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Wednesday Addams

I truly love Wednesday Addams :D  Such a sweetheart.... yes, even when wielding an axe.

I'll definitely be drawing her again. This one came out simple, but I like it :)

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This is unbelievable
I love it so much
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I always loved the character of Wednesday Addams. I love the attitude on her face -- so her.
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"Why are you wearing black? Why do you look like someone's just died?"


lol XD my favorite line of hers. Very well done
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You've caught Wednesday's expression exactly.  Well done.  :D :D :D
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adorable and sadistic. reminds me of my sister
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Just finished watching both movies on netflix
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I like her :lovely: 
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"Why do you always wear black all the time?"
"Because somebody died."
"Nobody's died!"

She was always my favorite. Man, I wanna watch the movies again now. 8D
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Wednesday on a wednesday... seems I came rite on time!
NJ bro!
*snap**snap* The Addams Family~
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Aww, who's an adorable little sociopath? 
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Remember, to the Addams' (of which I'd be distant family if they were real, as my maternal grandmother's maiden name was Addams before marrying my orphaned, illiterate drunk grandfather of undetermined ancestry; this may account for my adoration of the Victorian decorative style, fondness for antique weaponry which includes a personal collection of walking sticks/canes and throwing spears, why bugs and other creepy crawlies seem drawn to me like a moth to the flame, an affection for goth girls - as a youth, I was socially awkward and raised by largely yuppie parents [although thanks to her own mother, my mom seems more understanding than most overprotective parents], just as the majority of Wednesday's preferred boyfriend type were: Joel from Addams Family Values, Norman Junior from the 1992-1993 cartoon, and Lucas from the 2010 musical - an enjoyment for specialized dances like the waltz and tango even if it appears if I have two left feet, etc.), what's unconventional and abnormal to regular, everyday folks is family tradition to them. They revel in the weird, eccentric, and macabre, and we wouldn't have any other way. As for the drawing, I find it appealing as well. It's a brilliant rendering of everyone's favorite woeful child.
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Great work! Perfectly captures the character. I think I can point to Wednesday as the focal point for my crush on goth girls growing up
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W:So we can play a game.
P: What game?
W: Is there a god?
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