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Honors Thesis - Website Home Page by artisticTaurean Honors Thesis - Website Home Page by artisticTaurean
Honors Thesis work!

For my thesis, I made marketing materials for the Integrated Media Arts [IMA] program at my school, Juniata College. IMA is an interdisciplinary program that lets students combine classes from the Art, Communication, Information Technology/Computer Science, and English departments in ways that allow them to gain the skills necessary in today's world. It's still a new program (used to be Digital Media until they revamped it), and this was done to raise awareness of it.

Last up: A screenshot of the website I made last semester for IMA. You can see the site here: Integrated Media Arts at Juniata College

As I said, I did this in the fall semester, during my Web Design class. Our final project was a website, and since I was working on the thesis, I decided to tie the two together instead of having to create ANOTHER site. The large image is an image map: Each piece of the image links to the page listed. I knew I wanted a large, colorful image on the front page. There were some other things I wanted too, like the ability to quickly get back to the top of the page on the Courses page rather than have to scroll for days. I was able to do most of what I wanted, but I intended for ALL of the department pages to have some kind of interactive or video element to them and didn't get a chance to get that done. The IT page will eventually have a time lapse video of our 3D printer at work. :) I changed the logo a bit to have the "Integrated Media Arts" part off to the side to use up some of the middle's blank space.

For my first real attempt at web design, I like it.

(Also, quick note: The template disclaimer at the bottom is something I had to keep in during class: If we used a template, the professor wanted to know. I just never took it out. I told the guy I gave the files to that it can be removed, because I basically never used it in the way I originally intended and ended up editing it so much. The disclaimer's since been removed.)
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May 11, 2014
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