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Seven-Man Circus, Chapter Four
~Freak Attraction: Seven-Man Circus~
Chapter Four: Consequences
"Kagome… talk to me."
Lifting her head slightly from the lumpy pillow of their cot, Kagome looked over her shoulder to see the off-white of Inuyasha's night-robe, his shoulders tensed where he lay on his side. "Talk to you? About what?"
"Anything" came his clipped reply, and Kagome felt a seed of worry taking root inside her. Since his first 'performance' had ended that night and they'd brought the evening meal to Jinenji and the others, Inuyasha had been his usual gruff self, only remarking briefly how glad he was for that night to be over. They'd returned to their tent and silently prepared for bed, fidgeting awkwardly as they settled next to each other on their shared cot. She'd thought he would be eager to get a good night's rest before their presence was demanded again in the morning; the fact that he wanted to talk was troubling.
"Inuyasha?" She questioned softly, sitting up and leaning over his hunched f
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 13 4
Stopping Sounga by ArtisteFish Stopping Sounga :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 147 13 I held you to my Heart by ArtisteFish I held you to my Heart :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 210 12
Seven-Man Circus, Chapter Three
~Freak Attraction: Seven-Man Circus~
Chapter Three: From Both Sides
The slap of sandals against packed dirt woke Inuyasha from sleep, and for a moment he wondered where he was. It didn't take long to realize that the slight give of the bed beneath him was not his usual futon on the floor of Kagome's guestroom. Not that he slept on it much, preferring to sit up against the wall… which he was most certainly not doing now. He hardly had a moment to remember why Kagome had been snuggled so securely against him before the footsteps were right outside their tent and he was forced to meet them. Sweeping aside the flap of fabric before the would-be intruder could, Inuyasha was met with a surprising visitor. He had been expecting one of the seven circus performers – instead he found himself facing a half-demon.
Inuyasha stared warily at the man who looked past him with dark, vacant eyes. He remembered – this was the man who became a demon when the sun went down. Inuyasha
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 9 3
Vacationing Masato by ArtisteFish Vacationing Masato :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 15 1 Say my Name by ArtisteFish Say my Name :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 97 4 The End of Fifty Years by ArtisteFish The End of Fifty Years :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 31 3
Seven-Man Circus, Chapter 2
Chapter Two: Arrangements
"Where are you going?"
Thin fingers grasped the edge of the shoji door, poised to pull it open before a stern voice stopped the figure in her tracks. "Out" was the curt reply, but Kagura knew better than to continue what she was doing without giving him a chance to respond.
"You're ignoring my advice."
Kagura grit her teeth at the Demon Lord's condescending tone. So she didn't fall at his feet like every other demon in this place; he wasn't her lord. She was a guest, and nothing more. Where she went and when she left were none of his concern, much less any of his business. "Worried about me, are you?" She asked teasingly, hoping to throw his mood enough for him to leave her be.
But Lord Sesshomaru was unflappable.
"I have no desire to lure the kind of riff-raff you associate with to my lands." His icy tone did little to rile the wind-demon who was now used to his mannerisms. "Either you stay here behind my protective barriers, or you leave and fend for y
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 10 17
Seven-Man Circus, Chapter 1
*Sequel to my AU fanfiction "Freak Attraction"
Chapter 1: A Day in Yokohama
A high wall… a forest… some surprise for her birthday, and then a black tent.
"Get offa me."
Bars… there were bars everywhere: cold and iron and all-enclosing. A giant centipede, and then a flash of light, and a pair of arms as warm and comforting and familiar as a blanket. Red and silver and charcoal black were the only colors she could see… the only colors that mattered.
"I would have been happy to wander with you forever."
Silver became black, black changed back to silver, white eyes bled red and blue and she was trapped in a ring, the walls lined with wretched faces and a dull roar in her ears she couldn't keep out.
A simple whisper of her name, but it meant so much. Spider webs faded and darkness fled at that sound, and she was in the snow, holding a warm hand in hers and hearing a song come from her lips… it changed from one tune to another, and she could never
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 15 4
Bodyache by ArtisteFish Bodyache :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 184 10 Cherry Blossoms by ArtisteFish Cherry Blossoms :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 174 12
Miroku, Private Eye Chapter 5
~Chapter Five: Out on a Ledge~
A growl escaped the young defense attorney as yet another balled-up paper was thrown into the basket across the room, bouncing off the top of the pile to lie with several others littering the floor. Resetting her typewriter and feeding in a clean sheet, Kagome started typing again, glancing occasionally at a paper beside her. But after just a few lines her gaze began to stray, her face falling into an angry frown as the morning's conversation on the telephone replayed in her mind. Inuyasha's angry, jealous tones echoed in her ears, and her eyebrows pinched in a glare. Without noticing, her typing became more violent, the keys ringing and machine humming under her furious fingers.
A knock at her office door startled her out of her frenzy, and noticing she had ruined yet another report, she tore it from the machine and crumpled it angrily. It narrowly missed hitting the young brown-haired man entering the room as it sailed by on its way to the wastebasket,
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 11 3
Miroku, Private Eye Chapter 4
~Chapter Four: Learning to Apologize~
"Fight me."
Inuyasha paused in the middle of unbuttoning his coat to stare at Sango incredulously. He had barely taken two steps into the office before she met him with raised fists. "Why should I?"
"Because Bloodhound, it's either fight you now or kill Miroku later." She saw him frown at the nickname, and smirked triumphantly; but she hadn't won yet.
"You're really on one today. What'd he do, cop-a-feel in public again? Or did you just catch him neckin' with some broad?" He brushed past her to hang his coat on a hook, ignoring her obvious fighting stance. "Just take out your anger on the dart-board like usual."
"Darts aren't helping." Sango said brusquely, and Inuyasha looked behind him to see the board, usually plastered over with a wanted poster of Mob-boss Naraku's face, now covered in darts, scissors, and any other pointy object the office had to offer.
"Apparently not…" Inuyasha mused, heading over to the PI's desk as Sango trailed afte
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 11 2
Miroku, Private Eye Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Lady Callers
The sirens blaring down in the street outside the office provided a welcome distraction to the scratching of the pen in Sango's hand. She'd been filling out reports since lunch and it was already nearing 6, but Jinenji's court hearing was only a couple days away, and every second mattered.
Slapping the pen to the desk as she finished another sentence, Sango leaned back in a long stretch, her old work chair creaking as she worked out the kinks in her back. For once she was grateful her partner wasn't at the office with her – he never missed a chance to ogle her, and right now she was just too tired to smack him for it.
Not that she really welcomed his absence; he was an interesting conversationalist, had a quick wit, and truly cared to listen to her when she had something to share. He just happened to have wandering eyes, and Sango had a short fuse.
She knew him well enough to know he valued her as more than just a pretty face, and honestly, she might not h
:iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 9 2
My Dearest by ArtisteFish My Dearest :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 165 16 Undiscovered Powers by ArtisteFish Undiscovered Powers :iconartistefish:ArtisteFish 70 6


OC Evolution by NattiKay OC Evolution :iconnattikay:NattiKay 48 7 you are not monsters,you are half-demons by Unlovedneko-chan94 you are not monsters,you are half-demons :iconunlovedneko-chan94:Unlovedneko-chan94 16 10 Found a Friend by NattiKay Found a Friend :iconnattikay:NattiKay 67 7 Water Damage by Miyori999 Water Damage :iconmiyori999:Miyori999 25 8 Character Obsession Meme by MMHinman Character Obsession Meme :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 18 22 Seven man circus CH.2- joining the freaks part 2 by MMHinman Seven man circus CH.2- joining the freaks part 2 :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 19 10 Seven Man Circus- Ch.2 - joining the freaks part 1 by MMHinman Seven Man Circus- Ch.2 - joining the freaks part 1 :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 15 9 Seven Man Circus- Ch.2 -- bankotsu by MMHinman Seven Man Circus- Ch.2 -- bankotsu :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 19 9 Seven Man Circus- Ch.2 Sketch1 by MMHinman Seven Man Circus- Ch.2 Sketch1 :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 13 10 Happy Fathers Day- Inuyasha by MMHinman Happy Fathers Day- Inuyasha :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 49 29 Seven Man Circus- Sketch Jakotsu Arival by MMHinman Seven Man Circus- Sketch Jakotsu Arival :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 18 18 the demon slayers by MMHinman the demon slayers :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 51 21 delinquent Inuyasha by MMHinman delinquent Inuyasha :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 54 20 Seven Man Circus- Ch.1 Sketch by MMHinman Seven Man Circus- Ch.1 Sketch :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 19 5 the goddess of beauty by Unlovedneko-chan94 the goddess of beauty :iconunlovedneko-chan94:Unlovedneko-chan94 9 15 Royal Rarity by ChiuuChiuu Royal Rarity :iconchiuuchiuu:ChiuuChiuu 141 24



ArtisteFish's Profile Picture
Sarah Plewe
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hey everyone! I'm ArtisteFish, sometimes known as KoiChan, and I've been in love with drawing since as far back as I can remember. I've also been in love with cartoons and animation as far back as I can remember, and in recent years have set forth on the path to becoming an animator. Which, I'm happy to have found, is the perfect excuse to watch cartoons and collect toys. And just act like a kid in general.

Current Residence: Cali-4-nai-AY!
Favourite genre of music: Indie (Pop, Rock, Electronic, Folk)
Favourite style of art: Impressionism, Medieval Art, Pop Art
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Marik Ishtar
Personal Quote: "I shall never grow up; make-believe is much too fun" -Eisley



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