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Honors Thesis - IMA Petal Card by artisticTaurean Honors Thesis - IMA Petal Card by artisticTaurean
Honors Thesis work!

For my thesis, I made marketing materials for the Integrated Media Arts [IMA] program at my school, Juniata College. IMA is an interdisciplinary program that lets students combine classes from the Art, Communication, Information Technology/Computer Science, and English departments in ways that allow them to gain the skills necessary in today's world. It's still a new program (used to be Digital Media until they revamped it), and this was done to raise awareness of it.

Next up: The "Gizmo", as my advisor calls it. XD It's based off of a petal card/envelope template. It replaces the original idea I had for making a brochure/pamphlet thing. I HAD been working on a tri-fold pamphlet, but the inside of it kind of became its own monster and I shied away from using it as something for students. The four flaps fold down and overlap with each other, making a square shape. These would ideally be placed on a table in the Admissions Office or on a table with a college representative at a college fair.

We went back and forth on the colors SO many times. I started off with these colors, then we decided we should put Juniata's colors (the dark blue and gold in Juniata's logo) in and they replaced the bright yellow and dark blue colors, and then we switched it back right at the end of the project. My only concern is that the yellow might be too bright for the white text, which I did tell my advisor, but I also gave them the layered PSD so they can adjust the color as they see fit.

The school really loved this and they're currently pricing how much it would take to make. :D
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May 11, 2014
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