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Switch games I am Planning on getting

I may get others...BUT I AM GETTING THESE 5!!
:iconnekorockstarninja:NekoRockStarNinja 1 0
2018 me! by Carlar2001 2018 me! :iconcarlar2001:Carlar2001 10 3 Conversely by Amaroq-Ama Conversely :iconamaroq-ama:Amaroq-Ama 53 10 Happy 4th of July !!! by ScarletOctoling Happy 4th of July !!! :iconscarletoctoling:ScarletOctoling 48 40 +Gift+ ArtisticDreams20 by MoonTheMeow +Gift+ ArtisticDreams20 :iconmoonthemeow:MoonTheMeow 6 2 Future Stories by DarkMario2 Future Stories :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 66 28 Sanitized Ella  by EllaSenpi2016 Sanitized Ella :iconellasenpi2016:EllaSenpi2016 12 13 Octo Expansion Illustration by Squidtoonist Octo Expansion Illustration :iconsquidtoonist:Squidtoonist 148 26 (Animated!) When it Rains~ by Dawn-Lovett (Animated!) When it Rains~ :icondawn-lovett:Dawn-Lovett 49 27 New home by CheysMisadventures New home :iconcheysmisadventures:CheysMisadventures 3 2 Ink Colors Galore! by Squidtoonist Ink Colors Galore! :iconsquidtoonist:Squidtoonist 96 33 Sky as Dark Magician Girl by Sky-The-Echidna Sky as Dark Magician Girl :iconsky-the-echidna:Sky-The-Echidna 59 24
SFM/GMod Porting Tutorial Part 1 (Models)
Do you want to learn how to port models but don't know how? Either because 3D modelling is daunting, you don't know how GMod or SFM works, or you don't know where to get the models in the first place? I hope this tutorial will help guide you through the process.
Texture details will be explained in part 2, so stay tuned!
Please let me know if there are details in the porting tutorial that require more explanation. I'd love to make this as clear as I can for everybody and it's hard to do without remembering how it felt when this was all new (also admittedly pretty late as I write all this so I'm bound to have messed something up).
A major difficulty with porting is finding the required tools for importing, extracting, and converting, not to mention with free programs. Every tool required are included with links directing you to their source.
Blender (
:icontomato127:Tomato127 17 22
Splatoon 2 - Inkopolis Square (read description!) by FatalitySonic2 Splatoon 2 - Inkopolis Square (read description!) :iconfatalitysonic2:FatalitySonic2 62 34 Working at Ammo Knights by Squidtoonist Working at Ammo Knights :iconsquidtoonist:Squidtoonist 70 31

Newest Deviations

FATES CARDS by ArtisticDreams20 FATES CARDS :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 1 0 Undertale but everyone is in the same room by ArtisticDreams20 Undertale but everyone is in the same room :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 6 2 Carlia by ArtisticDreams20 Carlia :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 5 0 In Endless Dreams by ArtisticDreams20 In Endless Dreams :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 5 0
UnderOver: The Pacifist Aftermath: Prologue
UnderOver: The Pacifist Aftermath
Prologue: Once Upon a Time
Long ago, there were two races: Humans and monsters.
One day, war broke out between the two.
The humans were victorious.
They sealed the monsters underneath Mt. Ebott, 
under a barrier that could only be broken by seven human souls,
or something with a strength equal to that of seven human souls.
One day, a human named Frisk fell into the underground.
He made friends with the monsters.
He managed to break the barrier, and the monsters were set free.
The monsters worked together to build a city,
and they all live together, with the humans, in peace.
The City gates were opened every weekend, Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings.
Any human that came during the week was considered a human that hated monsters.
That human...
would be hunted down if caught in the city.
3 years later...
A young human is lost near the city, and has not yet found the
:iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 3 0
UnderOver- Dual Performance by ArtisticDreams20 UnderOver- Dual Performance :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 4 1 Hope Part 1: Good Morning by ArtisticDreams20 Hope Part 1: Good Morning :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 3 1 Hope Part 1 WIP by ArtisticDreams20 Hope Part 1 WIP :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 1 0 (SFM)Sans's Last Trip by ArtisticDreams20 (SFM)Sans's Last Trip :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 2 0 Loriana by ArtisticDreams20 Loriana :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 5 1 Ella the Hedgehog: The Great Return! by ArtisticDreams20 Ella the Hedgehog: The Great Return! :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 11 9 Detective Pikachu Stuff(Part 1) by ArtisticDreams20 Detective Pikachu Stuff(Part 1) :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 2 0 Black Heart (Vent) by ArtisticDreams20 Black Heart (Vent) :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 4 0 HAPPY(belated) B-DAY SILVER!! by ArtisticDreams20 HAPPY(belated) B-DAY SILVER!! :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 6 0 Splatoon: TOW Logo(Octarian Army Ver.) by ArtisticDreams20 Splatoon: TOW Logo(Octarian Army Ver.) :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 2 0 Splatoon: TOW Logo(Squidbeak Splatoon Ver.) by ArtisticDreams20 Splatoon: TOW Logo(Squidbeak Splatoon Ver.) :iconartisticdreams20:ArtisticDreams20 2 0
My newest works.

Autodesk Sketchbook
Clip Studio Paint
Source Filmmaker

Journal History


Fan icons
A fan icon for your character or something you like!
Couple commisions!


My Fav Couples:
(O.C couples)


| My Couples :iconartisticdreams20:

CodyXMaria (:iconcodythefastestfox:)
GregXRibbon (:icontheamazinggman:)
BulkXAshley (:iconxaviir20:)
FlashXIce Cold (:iconcatdasher:)
JoshXRose(My o.c X :iconjoshthehuman55:'s o.c)

I'm kinda a novice with writing them Sweating a little... 
A commision for one character.
Group Commission
A group of characters. I can do 2-6 characters.
Splatoon Avatar Commission
A Splatoon Avatar commision. This is a special commision.
Advanced Drawings
A drawing with some advanced features. (ie, eyes, or a traditional sketch)

Note: Traditional Advanced sketches must be of characters I know of or my o.cs. I will do:  Sonic the Hedgehog
                      Super Mario
                      The Legend of Zelda
SFM Poster
A commission for an SFM poster. (SPLATOON OR UNDERTALE ONLY!)

If you want to see your Splatoon character, please show me a Ref. If it’s a custom hairstyle, I’ll try my best to get it right!



I’ll be gone from Sunday to Monday. I’ll be up in Halifax. So I’ll be offline a while. I’ll be playing a lot of Birthright and Conquest though, so I’ll show you my card for them both!

...Well, Birthright anyways.
I just drew up the different hair tip colors that Carlia could have in Birthright and Conquest. Check them out!
Different Tip Colors Ver 2
1: Azura(Original)
2: Camilla
3: Elise
4: Effie
5: Beruka
6: Mozu 
7: Nyx
8: Selena
9: Felicia
10: Peri
11: Charlotte
12: Flora

Different Tip Colors Ver 1
1: Azura(Original)
2: Hinoka
3: Sakura
4: Orochi
5: Kagero
6: Rinkah
7: Setsuna
8: Mozu 
9: Felicia
10: Hana
11: Oboro
12: Scarlet



Call meh Eliy :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey! Welcome to my profile!!!!!

So, I'm Eliy(That's my nickname), and I like drawing and stuff. I'm friendly, and I also roleplay

Commissions are OPEN

Requests are OPEN

ASK ME about Art Trades.

My birthday badge
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Proud fankid supporter!



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