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Holy balls guys, 2,000 subscribers on my youtube, this is amazing.  Im currently in the process of making a sub special video which needs to be finished pretty much like now.

Heres where you can find my music…


Im going to be making music.
Ill be uploading some pictures of my adventures from EverfreeNW.  I've been sorting through the 300+ pics and getting the good ones, only the best for you guys.  Anyways, School is like super busy so I wont have much time to internet, sad day.  But The weekends do look promising so yeah. I gotta do math now. :|
  • Watching: Burn Notice
  • Eating: Burgers
  • Drinking: Milkshakes
Well I'm all packed up and ready to go (almost) ill be there from the 15-20th of aug so if your there be sure to say hi!
Come on in and enjoy the party!

currently doing artsy stuff then probably doing music stuff…

Idk when ill end.
If you don't know about it, you should check it out and give it a try. If you do know about it then Ive got some news, Im working with the person who does the animated versions of moonstuck, I can't tell you a lot, but its going to be amazing.

Stay tuned...
Fri@4pm-5pm Pacific: Music time Already Happened
Sat@7-8pm Pacific: Electronics teardown time
Sun@7-9pm Pacific: Extreme electronics modifications and Laz0r time.

Here is the link to my livestream…
So yeah, people tell me that I need to make a schedule for livestreams, and there probably right. SO.  Heres a tentative schedule

Mon-Thu: No livestreams

Fri@4pm-5pm Pacific: Music time
Sat@7-8pm Pacific: Electronics teardown time
Sun@7-9pm Pacific: Extreme electronics modifications and Laz0r time.

So there it is, hopefully this helps, bare in mind if I am making music on like sat or something then don't freak out, I still have a song to make ya know :) But ill probably make music at other times as well so its all good.

Here is the link to my livestream…
Starting earlier this time for the east coast people.

Mostly nerf gun stuff, maybe some electronics tear-downs as well. So if your into that type of stuff definitely check it out.… < link…


Going to be modifying nerf guns and stuff @ 7pm Pacific time

Also Music so yeah.

(pre show is happening right now but its just random stuff)
Did you miss me?  What's that, you want hugs? Of course!! :iconhuggleplz:

What was making me so busy?  Well having two classes plus a major epic VBS (with lots of concerts) thing I had to do (I was in charge of running the 30k HD Camera) so I was pretty booked.

However next week is still a bit busy I still have that pro tools class that Im taking.

Also another thing happened that was really exiting!!  I ran into one of my professors that is head of the performing arts at my college, we got to talking and then he said.

"Hey were going to be tracking (recording) an album that pays homage to some of the great film scores throughout history, were bringing in a full orchestra in Studio A, would you like to help out?"

My obvious answer was an ecstatic yes! So ill be helping out with the scoring sessions.  Its great because I already love orchestral music so now I get to see how it works and how you record it.

Its super pro, Studio A is a world class studio just outside of Burbank and Los Angeles. Built in the early 90's, it cost 30mil to build it (excluding gear and a console/desk)  So its a pretty big deal!

IM EXITED!!!!  :excited:

So now onto the news
Livestream tomorrow at the same time (7pm pacific 6:30 pre show)

In case you haven't known I'm going to everfreeNW so ill see you there if your going! (we can eat bacon together!).

Im going to be busy taking two summer school classes.  but don't worry one is for learning about pro tools!!  Im so exited!…

^ 7pm Pacific
Livesream 7pm pacific tomorrow.
Fill this out, fluttershy says so :iconfluttershyplz:  Its only 5 questions so it wont take long at all.

Ill post the results in a weeks time.…

Then when your done with it you can play this tech demo by Unreal Engine if you want to.
Be sure to tune in!!

Saturday7pm Pacific…;< it be hapinin'  (for at least 1hour)
Well it was fun again.  You guys really should join my livestreams,  theres tons of fun stuff going on.

Anyways, Im off to bed.

Livestream in 1 hour!! Be there, or you get no cookies!

Click here…
So the livestream is confirmed for sat at 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern time.  Im going to be working on some music for an album to help pay for Everfree. (hotels are like $325 for 4 nights, I reserved one but you don't pay until you get there.)

And Im putting out a new song tonight hopefully as well.

Its nice to finally get back into making music.  

Just to clear things up, theres two types of livestreams I do

1. Super educational and fun tutorial: This involves lots of fun learning stuff and is meant to help others get better at music composition and how certain DAW's work
2. Watch me make music and do other interesting things:   This is more passive than the first,  I just make music and let you guys watch me and perhaps ask a few questions

So those are the two types that I do.  The one on sat will be #2 on the list.

I also cleaned up my studio so I can work better.  Next I have to tackle the bedroom D: