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Artistas Brasil

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O ArtistasBRASIL é um espaço dedicado a divulgar artes de brasileiros aqui do DeviantArt. O grupo realiza eventos e atividades e oferece guias para você melhorar seu desempenho e suas técnicas. Faça novas amizades! Há muita gente legal aqui para você conversar. :)

:bulletgreen: Respeite os outros membros!

:bulletgreen: Ao enviar uma arte, selecione a galeria relacionada a ela, confira sempre a categoria, pois se você não enviar corretamente, sua arte será recusada. Ajude a manter nossa coleção de artes organizada!

:bulletgreen: Qualquer dúvida fale com a gente, não deixe passar!

Estes são os organizadores desse grupo, você pode mandar suas dúvidas para eles!


:bulletgreen: Destaques Livres é um projeto para divulgar as artes dos membros, acontece eventualmente durante o ano, você pode saber mais aqui.

:bulletgreen: Destaques Mensais é um feature organizado pelos membros da equipe do grupo, todo mês escolhemos algumas deviations que foram destaque do mês anterior para uma coletânea de divulgação. Saiba como funciona aqui.

:bulletgreen: Desenhe meu OC! é uma atividade de interação para os membros, onde cada participante desenha o OC de outro, com mais informações aqui.

:bulletgreen: Mural de Comissões, divulgue que está realizando commissions de forma bem fácil, veja como aqui.

Atualmente não há nenhum concurso no grupo. :(

Confira o Perguntas Frequentes, talvez você tire sua dúvida agora mesmo!

P: Sou brasileiro, mas não moro no Brasil, posso participar?
R: Pode, o intuito do grupo é juntar os artistas brasileiros, independente de onde estão.

P: Que tipo de arte posso enviar?
R: Qualquer arte! Mas lembre-se, envie para a galeria correta.

P: Meu desenho se encaixa em mais de uma galeria, para qual envio?
R: Para a que você preferir.

P: Minha arte foi recusada, por quê?
R: Muito provavelmente que você tenha enviado para a categoria errada da nossa galeria. Você pode enviar novamente sem problema, mas sempre verifique se a categoria selecionada é a correta. Caso tenha dúvida em qual deve escolher, pode perguntar!

P: Estou com várias dúvidas, como faço para enviar uma mensagem para conseguir ajuda?
R: Para enviar um mensagem par ao grupo, basta clicar no botão Send a Note no cabeçalho do grupo ou no Group Info ao lado ou, se preferir, mande um note para algum membro específico da equipe do grupo.

P: No grupo tem uma área de comentários, qual a utilidade disso?
R: Na área de comentários você pode falar algo sobre o grupo, pedir ajuda para os membros do grupo, fazer perguntas, etc. Em geral, você pode interagir com os membros do grupo por ali.

P: Como faço para convidar um amigo meu para o grupo?
R: Você pode convidar um amigo para o grupo clicando no botão Invite a Friend no cabeçalho do grupo ou no botão Invite no Group Info ao lado.

O grupo ArtistasBRASIL criou alguns guias e dicas para te ajudar nas suas artes e no DeviantArt, confira!

:bulletgreen: Divulgando seu trabalho
:bulletgreen: Commission, Trade, Gift, Collab e Request
:bulletgreen: OCs, Personas e Fursonas
:bulletgreen: Kiriban
:bulletgreen: Lhamas
:bulletgreen: RGB e CMYK
:bulletgreen: Contas PLZ
:bulletgreen: Tipos de Usuários - Símbolos
:bulletgreen: HTML no DA
:bulletgreen: Icons de Folders/Categorias
:bulletgreen: Como Criticar e Receber Críticas
:bulletgreen: Animação, Desenho Digital
:bulletgreen: Badges
:bulletgreen: Daily Deviations
:bulletgreen: JPG, GIF ou PNG?
:bulletgreen: Aumentando Suas Comissões
:bulletgreen: Preços de Comissões
:bulletgreen: Bitmap e Vetor
:bulletgreen: Deviation in Storage/Armazenamento
:bulletgreen: A Política do Thank You For the Fav

Se quiser pedir ou enviar algum guia, basta entrar em contato enviando uma mensagem para a gente!


Gallery Folders

I'm Not Another Brick In The Wall by Daieny
5 ANOS DE ArtistasBRASIL by ShonemZone
Comissions: ID's e Jornais
Commission  waist up  by KukkiSan
Commissions - OPEN (PayPal) by NosferatuGalaxy
Portrait  commission  by KukkiSan
Character design  sheet ~ by KukkiSan
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FANART - Tradicional

Mature Content

Bosho VS Anne Kobayashi by R3452
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FANART - Digital 2
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ORIGINAL - Tradicional
Jacob River (Oc) by Kassio-Zutana
Bloody Portrait [O.C] by LightningLaughing
Ava River (Oc) by Kassio-Zutana
Binder by LightningLaughing
ORIGINAL - Digital 2
Bounty Huntress by ADJUNIOR
EW NG: Trollge Simp with Clothes of Mine by JabuxGirl
My Chibi by BielMegami
Babi-san by iKouichi
HQ - Quadrinhos, Mangas e Tirinhas
No Mundo de Altri - Capa do capitulo 06 by Hiagusres
Commission by waltherrfa
Commission by waltherrfa
No Mundo de Altri - Capa do capitulo 05 by Hiagusres
.Colors 02 by Enayol
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Oc by Kassio-Zutana
Morrigan Aensland by Kassio-Zutana
Bristol by AllanMoraes
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Saramago by wakwham
Senecio vulgaris by wakwham
abandoned house by AbsurdBR
CORPORAL - Tatuagens, Maquiagens e Roupas
Commissions - Tattoo by jonasvictor
GIF E FLASH - Animacoes e Jogos
Intro Logo - YouTube (Cats Don't Play) by Grivous
Critic!Tale - Prologue 1Another nightfall was arriving, the sky without a cloud slowly painted its so characteristic blue canvas with warmer and darker tones as the sun hid behind the high mountains, which rose on the horizon appearing to wish reaching with their rocky peaks the countless stars that gradually took their respective place above everything and everyone in that land marked by the almost uninterrupted war between its inhabitants. The thunderous sound of a metal collision, screams of pain and anger, explosions, roars and the gallop of hooves on the shabby lawn could be heard echoing within that valley where the clash was waged continuously between the enemies. On one side were the Humans, strange bipedal creatures that were known mainly for their incredible magical abilities and violence on the battlefield. On the other side were the Monsters, beings who presented themselves in the most different sizes and shapes, and who used their equally exotic tactics to face their opponents. They were led by a king and a queen, two specimens of a different kind of monster, often compared to goats, with long ears drooping on the sides of their heads, sharp and visible canines, a pair of horns, anthropomorphic bodies covered by a coat as red as the dangerous flames derived from their magic utilized in battle... This powerful and dominant race was known by the name of Boss Monster, and the only known members of this race were King Asgore, Queen Toriel and their only son, called Asriel.– This is becoming useless! We'll have to back off! – The queen's voice cried out as she ran towards her beloved after having eliminated one of the human soldiers who was trying to hit her, the vegetation around the two great monsters was burnt, a consequence of her attacks against the aggressors, causing the unpleasant odor of leaves and branches devoured by fire.Toriel was a powerful monster, mixing the delicate features of her goat eyes, green as emeralds, with the strong arms and features of a woman who knew exactly what she was doing inside that damned valley. Her hair, at that moment messy and dirty thanks to such agitation, had a curly texture, with vivid shades of red and several freckles that spread throughout her body, gathering mainly in the region of her face and her fluffy ears. tense shoulders, protected by armor that prevented her from receiving too much damage. This armor had a greenish color on its metal plates, adorned with golden details, forming a set that enveloped her entire body, which was partially covered by a worn cloak that matched in tone with the rest of her war clothing. Physically the queen looked fine, but that was not the point, humans were evidently more numerous than monsters, and it was undeniable that the amount of dust spreading across the floor was becoming absurd, and their opponents knew it well, using their maximum strength to advance against the army of creatures, with the simple intention of eliminating most parts of them in the shortest possible time, before they found a way to regroup and recover from so many losses.– We can still try to fight back, we still have many warriors willing to continue! – Replied the male Boss Monster who now stood beside his companion of so many years, hitting the base of his huge trident against an unlucky rock that had the misfortune of been close to the king as he took out his frustrations.Toriel could already be considered a large monster, standing on her two meters, but even she was smaller when compared to Asgore, her husband who had a presence that lavished grandeur, and the ability to cause fear and impose respect to even the hardest of hearts... As much as inside the most informal environments, he showed himself to be the complete opposite of that frowning mask he wore during wartime. Being of the same race as the queen, it was obvious that they shared several similarities, however the horns of the king stood out for being larger and curved back, like those of a large ram, while his eyes were yellowed like two pieces of amber. Mostly, his fur was completely whitish, but they became red and shiny, just like Toriel's, when they arrived in his long beard and wavy hair which swayed slightly as the night breeze arrived, a natural event that was indicative that the sun's presence was definitely gone. Evidently Asgore also had his own protection to absorb enemy damage, wearing a armor heavier than his wife's, with broad shoulder pads, carved imitating the shape of a snake-like creature. His abdomen was protected by a rigid breastplate, and on top of it there was still a kind of fuzzy cloak that went down to approximately half of the Boss Monster's back, so as not to limit his movements while lethally imposing his weapon.– The warriors are willing to DIE if those were our orders! – In her tone of voice, the anthropomorphic-looking goat expressed nothing but deep fear – Asgore... Let's get out of here, they will eliminate all of us this way... You can't see the piles of dust right in front of your eyes?The king frowned, lowering his thick eyebrows as if he were refusing to admit that their defeat was getting closer and closer. About to formulate a response to his partner's pleas, Asgore opens his mouth, but he did not have the ability to utter a word in those few seconds when he let his guard down, as he felt a strong pain come quickly and violently from the left side of his skull. What was that? He couldn't come to a conclusion quickly, but it sure was pretty nasty. He clenched his sharp teeth, holding back a grunt of agony that insisted on escaping from his throat, and blinked his eyes away from Toriel to analyze the newest wound he had received this night... It was not very clear to identify , but by the warm blood that dripped slowly from the side of his face towards the neck and shoulders, staining his white fur with that red paint, the Boss Monster assumed that he had lost a piece of one of his fuzzy ears, in a cut that went about halfway through it. It was an ugly bruise, but nothing that was really serious to do him any harm, if the shot of that spear was just a few inches to the side, the king's head would have been hit, however, at least this time, luck was by his side.– Damn... this time it was close... – He snarled, lifting a hand to his head and pressing it against the injured ear, in an attempt to stop the bleeding, however he couldn't do much, only causing a burning sensation even stronger in the affected region. While performing this act, his orbs turned towards Toriel, realizing that her usually reddened face was now pale, with wide eyes, staring at something that was beyond the presence of her beloved – Tori...? – Asgore raises his eyebrows confused, turning and following the queen's gaze, to find out what could have caused this reaction on her. It certainly wasn't just because of the attack on his head. And what he saw a few meters ahead made his spine shiver.– I t-told you! They g-gonna kill us all! – Toriel stammered, but her lines sounded almost like muffled echoes to her mate.– God help us...The region of the valley where the conflict became more concentrated and violent was located among the small hills that rose after the mountains, in the lower and flatlands, where the lawn was either completely uprooted by the agitation, or was dyed by the red and black tones of blood and ashes. The humans were smart opponents, and soon saw a big advantage in that position, taking some of their warriors to the higher areas, as if they were retreating from the battlefield. However, that was just a treacherous staging, which quickly silenced some victorious exclamations that came from their enemies when the spears were raised and pointed in their direction. As soon as the monsters below finally realized the trap they had been in, it was too late, and the fate of many of them was already defined. Looped weapons. Impaled bodies. In a matter of seconds more than half of the remaining army of monsters was eliminated. The king at that moment could do nothing but watch his companions fall one by one.Asgore blinked his amber eyes quickly, trying to extricate himself from the shock that paralyzed him after watching such a terrifying scene, feeling his limbs quiver briefly in the process, preventing him from making any move than being frozen like an impotent statue. He wanted to deny the facts that were thrown in his face, and to believe that there was still any hope whatsoever for his warriors to fight back and win the fight, but it was impossible, the king could not just ignore the spilled blood and let everyone end up dying in the middle of that madness, where the spears continued to be hurled incessantly at their targets. One thing is to be persistent, another is to be stupid, and the Boss Monster was by no means going to get to that point. Ultimately, he was forced to agree with Toriel's insistence and start devising an escape route. Now there were less than thirty survivors left, and the tendency was for the numbers to drop even more if the bipedal goat didn't think quickly.Something started hammering inside his head, a distant call that gradually became louder and clearer, until the moment came when the king finally returned to the real world, managing to divert his gaze from the executed monsters to return his attention to his surroundings.– Asgore... Asgore... ASGORE!It took a long time, but he recognized Toriel's voice echoing over his shoulders, and that was enough for him to notice that he couldn't stand there anymore, there was no time to be sorry now, it was necessary to act, and so maybe save his people. Asgore took a deep breath, letting the frigid night air fill his lungs, as if he were taking the courage to continue his actions, having the overwhelming weight of responsibilities as a leader pulling his body down... he could even say he was feeling his feet sinking to the floor. However, even with this agonizing sensation, he managed to move and take a few steps forward, raising the great trident above his head and shouting with all his remaining strength.– RETREAT!!!A single word, that was just what those exhausted and miserable monsters needed to finally leave the battle. There was no resistance, not even questioning, as soon as Asgore lowered his weapon again, his warriors gathered to run out of the open field, seeking to escape some attacks that were still being launched by the enemies. They hid in the enclosed forest that surrounded the valley until the moment when the king and queen also joined their followers, guiding them into the forest, trying to disappear among the thick twisted branches of the trees to make sure they were not followed. As they walked down that makeshift path back home, the survivors could hear the victorious screams and all the human commemoration that came from the valley that was left behind. Even though they were already relatively distant, that sound still hurt them and made their breasts and ears burn, like a whip whipping their souls humiliated by defeat, mercilessly. The condition of each of those soldiers was in decline, Asgore and Toriel did not look well either, staring ahead at the black horizon with their cloudy and confused eyes. What would they say when they arrive? What will the rest of the monsters think? How much longer would they have to fight? And all the lives that were lost... How would their families cope with the grief? The weight of these questions that kept coming up in the midst of their scrambled thoughts made their temples throb, however, for now, they would concentrate only on reaching their kingdom alive.
CHARACTER SHEETS - Estudos de Personagens
OC Reference - Ariel by WolffaGirl
cosplay | Hawke DRAGON AGE II by ronaldoichi
FOTOGRAFIA - Fotos e Montagens
Soft chaos by ToxicZ0mbi3
Kigurumi base by Marinyah-Moonlight
GRAFICO - Design e Publicidade
Perfect Megaman Zero by RamzaNeko
TUTORIAIS - Recursos e Passo a Passos
BB Doujinshi Tutorial .:Narrativa. 1 by Callyzah
Club And Music Good Beat Flyer Template by n2n44
Wild Wolf by Maxirider
NAO SEU - Memes e Screens
union symbol- comission for faoula16 by terraaremar
Mujica by wakwham
Bird rainbow by DoraDraw
FANART - Digital Lotada
Fionna Redesign - Adventure Time Fanart by SrEddie
ORIGINAL - Digital Lotada
remake my oc (lilyth zelle) ver. 2018 by joebolty
Adotaveis e YHC
Collab Adopt  (Closed) by Anomalia-Magnetica
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Está no Catarse a campanha da nossa nova coletânea de quadrinhos: HarmoniHQ! Serão 9 histórias de gêneros variados mostrando o que cada artista da nossa equipe faz de melhor! Apoie no link:

Um quebra-cabeça tem peças de diversas cores, formatos e posições, mas quando todas se unem, uma bela obra de arte se forma. E é isso que você verá no HarmoniHQ, o novo projeto do Estúdio Armon! A equipe é composta de artistas de diferentes estilos, gêneros e regiões, porém, todos irão se unir nesse projeto para criar a primeira coleção com 9 quadrinhos originais da equipe! Cada autor mostrará o que faz de melhor, para assim, apresentar a você, leitor, uma gama de várias histórias únicas!…

Gostaria de divulgar que está fazendo commission? Agora no ArtistasBRASIL você tem um lugar para isso! Banta mandar um note para nós por este link. Você pode enviar para nós algum link com tabela de preços e um pequeno texto de apresentação. Caso você não especifique nada, somente colocaremos o seu ícone com link para seu perfil aqui no journal. Se você não estiver mais realizando comissões ou deseja fazer alguma modificação nas suas informações, avise-nos pelo note para retirarmos seu nome da lista ou mudar o que precisa. Divulgue suas comissões e boa sorte!

Está com dificuldades em definir o preço de suas comissões? Veja nosso guia!

Membros realizando comissões no momento:

:iconpammella: Pammella
Pammela está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço: Ocs, fanarts e  concepts de personagens.

:icondanielle10u: Niecob
Niecon está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço: OC's, Fanarts em geral, etc
Detalhes no link:

:iconsnowyswan: SnowySwan
Niecon está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço: Oc corpo inteiro, fundo branco:80 pontos
Animatronic corpo inteiro, fundo branco:100 pontos
Icon pixel art:130 pontos
Icon gif 5 á 10 frames:200 pontos
Detalhes no link:

:icongiums: giums
Giums está com o quadro de comissions abertas (Só está aceitando Paypal no momentos)
O que eu faço: Ocs (personagens originais), dragões, fanarts, cavalos, humanos e concepts de personagens
Detalhes no link:

:iconwilsonnera: wilsonnera
Wilsonnera está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço: mangá chibi, cenários, modelsheet , remake de personagens, R18 , paginas ,art logo
Detalhes no link:

:iconrawrstercandy: monstercandywv
monstercandywv está com o quadro de comissions abertas.
Ela faz Custom e Chibis, mas está aberta para outros.
verifique seu jornal:

:iconarthurhenri: ArthurHenri
ArthurHenri está com o quadro de comissions abertas.
Ele faz retratos estilizados e realistas. os preços são bem específicos para cada tipo de trabalho, variando entre 50$ e 500$.

:icongabbrielfrost: GabbrielFrost
Estou com com comissões abertas, se puderem divulgar vai ser legal.
O que eu faço: Ocs, fanarts, anthro, animais e concepts de personagens.
Detalhes por note

:iconkurakaminari: KuraKaminari
O que eu faço: OC's, fanarts, quadrinhos, ilustrações em geral, R18 (NSFW), designs de tattoo, retratos e chibis.
Preços acessíveis, à partir de 10$!!!
Link do journal:

:iconsreddie: Eddie-Offing
O que eu faço: Comissions e trade
Link do journal:

:iconrayaurus: RayAurus
O que eu faço: 5 Slots abertos

:icon00ishikawa00: 00Ishikawa00
O que eu faço: OC's,Fanart (Anime/Cartoon/Games)
este é o link sobre as informações ..

O que eu faço: Chibi , Furrys , Humanos , Cartoon , Animais.

O que eu faço: desenhos de busto e corpo inteiro estilo Mangá (colorido e preto e branco).

:iconphayros-e-aquos: Phayros-e-Aquos
Phayros-e-Aquos está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço: OC's, Fanarts e outras coisas, mas tem coisas que eu não consigo fazer, então especifique.

:iconperhaps-zero: Perhaps-Zero
Perhaps-Zero está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço: Ícones, Retratos, Animais, Paisagens, Fanarts

:iconthunder-b: Thunder-B
Thunder-B está com o quadro de comissions abertas
O que eu faço:  Retratos, Ilustrações

ps: A Listagem será atualizada mensalmente, caso você não esteja mais fazendo comissions avise para que eu retire seu nome.
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Group Info

Um grupo criado para os Brasileiros divulgarem seus trabalhos, se inspirarem e também fazerem novas amizades com outros artistas da mesma nação.
Para mais informações leia o informativo ao lado.

If you aren't brazilian watch the group for stay tuned on the galleries submissions.
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Aug 14, 2011

South America

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The Monster is Coming!! (link on the description) by LeoSomnium  
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Boa tarde a todos. Desculpem se é o lugar errado. Gostaria de orçamentos para ilustração de um livro de RPG com deck de cartas (itens diversos). O projeto será via catarse (com publicação em janeiro. Estou em busca de orçamentos para estabelecer o valor final. (intenção de no contrato pagar pelo material de promoção inicial). Desde já agradeço.
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My rate is 7$-10$ por página e faço de 4-6 páginas por dia.
Doom Patrol by carloscamposart   Dracula Page 01 by carloscamposart   Wonder-Woman Ink Yanick-Paquette Flat Carlos-Campo by carloscamposart  
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