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Digital Art - Collaged House by artisticTaurean Digital Art - Collaged House by artisticTaurean
NO idea if this is the right place to put this, but eh.

So anyway, we had to do a collage in Digital Art by taking a bunch of pictures of an object from three different angles: left, right, and head-on, and putting them together in some way. I was walking back to campus with friends and saw a cool house, and decided to take pictures of that.

What I DIDN'T know (because I missed a day of class) was that we were probably supposed to have a picture of the object itself and then add the angled shots in on top to give the image jagged edges. Not sure I explained that right. Either way, I didn't have an image of the house like that, as I just went straight into photographing it from top to bottom from the three angles. I decided to put a bunch of photos together from each angle and construct a monster house.

Here's the result: A ginormous, crazy-looking home with three walkways/sets of stairs, and a corner that isn't actually there. XD I really like this. Some things could (and probably will) be fixed, like the bit at the upper left in respect to the part below it. This was done without erasing any parts of photos, as I'm not sure erasing is in the rules or not. Each part is the actual photo with no cropping... just LOTS of overlapping.
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February 8, 2012
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