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A day at the beach by artisticTaurean A day at the beach by artisticTaurean

It occurred to me that I hadn’t drawn these two being all lovey-dovey with each other in a while. XD I was kind of feeling my way through this drawing as it was happening and had to adjust when things weren’t working out: Reilly was originally supposed to be holding the hand ‘Kenzie has up, but I couldn’t get it right for my life. Then I tried to make it look like she was holding Reilly’s arm, but I kinda like the way ‘Kenzie’s hand came out, so I didn’t want to hide it behind a sleeve. First time drawing her hair down, too, it’s always in a high ponytail.

Also Reilly’s sitting on a railing because I used a reference (by Kibbitzer!) for their head positions and was really happy at first but then was like WAIT THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS ONLY LIKE FOUR INCHES. I was so wrapped up in the reference that it didn't occur to me, and sometimes I forget when I'm drawing because of Ronyo and Iri's height difference. XD;;; So I had to give Reilly a little extra height, hehe.
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November 25, 2017
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