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Kanoni - concept pic by artisticTaurean Kanoni - concept pic by artisticTaurean
I had absolutely NO idea where to put this, so... yeah. I think it's okay. It is technically fan art...

So I have a friend, TRiPPY, who, along with DiGi, has started an awesome comic called Engelbaum. You should all check it out. Main page is here.

Anyway, Kanoni is a fan gen, a character that's existed solely in the form of an idea and never had a physical form until now. And even now, I'm not sure if this'll be her final design. Well, I doubt it will. This is a first drawing, just me trying things out until I finalize her. Of course, once more of the story is revealed, I can tweak her or alter her entirely.

The wings were going to originally be actually attached to her head, but I drew them as a headband instead. She always wears it. ALWAYS. If she doesn't have it on, something's wrong. (She was/is also going to have a bird's tail to go with the wing headband, but I just could not get it to come out right. Need to work on it!)

Sketch looks better, but anyway. XD;

She's wearing all blue because it's hands-down my favorite color, but I may give her more color because it's a little boring this way. XD

Her name means "little bird".

Kanoni © me. Engelbaum © the creators over at :iconimagni:
Ideya-Freak Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009   Traditional Artist
Good to see concept pics of her! She looks like a happy little thing!^^ I like the wing head band :3
artisticTaurean Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
She is happy! :D Her hair was the most fun, hee. Thank you!
Ideya-Freak Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009   Traditional Artist
You're welcome^^
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