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simply pain.
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i am in a lot of pain in my shoulder just because of all the work i do during the day
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I refuse to add a comment
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expressed the feeling pretty well.
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FAV'D IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very provocative. I like it.
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Simple yet effective. This just screams emotions. Nice job.
I'm getting this tattooed onto my right shoulder, it will happen
Sierra-Meshugga's avatar
this would be a sic ass tattoo!
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wow thats awesome : )
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This captures how I feel most days. The emotion, the movement the use of colors is so simple yet perfectly put together. I love this piece, it certainly screams pain.
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OH MY GAHHHH!! THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconimspinningplz:
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brutal. apropriately titled. lol
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I got this on my iPod. :D i'm so happy and thrilled to find this beatiful piece on the internet by the REAL artist :) nice job love it
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reminds me of that movie splinter.....great job
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this is me after she left me, nothing but blood splattered on the floor, resembling my face, i try to moe but i cant, these chains bind me to her, CANT ESCAPE, SRY IF this was dickish of me
there should be a quote below this picture, since theres plenty of available quotes.
"the pain! its over 9000!!!!!!"
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that is how i feel almost every day. luckily im used to it. unluckily ive become what some people call "dead inside". i feel like im pretty lucky to be it with all the pain in my life.
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