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Happy 17th Kari by artisticTaurean Happy 17th Kari by artisticTaurean
Birthday pic for Kari~! :D

I worked hard on this. I finished the sketch last night (after whining about an artist's block I suddenly had), started inking it, fell asleep, came to work with my laptop, finished inking, did the flat coloring, went back over the inked lines to smooth them out, added the shading and highlights, had to go back to inking and add Isilme's left ear (XD;;;;), snagged one of the sample pictures Windows XP comes with, and messed with that a bit before I was done. Nothing was harder than finding the Elvish words for the text, though. XD; I couldn't get the exact translation of what I wanted:

Isilme (the pale one, by the way): "The moon is beautiful..."

Aiko: "It's okay... but I have my own special moonlight right here."

A few words had to be dropped or changed for something else, but overall, it's there. And I think I got the Elvish right. I hope I did, because that would be a great way to finish off a gift. XD;

I'm really happy with this. The last time I drew these lovely Elves (early last year, I think), there were a few things I got wrong. I messed up on Isilme's eye colors—forgot to burn the right one (was it burned back then?)—and both of them looked horrible. I owed her a better pic of them. XD Aiko wasn't nearly as hard to draw this time! I actually had more trouble with Isilme... I'm not sure if I got his hair right, but I got the overall shape of it.

And say nothing of Aiko's hands! They're small, I know! ^^;

Anyway, I hope you like it Kari! And happy happy birthday! :hug: :heart:

Aiko and Isilme © Gracie R.
Art © CJ Briggs 2004.
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artisticTaurean Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad you like it XDDD I was so excited once I was done with it--I just wanted to SHOW it. That never really happens, hehe. It came out really well.

And now I can go offline happy. :giggle:
yami-caffeine Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
:omg: .... OMG!! :faint:
LIKE HOLY CRAP OMFG WOW HOLY GODS CJ LOVE!!! *glomps yeh* This is absolutely WUNNERFUL!! It's like, eee!! EEEE!! *flailing* Okay, uhm okay ... what to comment on first .... o____o *calms herself down*

*ahem* Okay, alright - first! The Elvish is LOVELY!! ((And I mean both the actual Elvish and the translation X3 sooo romantic!! And that's so something Aiko'd say, too o.o)) Their expressions are just ADORABLE! Totally love 'em ^^- And yes, Isilme's hair looks fine - great, even!! XD; Isilme was harder to draw this time? If it's not one, it's the other ... I ALWAYS have that trouble ^^;

Aiko's hands look just fine, and the shading's great, and the blushies, and the hair and EVERYTHING! *loves* Thank you SO much, CJ!

razorwirepuppet Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2004
:heart: OMFG! Kari will luuuuurve this!~ You drew them big and bad!(very, very well) The style of coloring, lineart and facial structure is just positively orgasmic. XD He's pale enough to be a moon, and the little piece of hair going up makes me think of Alfalfa from the little rascals, but I think of it in a way that it rose when Isilme heard Aiko's reply X3

Lovely coupling.
artisticTaurean Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! XD I worked SO hard on the lineart. It wasn't really smooth the first time I finished it, so I spent... I think the next two hours going over lines at 300% zoom and smoothing out the rough edges.

Wah, I want her to get online, I want her to see! *flail*
razorwirepuppet Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2004
Yesh, it shows!:heart:~ And yeah, I never spent THAT much time on a drawing XD But that's because I have a mouse to draw with and most of my time with my realistic drawings is spent listening to music XD I'm lazy, that's why! BAMF!
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July 2, 2004
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