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SA | Reija's Flower Cart

Reija's Flower Cart

"Why don't you come in for some tea?"


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The Flowerroom has become mobile 

Hey howdy I definitely used a school assignment to explore development for Reija's new and improved mobile flower shop.
After the chevaliers discovered the map of the smuggler tunnels, she has decided that that method isn't going to work anymore. So here we are.
Interior coming soon. 

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waterdrup's avatar
What an adorable design! I love the curves and colour scheme and the plantlife growing on all those surfaces! <3
I do wonder what the size would be compared to Reija, maybe that will become more clear with the interior?
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
Thank you so much!<3

The interior is actually going to be much larger than the exterior (the cart was made of magically-imbued wood or something), so Reija and her guests should all be able to fit comfortably ;P
waterdrup's avatar
That is awesome XD
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
SaintPumpkinMuffin's avatar
This looks like it belongs in an RPG game holy moly
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
well I mean... It kinda is...
QuorkBirb's avatar
hey-stardust's avatar
can i live in there is the real question
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
I'm sure Reija wouldn't mind...
tarried-sea's avatar
this is the most perfect and beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on :love:
now i want to make reference sheets for all my characters' accessories LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
oh goodness this means so much coming from YOU! :glomp: Thank you so much!

and yessss please make ref sheets for all your characters accessories!!!
brandvandet's avatar
this is utterly adorable 
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
Thank you so much!<3
naginco's avatar
Omg I wanna move in right now if this turns into a actual building I’m buying
naginco's avatar
Btw I love ur art style I’m not to good on drawing buildings
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
Thank you very much!
Doing the main portion of this design in an isometric view was definitely easier than having to worry about perspective, plus, this exercise was great to get me focused on the three-dimensional form of objects during the rendering process. 
naginco's avatar
Oh nice well good job I hope to see a lot more
kaiuhh's avatar
this is so?? stunning??? I swear your art blows me away every time..
Artistic-Pineapple's avatar
Kai, you're too good to me
(I know that I say that a lot, but only because it's true)
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