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Painting isn't my thing.
Abstract isn't my thing either.

But this is my attempt :]

I like this piece because of the accidental
"LOVE" that's spelled out in it.

Hint: the "L" takes up the entire bottom
left hand corner
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I love this style of abstract where shapes are more defined by thicker lines and a bright color palette. Very nicely done; I just love the colors.
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aww well thank you :]

delayed response, I know,
but your comment still means a lot to me :D
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so colourful and

nice Artwork,
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I'm really quite surprised that I like this picture, abstract artwork is usually a real turn off for me but for once I can see what actually went into making this picture and what the base objects are, I think that really helps.
I think the colours are really nice and the way you used thicker lines to show off the underlying objects works really well.
When see from thumbnail size it looks almost like stained glass, very nice :)
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Thank you so much!

I didn't really like the way it looked with
without the thicker lines, so I'm glad
you like it too:]

I really appreciate your feedback,
it's refreshing to read something other
than "looks great!"

lol :]
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Thanks! anything in particular?
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np, i really like the colors, i'm not an abstractionist either but u made really good use of contrast and complements ^_^
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it really means a lot^^

When I hear "abstract"
I always think of "colorful"
so I guess that explains the outcome ^^;
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you're welcome!

haha i attempt to abstract things all kinds of ways and it doesnt normally end up too great lol, colorful is definitely a good way to go tho :D
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glad I could somewhat help your approach to
abstract art!! :aww:

lol :]
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