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Edward Cullen - Twilight

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This is an older piece (2008), and my first attempt at Edward Cullen ^^;
I'm not particularly proud of this one, since I spent so little
time on it, but I thought it was still worth submitting :]

19x25 in charcoal on black charcoal paper
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Very nice. Yes, worth submitting!
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aww thanks for the support:D

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You're welcome! I could see that design on an air-brushed tee shirt, for instance.
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That would be like a dream come true
for me^^

and I'd definitely wear it ;)
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It would work!

And that coming from a Harry Potter fan, what I understand is the enemy rival of Twilight. I don't understand why one can't just like or not like both! I like one better than the other, but certainly not out of spite, anger, and jealousy, but I also like both, yeh know! And I don't care that both exist together!
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well I think at first the rivalry
was based on who got the girl, since there
can only be one:]

then it just turned into whoever was the hottest.

but I see what you're saying ;)
why not create a team Edcob?
Or Jaward? XD
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I just saw New Moon and...kinda liked it! I really think they are done much better than the Harry Potter movies. Potter fans, which I am one, think nothing is better than their precious Potter movies. I think they're maybe jealous. I like both!
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Even though I'm not much of a Potter fan
(never read a book in my LIFE!)
I've seen every single movie that's come out.
lol its kind of funny ^^;

but I remember how the first Harry Potter movie was
decent, but the following ones were AMAZING graphically.

I think that's how the Twilight series will be:]
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