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Self Portrait

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This is another older piece, my first (and right now, only)
self portrait. I'm not sure why I took the picture this way,
but I like it ^^;

I did this in Art II at my school, so part of the assignment
was to used an odd color for the skin, which is why I look like the wicked witch of the west XD

You might notice a slight glare on the upper right hand corner, because
the piece was framed when I took the picture. And if you're wondering what that dot is on the left
side of my lip, it's a monroe piercing:]

13X19 in prisma color pencil
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Soooo beautiful
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Thanks!! :]

Much appreciated
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anytime dear
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Wow...had i not read the comments above, would have thought it was a photo :wow:

Very talented !
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Thank you so much!!

The feedback means a lot:]
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your shading technique is amazing.

im jealous
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:D thanks so much!!

I burnished a lot in this piece.
buy yourself a clear wax pencil and
I'm sure you'd get the exact same shading
technique down :]
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I thought this was a photo :meow: Awesome pic! Plus I know you get this a lot, but I still wanna tell you: you're gorgeous :)
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Awww! Thanks so much!! :hug:

I think that's got to be my favorite kind
of feedback :] When it looks like the photo,
I feel accomplished ^^

and that's very sweet! :blush:
thank you, again!!
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My pleasure :glomp:

Hehe it really does look like a photo, just one that's been put through a green filter :D

And no probs lol
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I'm sure you've been told this plenty of times.., but my oh my.. aren't you the cutest girl I've seen. :)
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Wow :]

If I truly heard that compliment
regularly, I probably wouldn't blush
so easily :]

thanks for making my day :hug:
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Hahaha, It was my pleasure. :)
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This is stunning. :heart: And it's so flawlessly done also. :)

The colours looks lovey indeed and I love how you drew your hair like that. :heart:


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AHHHH! :iconohjoyplz:

thanks so much:hug:
I vote this the greatest-to-ever-give-me-a-fuzzy-feeling-inside comment thus far!

lol :]
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absolutely insane! amazing! gorgeous!
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thanks ^^
I seriously appreciate the comment!!
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Has anyone told you lately that you're gorgeous? haha

but yea, i love the alteration. it adds a sort of surrealism to it that works well with the tilt. well done
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I hate that I blush. It's embarrassing
even when no one's around to see :]

and thanks!!
I really appreciate the feedback :hug:
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lol, it's ok. I'm 19 year old GUY and i blush when complimented.xD

and you're welcome! i understand the importance of feedback. :hug:
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