. And, I don't know. I just really like that. :) It could even just be my mood at the moment, y'know, but I think it really touched me. If that's the right thing to say; I hope I'm not abusing the phrase...

Okay, okay, enough gushing. I'm done. :XD: Thanks.
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October 29, 2008
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