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Coverart for Donny Domino's single. Hear it here [link]
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does it mean that there is one door and that life is what you make um...that the life you know is only that way because you have made it such. or does it mean that there are two doors and that you can go through one of them?
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One door is the life as you know it-you have grown accustomed to it. The other door is life as you make it-it's a chance to reset, renew your current life for a possible, profitable future.

If he were to explain it, i'm sure it would be deeper :)
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This is lovely in an otherworldly way. :) I thought the doors were eggplants (excuse me), but the concept is so lovely, and I love the purple.
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HAHA now that I look at it, they do favor eggplants :)

Thank you though, yes his concept was really cool and I had fun bringing it to life, if you get a chance you should listen to the song too :)