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Elder Gods Overture: Chapter 5
The prophet’s silver-rimmed, colorless eyes stayed steady on him. Daylor had recounted to him every image he could remember of his dreams from the past two months. Plus the oracle, it was only the three of them, and he felt no shame in telling everything from last night’s dream. Some of the details changed from night to night, but most remained the same.
Waiting with hands clasped, Daylor kneeled before the prophet who considered each word spoken. The oracle, with her gold eyes bright upon the younger elf, stroked the idols in her lap. Each elf had their own idols, made from their chosen medium and shaped like the gods by an Elder crafter. The oracle’s idols, crafted by their own hand, were most accurate. For it was only she, and any subsequent oracles who would come in her tutelage or after death, who communicated with those gods that had ascended to the Celestial Realm.
“I’ve not heard from the gods,” Amlinn Aolenn murmured, her chin tilting upward
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Elder Gods Overture: Chapter 4
Elrick had become disgruntled, Berhalis knew, but he stayed quiet concerning the situation of the dryad’s. It had been Daylor’s responsibility to keep Adalam near the men and protected, not pulled off the beaten path. Thallan assured Berhalis that Daylor was to lose that responsibility now.
The elves were the human’s guardians. The elves were meant to balance and protect all of Arlania once the day came for change. Berhalis knew the words Daylor spoke were true. Their world was soon to be altered. Berhalis had a hard time accepting it, however, and he prayed they could rectify this situation and everything would return to the way it should be.
They walked from morning until Vhedril shone down on them at midday. He had made this trek several times during his life, from the time he was a small lad of five and perhaps even before then if his parents had traveled to the temple. The path led to the temple that served many functions for the elves.
Berhalis would be bound th
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Elder Gods Overture: Chapter 3
“Keep watch over your heart,” a delicate voice called through the mists of snow. “Keep watch over the elves.”
Daylor stood naked in the snow, staring into the flurries, which stretched on and on, blocking all paths from view. A stillness enveloped him despite what the world was around him. He remained unchanged while the snow continuously shifted his surroundings, becoming new and yet, all at once, staying the same. The cold did not burn his skin as it should have, and he looked on awestruck.
“The humans,” he whispered.
“All in time.” The feminine voice spoke again. “You are gifted. As from the first you were born, so shall you be born again.”
The snow’s fury slowed, each flake suspended in time around him. It was breathtaking and surreal when he reached out his hand into the snow. Each flake touched his skin but would not melt, clinging to him as though he too were just as cold.
“The dead shall sing in your honor,
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Elder Gods Overture: Chapter 2
“What’s happened?” Lysian asked, rushing to Berhalis’s side. He sighed at her wide blue gaze watching the humans. The maiden promised to him shone with such a beautiful charm even when afraid and anxious. She caused him to smile even under such strenuous conditions.
“They’ve come from Nudomri,” he murmured as more and more walked into their village. He stopped in his stride just at the edge of his village. He knew his cousin was working diligently to heal those in need. Despite anything his cousin might have been, disobedient, arrogant, and headstrong, Berhalis knew him to always help those in need, even if those in need were a potential threat.
“Nudomri,” Lysian repeated, moving closer to Berhalis. “Why are they here? The Sea of Kalana should have kept them at bay.”
“Their kingdom has fallen; none would help them.”
She pressed her palm against her mouth. On her wrist, in swirling white elegance, was the mark
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Elder Gods Overture: Chapter 1
Daylor Tinuren lay on his back, running his hand through the white air that emanated from his mouth. Snow drifted down around him and his cousin, Berhalis, turning to liquid wherever the flakes found warmth. The day was peaceful. It had been years since the Moon Elves of the twin island Ghela had attacked them on Vheria. While the reason behind their attack remained unknown, the Tinuren family had fought well against them. Leaders of the eastern shore guard, they had led their village for many generations.
Daylor sighed against the snow, his furs protecting him from the cold. He and his cousin had been much too young to remember the events of the attack, merely five-year-old babes who had just begun their training. Now they were close to their coming of age, to sealing their natural magical gifts and beginning families of their own if they so chose.
He smiled at the idea.
“We should return soon.” Daylor placed his hands against the snow and sat up. White-blue eyes met Berha
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Void Waker: Dryad's Touch Chapter 1
The air that night was bitter. Unnatural for the beginning of summer, even more when one considered how far south Xeviat Availon had traveled. Refusing to rub his own chest for warmth, Xeviat moved stiffly through a town that rested not far from the fortified city Naxos. Every night felt colder since he made his death pact with the God of Night, betrayer of all elves.
Xeviat, being a Moon Elf, wondered if Thaos would betray their pact.
He would deal with the cold for as long as it took to exact revenge upon the woman who had placed him where he was. The woman who had forced him into the cold by killing him during what he thought was a night of passion. Instead of keeping the deep, burning love he once had for her, she caused ice to set around his heart. Yes, he would wait until he took her life but no longer after that.
Stretching his fingers outwards, shadows flickered around his pale, gray-blue skin. A shade lined in silver danced within the shadows of his magic. The dark soul had be
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Map of Vheria and Ghela by Artisticat86 Map of Vheria and Ghela :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 0 0 Map of Nudomri by Artisticat86 Map of Nudomri :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 3 2 Burned Parchment by Artisticat86 Burned Parchment :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 1 0 Fantasy Map To Inspire by Artisticat86 Fantasy Map To Inspire :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 1 2 CrumpledPaperFirst by Artisticat86 CrumpledPaperFirst :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 0 0 Parchment Paper Stain For What to Use by Artisticat86 Parchment Paper Stain For What to Use :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 1 0 Dryad Painting by Artisticat86 Dryad Painting :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 1 2 Dryad Painting by Artisticat86 Dryad Painting :iconartisticat86:Artisticat86 1 0


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