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Honors Thesis - IMA Poster by artisticTaurean Honors Thesis - IMA Poster by artisticTaurean
Honors Thesis work!

For my thesis, I made marketing materials for the Integrated Media Arts [IMA] program at my school, Juniata College. IMA is an interdisciplinary program that lets students combine classes from the Art, Communication, Information Technology/Computer Science, and English departments in ways that allow them to gain the skills necessary in today's world. It's still a new program (used to be Digital Media until they revamped it), and this was done to raise awareness of it.

Next pic: Poster! This was the last thing I actually made. I had other plans for the design that I didn't have time to implement: We came up with the tagline "I am IMA", and my original idea was to take photos of current IMA students in their element (for example, one of my friends, an animator, at his work computer, or the student manager in the Digital Media Studio), get some good quotes from them about what drew them to IMA and what they love about it/what they want to do with it, and have their photo, the quote, and the tagline as the poster. I could have easily done at least four of them. The idea never ended up happening, but I did make my intentions known to the department and it would be great if they'd try it out!

The wheel in the center came first. There was a background pattern that I ended up hating, and for the longest time I didn't know how to fill the white space. I finally decided to pull relevant photos from the media archives and arrange them. The photos were originally in color, but we decided that grayscale looked better with the bright colors in the foreground.

Also, disclaimer: I had my reservations about this design until I saw it printed. Print changed EVERYTHING. It no longer looked like something I slapped together and looked like a professional work. I actually had them print me a personal copy to take home with me. XD;

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May 11, 2014
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