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Sanders Sides - Virgil with wings by artisticTaurean Sanders Sides - Virgil with wings by artisticTaurean
I needed something to draw. randomslasher on Tumblr gave me Virgil with wings. Here you go. ^_^    
This is amazing! I love it so much!
I have a story that I am writing where Virgil has wings, and I was wondering if could use your artwork?  I may not even publish it, I haven't yet decided, but if I do, would you allow me to use your artwork for his wings?  Don't worry, I will credit you if I you let me use it.
artisticTaurean Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Sorry I'm just seeing this comment, I haven't been on dA too much lately! ^^;; I'm okay with it as long as you credit :) Thank you so much for asking, I really appreciate that! If you do write the story, could you let me know when you finish it so I can see? <3
EmeraldChild2244 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018
That’s alright.  I understand forgetting about websites and not going on them for a while.
Thank you :) I don’t like it when people use someone else’s artwork that they put so much time and work into without crediting them or asking if they can use it first. I find it highly disrespectful to the person who originally published/drew it do I always ask beforehand. 
If I do publish the story, I’ll send you a link to it so you can read it :) Thank you for your interest.  It gives me motivation to continue writing it <3
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