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I invite you to view my latest post, apparently phone and tablet don't like literature post attempts

Stop Disney ending Physical Media (DVDs/Blu-Rays)I wouldn't normally do something like this, but it was brought to my attention and I do think this is important.Disney is going to end the production of physical media - such as DVDs and Blu-Rays - in Australia, and this practice will likely spread to other countries if it succeeds. What this means is that you will have to watch their new movies/shows purely on Disney+.This presents a problem for the following reasons:01. While you can put a DVD/Blu-Ray disc on anytime you feel like it, Disney+ requires you to have an internet connection and a Disney+ account. If you don't have a Disney+ account or good internet, or your internet/Disney+ goes down for any reason, then you're out of luck.02. The DVD/Blu-Ray version of a film/show displays it as it was meant to be shown, sometimes with extras you may want to watch. On Disney+, you not only lose access to some/all of those extras, but we've seen Disney making little "edits" to scenes from older films/shows that they now consider "problematic" - such as a scene from Splash! where Daryl Hannah's character runs and jumps into the ocean (which takes mere seconds) now has some bad CGI hair covering her rear. It may be a minor edit, but it's a sign of bigger changes that will inevitably come as more stuff is altered/censored.03. When you have a DVD/Blu-Ray version of a film/show, you own it because you've bought and paid for it and will always have access to it as long as the disc is maintained well. With Disney+ (and while streaming may initially offer some convenience), you're effectively renting a film/show to watch and don't own it. Additionally, if Disney decides to pull it from their streaming service (like they did with the Willow TV series) or it's not on their streaming service to begin with, then you're again out of luck.04. The loss of physical media will put a lot of smaller business who rely on selling physical media in financial difficulty or may be put out of business altogether, especially if other companies start following Disney's lead. The last thing we need right now is more people on the unemployment line.As such, check out these petitions and maybe consider signing them. If you've read this far, thank you for your time: If you do sign these petitions, please forward this journal (or the links) around so we can get more people signing.I hope you all have a great day.
Actually I do have aspergers autism, been diagnosed when i was younger and been dealing with it all my life and the comment below is lying about me to all groups I join
Group Beware there is a CyberBully and Thief amongst you user WickedGothicKitten as been stalking, stealing, bullying and harassing multiple artists here on DA and other Websites for Almost a Year. 

This User is a known liar and manipulator and has gone by several usernames to try and avoid "The Haters" including but not limited to:   SilviaTheHedgehog, CrystalizedHedgehog, EmberDelirious Gothic-Jackel-Cutie & most recently WickedGothicKitten.  

This woman claims to have "Autism" and uses her "autism" as an excuse to steal, stalking, bully, harass and Death Threat people.  

I highly recommended Black listing and Banning her from your group and all your affiliated groups before she starts Trouble. 

Below are Multiple Journals documenting her Crimes.…

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ART THEFT: EmberLovesDelirious
ART THIEF: CrystalHedgehog / EmberLovesDelirious
A Well-Deserved Call Out on Crystal

I am on the autism spectrum and wanted to share a work I did talking about hyperactivity, which is a comorbidity I'm struggling with. The work is titled 'HPA':
Hpa by Wasajoda  
Hello people im new member for this group yet im autistic spectrum level 3 and been diagnosed when i was 3 years old and um nive to meet you people :)