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Honors Thesis - Integrated Media Arts Logo by artisticTaurean Honors Thesis - Integrated Media Arts Logo by artisticTaurean
Honors Thesis work!

For my thesis, I made marketing materials for the Integrated Media Arts [IMA] program at my school, Juniata College. IMA is an interdisciplinary program that lets students combine classes from the Art, Communication, Information Technology/Computer Science, and English departments in ways that allow them to gain the skills necessary in today's world. It's still a new program (used to be Digital Media until they revamped it), and this was done to raise awareness of it.

First up: the logo. This is the final version--it was something else entirely for months before it hit this point in mid-March. I'll probably post the evolution of the logo, too. Anyway, the four colors represent each of the departments that collaborates in the IMA Program of Emphasis (Juniata's version of a major), and I ultimately went with an arch shape because arches are a major thing on campus: They're on the architecture, the new art building will have one that students will walk through, the oldest building on campus has one, and the online student info hub is actually called the Arch.

I really like this logo, more so than the previous version.
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May 11, 2014
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