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The Genie and the Librarian The world can be a ruthless, heartless place where anyone can abuse their power and hurt the young. After all, there were more then enough videos on YouTube to prove that point all too well.Hundreds showing teachers, bosses, countless others abused their power over others. Or videos of how parents clearly favored one child over the other. Either way, evil people inhabited this world. And how many times had people tried to do something about it only to be shut down?Well, not everyone had a former genie on their side to catch an evil person in the act. So Aladdin and his friends had that in their favor. However, Genie wasn't sure they should use him to catch a person in the act.After all, he was human now. Despite the popular belief in the media? That those formerly magical creatures could regain their powers after becoming human? Genie, or Gene Wishington as he called himself these days, didn't really believe that.Nevertheless? Aladdin wanted to help the kids at the high school deal with a cruel librarian. The librarian was described as extremely cruel. Overly possessive of the books had taken things from students if they broke her rules.There were a few rumors she'd even physically touched some of the students leaving marks on them. So, naturally concerned parents had demanded the librarian's removal.However, like so many other things in life? Those with the power to change things? Didn't bother to do anything to help people. They didn't care and wouldn't do anything at all.So Al and company staked out the library on Halloween to catch her in the act. A few other students were there as well. Armed with various crystals and very concerningly a bow.Still, they waited before the librarian showed up. Only after a few minutes did Al see how cruel and accurate the statements were. Given the librarian was beating up the child who brought crystals to protect themselves.Aladdin, Jasmine, and Dalia did their best to protect the children. But it wasn't enough. Finally, Gene couldn't take it anymore. Then what should only be achievable in popular media happened.For a moment, he became a genie again. And used his powers to protect the students from the evil librarian. Then by the time the authorities arrived, he was once again human.The parents were eternally grateful for all the four did for their children. They smiled and said it was nothing. One can only hope that you don't need to resort to magic every time these cruel people surface!
The Seven ElementsThe flames leap highTrailing sparks in the skyThe whole kingdom alightWhilst the younglings been at Alanna's palace? The rest of the world endured being terrorized. Everyone ruminates once in their lives when the world ends? Furthermore, how will it end? Of course, no one wants to live it. However, there was no escaping the Phoenix King's sole aspiration remained to bring about the apocalypse! Anto and Ozai were a picture-perfect match. Right down to their withered, hairy hearts.In fact? If Anto fancied males instead of lusting for Alanna? He'd have no problem at all making love with Ozai. Except for Ozai? He'd never once in his existence demonstrated any manner of love whatsoever. Apart from coveting ultimate power? The unhinged tyrant wasn't capable of loving anyone. Frankly, he couldn't even love his own flesh and blood.His heiress, Azula? Her single function remained to obey him. As a weapon, not a person. Not that Azula herself realized that herself. Neither was capable of love. Sociopaths totally cannot feel love. That's not how their psyche operated. So currently, psychological science needs to take a backseat.The matter at hand? A legion of extremely malicious individuals intended to dominate the universe. They had the Avatar as their puppet. Not to mention? Four maniacal teenagers, each one had bending equivalent to the Avatar at their fingertips!Now I've let this curse escape meI could never put it rightI fought my whole lifeLong to quench the fire insideRight now, two individuals had a rational motive to be freaked out regarding Aang's well-being. Call it maternal or big sister instinct, but both his mother Akanke and his sister Ari? They knew straight away something was incredibly out of place.But I never couldNo matter how hard I triedGyasto had long informed Akanke regarding her son's development. She'd also known for years that her son was the current Avatar. However, as the rules state, no Avatar is informed of their identity until their sixteenth birthday.Nonetheless, Akanke hadn't cared that her son was the Avatar. Only that he was happy, absolutely, she recognized his destiny was of the essence. Except a mother's pov?For mothers? Nothing is more crucial to them then their children's safety moreover happiness. Everything else came second. The same went with Ari. Aang was her little brother first and the Avatar second.Keep a clear headStay in controlDon't reveal the darkness in your soulMost people superimpose onto others what they believe they should be. As if people like leaders, or again the Avatar, were somehow not human. As if they're deities devoid of shortcomings. People genuinely couldn't wrap their brains around the truth these people were humans.There's an essential rational motive why the Avatar is human. If you're going to be the savior of the world? The only way to understand humanity is to be part of it. Unless you've undergone all the ups and downs of being human? The struggles and making mistakes? The extensive spectrum of emotions? From happiness to sorrow? Making friends and having a family? Devoid of those experiences? You won't possess the intense desire to protect it.I shut them out. Put up my wallsBut now night callsAkanke and Ari weren't the only ones consumed by trepidation concerning a loved one. In settlement of Himawari where Zuko's extended family resided? Plus, were his friends were currently at? His aunt, cousin, and all his friends? They, too, perceived danger in the air. Their hearts and souls were seized with terror and anxiety about their loved ones!Let it shineLet it shineLet the light glow from insideThe Phoenix King's first order of business? Forcing the child Avatar to construct a colossal citadel to usher in his reign as the Supreme Ruler. Of course, his cohorts were also helping before he sent them out to conquer the world for him.Let it shineLet it shineI no longer have to hideMidway through erecting the Phoenix King's citadel on his own island, the Phoenix King halted. A slasher smile etched across his features as he turned to address his battalion.Euphoric due to the Shards, he'd been rejuvenated. Once again, he was fine-looking, what's more quite imposing. Plus clothed quite majestically. It unquestionably made him the embodiment of a god.Let the light chase the shadows awayLike the sun, I'll riseThe dark always bothered me anyway.He spoke in a duality voice, with both speaking as one. Standing upon the complete balcony. "Welcome, my children. Shortly this imperfect reality will be burned into ash. From the ashes, the Phoenix Empire shall rise! The universe will bow down to me, or they shall perish! Make no mistake! I'll offer no leniency to those who oppose me.Swear allegiance to me, and you'll be handsomely rewarded. Refuse or betray me? You shall die a slow and excruciating death! Now my four acolytes shall go forth to their territorial divisions to deliver the message. Either surrender or die.The rest of the legion shall march onward to Keaparaberu! Bring me, Alanna, alive. If we've her as well as the Avatar? The human race will lose hope, which will make them submit to me effortlessly.Now, my children! Go forth and do as I've commanded!" Over a dozen jet-black moths then dispatched the army where they needed to be. Then, smiling again, the Phoenix King went back to establishing his domain.Its funny how a windstormIt can make my heart so light.Anil emerged first from his portal. Directly above the Eastern Air Temple. Thanks to Anto eavesdropping? Anil knew Aang's family resided here. He planned to butcher them all to break Aang truly. Furthermore, he relished taking pleasure in other people's suffering. Smugly he gazed down at the temple. This would be so sweet!Exploiting the power of the Air Shard, he erected a dome encompassing the entire temple. Fully intending to utilize the taboo technique of using his power to asphyxiate people.Their screaming was earsplitting, then quickly followed by a deathly silence. Anil only got halfway done when someone blindsided him. Searching, he saw that monstrosity Zephyr gazing down at him.And the magic I once feared.It Will help me take flight.Due to Zephyr being the reincarnation of Aella? They had the ability to fly, which only happened once before. Except Zephyr hadn't lost all his worldly attachments to achieve this. They'd reacquired their enchanted feather, which burned as brightly as their medallion. Flicking the feather out, Zephyr allowed it to write out a message to Anil.It's time to see what I can doTo let the wind carry me throughAlanna had requested all of them to deliver a simple message. Giving everyone one last chance to stand down, to reconsider their choices. Then hopefully, make the right choice.It, in all likelihood, sounded ludicrous. However, as the Almighty Mother? She had to offer each of her children an opportunity at redemption. Every heart must be granted the opportunity to change.Despite countless hearts are dead long before the body has died. Nevertheless, everyone must be granted this opportunity. Whether they take it or not? That was solely up to them.I pay no mind to gravity. I'm free!Anil threw back his head, cackling irrationally. "Really? You think I'd stand down, you freak? When I've all the power of the world at my fingertips? When I'm this close to being the greatest Airbender ever to live?" he spat.Zephyr allowed the feather to communicate once more. "Please, Anil. Let go of your resentment. Please don't make me cross the one line that can't be undone. Please. Just let it go and do what's right.""Well, I guess you'll have to cross it. Because I ain't standing down!""So be it. May Alanna have mercy on your soul by the time this is done!" Immediately their duel commenced.Let it grow Let it growI'm one with Mother EarthElsewhere all the children were greeted by their tormentors. Each of the kids was at their capitals, ready to fight to the death. Each had delivered the same message. But, not surprisingly, it fell on deaf ears.The kids were still getting adapted to being quasi-avatars. Meaning having mental conversations with the spirits they've bonded with. Plus the pressure of saving the world.Sitka stood outside his former village smiling as he twirled his weapon. "This is going to be so amusing!" Thinking it be a piece of cake to take the Tribe."Think again, you bastard!" snarled Katara stepping out into the open. She stared him down. Her vivid azure eyes were full of unbridled rage."Katara? No offense, babe. There is no reason a lady like yourself should be fighting. I rather not injure my future bride. Consequently? Please take yourself out of the equation. So I might claim my birthright."Let it grow. Let it growTime to show themWhat I'm worth"Sitka! I'm not an object! I'm unquestionably not a trophy! Furthermore, I'm not your plaything to play with on a whim!" she thundered at him while gathering all her power to strike."I loath you with all my heart! I've sought to restrain myself from the lethal emotion of hatred. But right now? I'm so far disgusted with you that I sincerely do hate you!You'll never take our home! We shall stop you!" as she firmly planted her feet in the ground. Sitka merely laughed, sneering at her. "You and what army? Ow!" as Sokka's boomerang hit him the back of the head."I'm the one-person army. And its time you're dealt with!" Sokka yanked his charm bringing forth his legendary weapon. Then, letting out wolf-like howls, they charged at each other.Make a homeFor the birds and beesThe extraordinary metropolis of Ba Sing Sa remained in shock as a twelve-year-old girl had already licked all the most powerful Earthbenders. Everyone from the Terra Team to even disposing of all the Dai Li!Now she was marching forward to take the throne for herself. Her bewitched blade by her side. Enthusiastic about dispatching anyone who defied her. She'd already slit over a dozen throats with the knife! She licked the blood splatter off the shiv when she reached the palace. "This is going to be way too easy!" chortling darkly.Sow the seeds of life"Setsuna!" shouted a vaguely familiar voice. Twisting, she noticed her pitiful uncle. He was helpless without the Dai Li. He wasn't even a player! Smirking, she strolled over to him."Yes, Uncle? What are you doing here? Come to lick my boots? Since I'm this close to being Queen?" she questioned nonchalantly."Setsuna! What is going on?! What happened to you?!" he demanded in horror."Happened? What transpired is I'm now the most powerful person in the entire Earth Kingdom!" as she played with her blade. An insane grin lit up her attractive features.Her increasing insanity made her uncle's blood run cold. Gradually he backed away, but his niece got even closer to him. "I've power you could only dream of! But, unlike you, Long Feng, I'm taking what's mine!Now move aside, or I'll slash your throat! If you desire to live? Then swear loyalty to the Phoenix King! Perhaps he'll let you be a minor governor or something. Either way? Get out of my way if you want to live!" pressing her blade against his carotid.My power ripples throughThe rivers all around.Even with death an inch away, all Long Feng cared about was his niece. His sister's only child. The one she entrusted him with raising before her untimely death. Setsuna was his everything!Yet, he couldn't wrap his brain around just how callous she sounded, how she was even willing to kill him, to take the throne! Where was the sweet little girl he'd raised? Where did this monstrosity come from?Suddenly half the grand staircase got dropped on his niece! "There plenty more where that came from, you spoiled brat!" declared Toph as Setsuna threw the staircase off herself."You little cripple! I'll show you not to mess with me!" throwing her uncle to the side. The battle commenced.My soul is bursting forthIn spurting fountainsFrom the groundIn the Fire Nation, Zuko waited patiently for Azula to come. He knew she challenged him to an Agni Kai for the throne. He also knew she wouldn't fight honorable.He prayed the few surprises his father and grandfather taught him be enough to give him an edge. But, even with him bonded with his ancestor, he still didn't feel 100% confident he could take her."You can do this, my precious. I know you can. I'll be right here with you," his ancestor assured him gently."I'm grateful I'm not alone, Agnimitra. Still, it's one champion vs. another. How do you know we'll triumph in this fight?""Because unlike all who pledged their lives to the Phoenix King? We've something worth fighting for, Zuko.Something those who worship the shadows will never understand. Those who embrace evil will never know love or friendship. Therefore they are the weak ones.And they must be pitied for that that they'll never know what makes a person strong. That is why love is the greatest power in this world. Because its something worth fighting and dying for!"And one thought crashes.Like a wave surging foamA flutter of jet-black moths deposited Azula in front of Zuko. His cousin sincerely earned the title of Demon Princess. Azula had lost all her human features. Now she looked like a female spirit of death. Not that she was ever human. Her beautiful mask had been broken. Now everyone could see for themselves how black she was on the inside."Well, Zu-Zu, I guess you aren't an absolute dumb-dumb. That said? Shall we skip this pointless battle? We already know you can't beat me. You never could! I don't even need this shard's power to lick someone as pathetic as you! Therefore give me the throne! Unless you genuinely have a death wish. If you do? I'll be more then willing to assist you with it!""Shut up, Azula! I don't ever give up or give in. You want the throne? You'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers! Now stop running your mouth! Let the Agni Kai begin!""Okay, don't say I didn't warn you!"I'm never going back.This place is my new home.Each of the quasi-avatars was fighting for their lives. Plus the world they loved. Even though each of them had as much strength as an avatar? The new quasi-avatars all were reluctant to kill anyone.It went beyond morals. Murder is murder. When you've voluntarily chosen to end another's life? You'll forever forsake your humanity doing so. Thus your soul will split in two.Plus, there are the mental and emotional repercussions of ending one's life. You'd forever have their blood staining your hands. Even if it was done in self-defense? There is always something sick about killing.Let it showLet it showHold my heartOut in my handIn the end? To triumph in their battles? Everyone had been forced to utilize the forbidden techniques of their bending. Zephyr was forced to steal air from Anil's lungs to subdue him. Katara was forced to bloodbend to save her brother's life.Toph had to bend the natural metals found in the human body to neutralize Setsuna. But, unfortunately, Zuko utilized his bending to raise his cousin's body temperature to critical levels.Let it showLet it showSpread my loveAcross the landNone of them had desired to do any of this. They hadn't killed them outright. Nevertheless, each of their tormentors was dying slowly in utter agony. What's worst, the battle wasn't over. As they still needed to take down the Phoenix King and deliver Aang from his slavery.With open eyesA brighter world I seeFeel the strength of love!Emotion is the keyTo my liberty!
So I watched High Guardian SpiceI can say is well people say it's unoriginal and doesn't do anything we've seen before like from RWBY or the Owl House. And they're right. Even though I never seen these shows I can say it's bland. I mean it was neat when Winx did it but now the show must do something to stand out. Heck I'm doing that about a post aypoctlitic fantasy world with sci fi elements cartoon the plot revolves around five characters. Cutie the knight, Mojo the Mage with amnesia, Jane Doe the deer Mechanic, and Julie The Fox Rouge. Together they go across the Overgrowth to solve the mystery of the world which will take them from the overgrown ruins, to burning desserts to across the sea and from the End of Time to the Dawn of Time. I think people would be interested in it. Of course there those people who say it's woke and blame woman. Well I got two things to counterdict this. 1. This is what lead to the creation of the show and 2. That's what corporations want you to think. To give you what I'm talking about. Lets say a show fail now you can tell them the real reason but they will deny it or you can blame woman and say it's woke. In fact that's what they'll encourage and promote. They've been doing for years and use people like the Quarteling for years. Though him getting flack recently is what he deserve and he's on my people who to never trust. There are some people that I trust on Youtube like @Bobsheaux and Grace from Beyond the Trailers. In fact you've been lied to for years. Here's something interesting the I Carly Revival and Fuller house are the exact same show and they use fan service to lie to you. Here's another thing the shows M.O.D.A.K and the Orville are just the same bland shows. If you compare them then you start to understand. Also The Orville getting cancelled after season three was a like and they're using that trick because the interest of that show is waning. (I see barely anyone talking about the show anymore and for good reason most of the show is just filler.) And a certain other show is using the same trick and not I'm not talking about the Owl house. This is why we need to call out corporations for this because they're using us as tools while covering up some shady stuff. I call out Scarlet Johansson lawsuit as hypocritic. And Companies want to blame woke so they won't change their tactics. That's what happing with adult animation. And if we don't stop it. We will live in a society that will have more bland and mean spirted shows and less like something like Invincible. I'm gonna show you a video and I hope you enjoy it and please support her on reddit.,

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We are a group of artists and individuals with Asperger's Syndrome or high functioning Autism spectrum. We chat, share our art, and make friends with others Aspies and anyone with Autism traits. You do not have to have Asperger's or be Autistic to join, if you'd like to support Apsie Artists, you are more than welcome to join.

:bulletgreen: Be Nice to others!

Everyone is accepted into the group, just click “join Group”.

Joining as Admin:
Yes you can be an Admin, just send us a note telling how you can help our group, and any other info you may like to express (EX: If your an Aspie, your personality,etc).

Must be a member to submit, unless we add it for you. Artwork submission are for anyone with Asperger’s or a form of Autism, but people without either may submit Asperger’s related art ONLY, since this is a group for Aspie’s to share their artwork.

Famous people With Asperger's Syndrome: (Only added ones who many ppl know)
:bulletgreen: Albert Einstein, physicist
:bulletgreen: Satoshi Tajiri, The creator of Pokémon
:bulletgreen: Tim Burton, Filmmaker
:bulletgreen: Nikola Tesla
:bulletgreen: Sir Isaac Newton
:bulletgreen: Bill Gates
:bulletgreen: Thomas Jefferson
:bulletgreen: Van Gogh
:bulletgreen: Beethoven
:bulletgreen: Thomas Edison
:bulletgreen: Steven Spielberg
:bulletgreen: Leonardo Da Vinci
:bulletgreen: susan boyle
:bulletgreen: Eminem

Fictional Characters With Asperger's Syndrome:
:bulletgreen: Dil Pickles (Rugrats: All grown up!)
:bulletgreen: Stu Pickles (Rugrats)
:bulletgreen: Cale Tucker (Titan A.E)
:bulletgreen: Dr. Tesla (Hw acceleracers)
:bulletgreen: Dr. Sheldon Cooper (TBBT)
:bulletgreen: Eska and Desna (Legend of Korra)


If you would like to become a Contributor or a Co-Founder send us a note, telling why you would be a good choice. :D





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why does the submission limit have to be once a day
Ziemael Featured By Owner May 25, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I like disorder better then syndrome anyway.  Nevermind, it is just splitting hairs.  I am just here to bandy about with  other atypical artists.  I get so frustrated with working with neurotypicals, socializing instead of painting when I have a print deadline looming. Then giving me weird looks and expecting me to know what on earth they want.   uhg.
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I have Asperger Syndrome too.

My name is Tristan, I'm from Mexico. Nice to meet you.
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Hello everyone.
I'm Karolina (in English Caroline) and I was born with Asperger's Syndrome. I get news about that, when I was 16, 17 or 18 years old on one classes/activities.
Still I'm friendly person, I like to meet new people and do what I love.
Thank you for accepting my request about joining to that group and adding my journal about my Emergency Commissions, also I hope I'll meet more people and become friends :)
LoretoYes Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In 2010, I was diagnosed with Asps, I only discovered what's autism in 2014 and that I'm autistic in 2015
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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in October with high-functioning autism. Thank you for accepting me to this group. <3 
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hello all my name is Scott I have autism aspergers, I may be high functioning, but it sure does affect me to a high degree. By the way, I didn't know people eminem steven speilberg thomas jefferson and tim burton had autism, they sure don't/didn't seem like they have it
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I don't  have asperger but this people do a AMAZING art :D
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Thank you for accepting me. Any restriction on what I can post? I tend to say everything I want to say and it often causes problems to me. I need to know what I cannot say or talk about.
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