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04-001: Bandom

There's no category for movie posters, so Conceptual Photography it is!

For my final in the Basic Lighting workshop at school, I chose to create a series of ten movie posters advertising ten different film ideas I had floating around in my head. Bandom is probably my favourite, both conceptually and in terms of how the photograph turned out.

The idea for the film is basically Almost Famous meets Velvet Goldmine, as acted by the love children of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Heh. Basically a small-time band hits the road cross-country for their first real tour, and the two main songwriters fall in love. There's sex, lust, betrayal, denial, drugs, and lots of rock and roll.

Aesthetically I was going for a stage-like shot, with brightly coloured lights skewing the palette, vibrant highlights and deep shadows. This is as close as I could come without losing information or using too much manipulation. The only changes I made to the image were some tweaks on the curves when I scanned it and a rigorous colour-balancing.

Shot on Fujifilm Pro-H 120 with my Bronica (75mm lens) and scanned.
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