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Black Knight - Gabriel by artisticTaurean Black Knight - Gabriel by artisticTaurean
Finally got around to posting this. Certainly not the best it could be, but way better than my first drawing of him a few years ago... I'm aware the sword looks like crap. ._.

It's not visible (briefly thought about drawing him from behind, too), but his hair (another character with a braid... I think I like drawing them, despite their being annoying) is tied off at the end with a green ribbon that used to be his sister's. But anyway... this is Gabriel, pretty much my only Black Knight character, I believe... and he's not even suited to be one, really. I'm messing around with his background the way I should have ages ago. I'M not even sure he's really a Black Knight. ^_~

Oh, and I changed the way I CGed his eyes... the thing that has really stood out on Gabe through the years is the color of his eyes, the way the brightness contrasts with his hair, and the way his hair makes HIM seem so pale. I tried coloring them with the normal black parts and only leaving the irises green, but it didn't have the right effect... so all of his eyes are green, just fading from a dark shade to a light one.

I got the pose from one of the HTDM books... it suited him. ^^;

Gabriel is mine, and Black Knights are from Rocket Knight Adventures, which belongs to Konami.
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cheetacat Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
He's pretty cool. ^^; I love his eyes. They're very soft-looking.
yami-caffeine Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
Aww ^^ He's so sweet looking - I love his expression, and nice shading on the hair =3
shaloneSK Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
cute!!!, I like how the name glowz XD nicley done :clap:z
rimfire Featured By Owner May 15, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woooww great
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May 15, 2004
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