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X-23 VS Sakura

By ArtistAbe
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Much like Sakura, i really wish alot of other characters made it into the new Marvel vs Capcom game..... and really wish some characters were taken out of the game *cough* bionic commando! *continues coughing* MODOK!

My X-23 phase is still alive and kickin! :)
Still trying to figure out if i prefer her claws to be squared off like i've drawn here or the standard curved to point look...
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It does make a little sence when you remember that Wolverine and Ryu fought on the intro in Marvel vs Capcom 3.
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Not exactly a fair fight here, is it? I would have liked if you drew X-23 fighting someone more formidable. Still, 'tis a nice piece of art. :)
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My money's on Laura.
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Sakura's done.
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Nice work - feel a little bad for Sakura though.. I mean, no disrespect to her or anything, but, there's really only one way this can go! hmm 
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In ULTIMATE vs CAPCOM 3 or MvsC4 special conversations –


X-23’s intro quote: Those moves, you'll remind me of my old sensei.
victory quote: Keep fighting, only then you’ll find your answer.

call name: Sakura – Sakura-chan!


Sakura’s intro quote: Sugoi! Those claws, are you related to Wolvie?
victory quote: I’m glad we fought in this worthy battle.

call name: X-23 – Laura-chan!


Both X-23 and Sakura are martial artists who want to do some soul-searching. X-23 did go on the journey of self-discovery for being more than a living weapon and Sakura keep finding answers during practice before the match with Ryu.

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Sakura better be in next Marvel vs Capcom instalment. Like Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 or like you said, Marvel vs Capcom 4.
And Cammy too. She and Laura could also heve some special conversations, since their origins are pretty stimilar. Cammy could also called her Laura. Your previous ideas for special conversations were(and still are) good, how do you think Cammy and Lauras would be like?
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X-23 vs Cammy –


X-23’s intro quote: You're a weapon just like me? I have to stop you.
victory quote: I been in your position before, you'll have my sympathy.

Cammy's intro quote: Are you the assassin who commit these murders?
victory quote: You have a choice Laura, don't waste it.


Both X-23 and Cammy are experimented by the villainous organization to create a living weapon are forced to kill anyone who stands in a way. X-23 in a berserker rage by the "Trigger Scent" from the Facility and Cammy is brainwashed by M. Bison's Shadowlaw / Shadaloo scientists.

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happy claw rips her costume off
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I'm not sure weather to be turned on or puke violently on my dog
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about the sakura thing this is a great pic
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X-23 all the way! X3
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Kinda a one sided fight, but still fun just to imagine it :)
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XD Did you read my DP suggestion?
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Making my way there. Just gotta reply to all the comments i've missed in that passed few days :)
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Glad your not one of ''those'' people, who think X-23 was a waste of character slot. She's one of my favorite characters in the entire Marvel universe. So when I heared she was gonna be in Mvc3, whoo boy...I nearly had a heart attack from the happiness. =P Anyways, I love this piece alot. This action-pumping drawing is perfectly done. :D
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Gotta admit that I felt that way about her at first, but slowly she grew on me. I just don't like how other artists are drawing her all grown up now. I really like the idea of a deadly teen assassin.
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Yeah, me too. I always imagined her currently being as somewhere between 17 and 19 years old. A little older then a teen, but still younger then an adult.
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A kick to the face and a torn top. It looks like no one really won this fight. AWESOME job!
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Thank ye kindly!
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wuau is combat cool is great work friend colugrations.
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Thank you very much!! :D
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