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RKA - Mifune Sanjulo and Shigeru by artisticTaurean RKA - Mifune Sanjulo and Shigeru by artisticTaurean
Okay. This is my first-ever attempt at trying to figure out what I think Mifune Sanjulo looks like. No armor because I'm a wimp, also because we've kind of never seen him before, soooo... I'll figure that out later. ^^; (For the record, I was playing with the idea that Sparkster's armor is actually passed down to him from Mifune, but I dunno if I'll keep that.) This is actually him younger than I picture him at the start of the first game--by that point I figure his hair's gone totally gray. This would be before Sparkster and Axle are even around, or like, right after they're born, probably, and Mifune is maybe in his late forties or early fifties. (The thing about revisiting characters in drawings after years is that you start tweaking or flat-out changing EVERYTHING, including timelines. XD; ) That guy next to him is his friend Shigeru! (Fan character, of course.) These two grew up together along with Shigeru's older brother Eiji, who I didn't draw, ehehe. I might draw the brothers together at some point. Shigeru I've only drawn once, and not well enough that I wanted to go through inking/coloring him, so this is a first drawing of him in my gallery. He's also a Rocket Knight, although he gets grounded after the incident with his eye.
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January 9, 2017
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